Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidance that excluded buprenorphine from the narcotic mg equivalent (MME)/day calculation. OARRS will now calculate and display a patient's narcotic (opioids) and buprenorphine equivalences separately.

Buprenorphine is often used as a form of medication assisted treatment (MAT). For most of 2017, a typical dose of buprenorphine, when prescribed for MAT, was 16 mg. This would result in a Patient Report of 480 MME value.

To reflect this change, the OARRS system will be making upgrades to the MME column in the patient reports starting on  April 11th . This will include:

1.   Buprenorphine excluded from displayed MME calculations
2.   Summary section of Patient Report will no longer only display Active Daily MMEs
3.   Prescriptions section of Patient Report to be updated to reflect mg/day for buprenorphine