Newsletter     6/17/13
Jake Dalton Company / Saratoga Springs, UT
Product of the Year
Vintage Door Style

    This year, we are obsessed with Vintage.  This door style has a rich black hue with weathered finish.  It looks wonderful in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the hallway.  What we also love is how versatile the style is.  Whether you want a traditional or modern look, Vintage can make it happen.  Thank you to Jake for sending in his early submission for our 2013 Cabinet Contest.  This beautiful Vintage kitchen includes a wall hood, decorations and has different levels for a unique look.  We also find that the pairing of Vintage and Coffee works beautifully.  Let us see some great examples of Vintage.
Kitchen Wall Cabinets
Jake Dalton Company
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Jake Dalton Company
Jake Dalton Company
Bathroom Vanities
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Vintage Vanity
Door Style Accessories
Vintage Add-ons

    The following accessories can be easily added to your design.  These decorations are just what your project needs if you want an eye-catching look.  You can also use a sample door to ensure this door style is right for you and or your customer.  We have seen it used to help those with choosing counter top and flooring and is a great tool for creating a desired look.

Sample Door

Allow your customer to experience our Vintage door style easily.  Easy to transport means
and easy to bring to a customer's home to let them see what could be without a design yet.

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Corbel with 
San Juan Design

Beautiful all wood corbel. Perfect accent to make any project more exciting and eye-catching.

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Arched Valance

Arched valance perfect for adding a little elegance.

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Dentil Embedded 
Molding Insert

Can be added under any molding and is a great accent piece.

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Pyramid Decoration

A small detail that will look great in any home.  It's subtle but adds class easily.

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Simple Crown Molding

Our crown molding is a great way to finish off your project.  The simple lines adds decoration without being overwhelming to the design.

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Fluted Filler
This crown molding has the beautiful lines of our simple crown molding, but has a rope insert.  This will give your cabinets not only a wonderful finished look but also a touch of elegance.

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Crown Molding with Rope Insert
It seems that all designs will include a filler somehwere, well why not make that filler spectacular! Our fluted filler adds a little something special to a space that is rarely seen as such.

We hope we have shown you just why O'Neil Vintage is amazing and perfect for anyone's home.  If you are interested in a layout with free 3D renderings or an estimate created using our stock of Vintage cabinets, you can email or call us.  Hope to hear from you soon. 
Thank you for reading!

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