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Action Needed This Week: Tell Your Representative to Oppose Cuts to SNAP/CalFresh
This week, House Republicans are meeting to finalize a House Budget Resolution that may include reconciliation cuts to entitlement programs such as SNAP/CalFresh,  similar to the  drastic cuts proposed in the President's budget House Republicans are planning to hold a members-only conference on the budget this Friday, June 23, and this week will be a critical time to influence Republican members before they meet about the House budget with their leadership and other caucus members.

Some details on the President's proposed budget:
  • The billions of dollars in SNAP/CalFresh cuts in the budget plan would withdraw the federal commitment to tackle hunger as a national issue by shifting $116 billion in costs to states, including a $1.8 billion state budget expense if California maintains its commitment to fully funding CalFresh benefits for all eligible individuals. This would force California to choose between cutting benefits, cutting other programs and/or raising taxes to cover CalFresh expenses to balance the state budget.
  • The proposal also includes an addition $75 billion in benefit cuts, affecting the unemployed, seniors and working families with children. Included in these cuts is the elimination of the $16 monthly minimum benefit, which would disproportionately harm households with seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Combined with cuts proposed to Medicaid/Medi-Cal in the budget plan-$1.3 trillion in total, which assumes cuts to Medicaid and subsidies for private health coverage in the House-passed AHCA bill plus an additional $600 billion over ten years-the President's budget would result in millions of Americans struggling make impossible choices between basic needs like food, housing, and healthcare.
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Now is a crucial time to make your voice heard.  Tell Congress to oppose any budget proposal that cuts SNAP/CalFresh and support real solutions that provide low-income Californians the opportunity to lead healthy, successful lives.


Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or click   here to find your Congress member and to express your opposition to any budget proposal that cuts SNAP/CalFresh or changes its funding structure.


Specific asks to members and staff:
  • Oppose any budget resolution that requires cuts or would change the financing structure in key programs like SNAP that help struggling families afford the basics, including food on the table, a roof over their heads, and access to health care.
  • Oppose any budget that includes "reconciliation instructions" that would create a fast-track process to force cuts to mandatory spending programs like SNAP/CalFresh, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, SSI, and TANF/CalWORKS.
  • Oppose any legislation that would allow states to change or eliminate the federal guaranteed benefit for basic needs, such as food, shelter or medical care, for eligible participants.
  • Don't cut, protect and strengthen SNAP/CalFresh!  CalFresh helps struggling families and workers in our state put healthy food on their tables, improves academic and economic opportunity, and boosts our national, state, and local economies.
  • Remind your Representative that before we made a national commitment to end hunger, some areas of the country had serious problems with hunger, including children suffering from malnutrition. We don't want to go back to that. 
It is particularly important for the following House Republicans to hear from their constituents. If you live in any of the following districts, take a few minutes today to call the DC or district office .

  • DC office  (202) 225-5861
  • Apple Valley district office (760) 247-1815
  • Yucaipa district office (909) 797-4900
  • DC office ( 202) 225-4695
  • Hanford district office (559) 582-5526
  • Bakersfield district office (661) 864-7736
  • DC office  (202) 225-2415
  • Huntington Beach district office  (714) 960-6483
  • DC office  (202) 225-561
  • Irvine district office  (949) 263-8703
  • DC office ( 202) 225-3076
  • Auburn district office  (530) 878-5035 
  • Oroville district office (530) 534-7100
  • Redding district office (530) 223-5898  
  • DC office   (202) 225-5672
  • El Cajon district office  (619) 448-5201
  • Temecula district office (951) 695-5108
  • DC office (202) 225-2915
  • Bakersfield district office (661) 327-3611
  • DC office (202) 225-2523 
  • Clovis district office (559) 323-5235 
  • Visalia district office (559) 733-3861 
  • DC office (202) 225-2511
  • Roseville district office (916) 786-5560
  • DC office  (202) 225-1986
  • Corona district office  (951) 277-0042
  • DC Office  (202) 225-4111
  • Brea District Office (714) 255-0101
  • Los Angeles County District Office (626) 964-5123
  • DC office (202) 225-3906
  • Vista district office (760) 599.5000
  • Dana Point district office (949) 281-2449
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