Newsletter 04-01-13

      We hope you had a great Easter weekend.  We would like to start by thanking everyone that participated in our Anniversary Sale.  We had a great turnout and cannot wait to see what becomes from those certificates.  If you missed this sale do not worry because we will always have great deals and will have more discounts and sales in the future.

Golden Egg Hunt  
           Though Easter was yesterday, we want to celebrate with you by having a golden egg hunt.  All you have to do is click the golden egg to the right.  Then on Friday April 5th, we will give whomever clicked 8th, 8% off their entire order.  When we say 8th, we mean who has ever clicked the egg 8th, 18th, 28th, 38th etc.  So go ahead and give the egg a click.

Preferred Kitchen Style Survey  
           We want to know your opinion!  What is your favorite kitchen style.  
Are you in love with Contemporary styles with their beautiful simplicity?  Maybe you are more into bold and unique qualities so you are for Modern styles.  
Then, there is the chance you love the timeless look 
of Traditional or Classic kitchens.  Whatever your favorite is, even if it was not listed, we want to know.  Please click the picture and fill out our quick survey.  
We value your opinion immensely!
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  has the largest collections of interior design and decorating ideas on the internet.  This includes kitchens and bathrooms.  If you have not joined yet we would recommend doing so soon.  We ask that you please visit and give us a review.  This website is great for finding a designer or contractor and will give you everything you need to be inspired for your next project.
Your O'Neil Cabinets Team