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June 30, 2017
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Governor Brown Signs State Budget
Includes Funding for Safe Water through CalFresh

This week Governor Brown signed the 2017-18 State Budget. This budget includes some new, exciting initiatives that CFPA advocated- including $5 million for Safe Water through CalFresh, and $1.5 million for California-grown, fresh school meals! We were also thrilled to see the expansion of California's EITC for working poor families.  link

However, there is still much more that was left unaddressed when it comes to the root causes of food insecurity, including a failure to act on affordable housing and alleviation of deep poverty through SSI and CalWORKS.

Read CFPA's summary of the 2017-18 State Budget. link

Read the 2017-18 State Budget  link

Learn more from the California Budget & Policy Center  link

$5 Million for Safe Water through CalFresh!

CFPA heartily celebrates the success of our initiative to provide struggling Californians living without safe drinking water some relief through supplemental CalFresh benefits! The $5 million investment in this initiative is expected to reach approximately 40,000 residents living in areas hardest hit by poor water quality and ongoing drought impacts.

Including the CalFresh-Safe Water Initiative, CFPA and our Drinking Water Coalition partners successfully advocated for more than $22 million in new investments to provide low-income Californians with safe water. 

Learn more about the Drinking Water Coalition efforts.  link

Stay tuned as we work to ensure that this initiative is implemented in the best way possible.  link

Contact: Tracey Patterson at 510.433.1122 ext 101
CFPA's Priority Legislation Update: Bills Advancing Thanks to Your Support!

Thanks to your advocacy and support for improved access to healthy food, CFPA-sponsored bills continue to advance through the Legislature. We are almost there! These bills will need your continued support to make it to Governor Brown's desk.

State Legislation Update and Call for Support

SB 138 (McGuire)  is headed towards a July 12th hearing in Assembly Education. Thank you for your advocacy and support thus far - we are now another step closer to enrolling more than 650,000 students directly into healthy school meals and increasing the number of hunger free schools in California. 

The Assembly Committee on Education will need new, updated letters of support for the record - even if you submitted one in the Senate. Letters are due to the Committee by next Wednesday, July 5. 

Please send in an updated letter of support ASAP.   doc

Once you've sent in an updated letter, please call, email or tweet your support.  link

To learn more, visit CFPA's SB 138 page.

AB 164 (Arambula)  passed out of Senate Human Services this week on a bipartisan, unanimous vote! AB 164 creates a flexible and cost-effective way to provide CalFresh food assistance when federal assistance is unavailable or inadequate.

The State Budget Act of 2017-18 builds the flexible benefit issuance mechanism needed to support the goals of AB 164! We are thrilled that the Legislature and Governor Brown included that provision in the Budget, which was signed into law yesterday.

Now that AB 164 is headed to Senate Appropriations, we need your support once again to make sure that California Food Assistance can be made available to resident in times of need!

If you have not yet sent in an updated letter of support to the Senate, please send in an updated letter ASAP.  doc

Once you've sent in an updated letter, please call, email or tweet your support.  link

To learn more, visit  CFPA's AB 164 page.

SB 782 (Skinner) Thanks to skillful negotiations from Senator Nancy Skinner, the 2017-18 State Budget includes a $1.5 million dollar investment into a new California-Grown Fresh School Meals Fund! The goals for this fund were set in SB 782, which CFPA co-sponsored. 

To learn more, visit   CFPA's SB 782 page.

Sign up to receive CFPA legislative updates on any of these bills.  link

Contact:  Tracey Patterson at 510.433.122 ext 101
CFPA in the News...

Multiple local media outlets featured analysis and policy recommendations from CFPA's annual School's Out... Who Ate? report.

Sonoma West, Healdsburg sites offer free lunches during  summer  PDF

San Bernardino Sun, How 161,281 San Bernardino County kids can have access to free summer meals  PDF

Register-Pajaronion, Lunch Program in Full Swing PDF

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

California Health Report highlighted state efforts to increase participation in the School Breakfast Program, including  CFPA's recent success in securing $2 million in state funding f or startup and expansion of Breakfast After the Bell programs.

California Health Report, For Students Who Don't Eat Breakfast at Home, California Takes a New Approach  PDF

Access the CFPA In the News Archive here .

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