New for 2017! OBN BioLearn™ Launched
We are delighted to announce the launch BioLearn™, our rejuvenated programme of training events for anyone working within the Life Sciences industry. Four different courses presented at differing convenient locations and on varying dates throughout the year.

How the drug discovery industry works - This course is most suitable for those who are new to the drug discovery industry, in non-scientific roles or beginning careers as a scientist, to help gain or develop in depth knowledge of the sector. During this half-day course the structure and commercial environment of the industry will be covered, and will also explain how the industry operates at the technical and commercial levels. 

Presentation skills for scientists - Showcasing your company or latest innovation to the industry is an essential part of successful growth, yet it can be a daunting prospect.  This one day course, unlike many other presentation skills courses, is designed specifically for the practising scientist. The course will cover all aspects of verbal scientific communication, and encourage delegates to present their own research in a conference format prompting feedback on style and content.

How to deliver the perfect investor pitch - The outcome of an investor pitch will heavily rely on how clearly and confidently a presentation is delivered. This course will provide a practical insight into the mindset, requirements and investment criteria of private equity investors active in the life science industry including business angels, venture capitalists and big pharma investors as well as public funding institutions. 

How to maximise your business with social media  - Social media platforms, when used correctly, are a great way to allow businesses to directly interact with existing and potential customers and build a strong online reputation in a cost-effective way.This course will help demystify the subject and give you a clear understanding of how your organisation can effectively use applications such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well for engagement, promotion, educating, listening and much more.

Click here for more information regarding our OBN BioLearn™ events or email Sarah Walker, Events Manager.
Oxford Sciences Innovation in 
£230Million Fundraising 
The announcement has been made of a substantial increase of capital raised worldwide to scale innovative ideas from the University of Oxford into world class companies. OSI's capital base stood previously at £350m, but a fresh injection of capital will now boost this to almost £600m. Some of Asia's leading technology companies and sovereign wealth funds, as well as European industrialists, are among the wave of new investors.

OSI provides capital and scaling expertise to businesses driven by intellectual property developed at the University of Oxford. The company's mission is to build on the University's position as one of the world's leading research institutions, and further to enhance its track record for developing globally successful businesses.

Major corporate investors in OSI include Invesco Asset Management Limited, IP Group plc, Lansdowne Partners (UK) LLP, Oxford University Endowment Management, the Wellcome Trust and Woodford Investment Management LLP. Its individual investors include the entrepreneur Sir Charles Dunstone, and artificial intelligence pioneer Demis Hassabis of Google Deep Mind.

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OBN Purchasing Consortium Users - Don't Forget Your Diaries and Calendars
Staples are OBN's preferred office supplies provider for the OBN Purchasing Consortium. They have grown to become the world's largest multi-channel office supplier - a testament to their ability to evolve and meet the changing needs of their customers.

As workplaces have changed, so has their offering, expanding beyond office products to include facilities, breakroom and safety products, technology solutions, furniture and print solutions. Staples Advantage serves businesses and organisations of all sizes in 27 countries throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Click here for Staples contact details and to make sure that you are fully prepared for the New Year.

For information on all of the offers available from our suppliers and contact details click here. For more detailed information about the deals available to your company and Full OBN Membership please email Lee Pratley.
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19 Jan 2017:  OBN BioThirstday (Oxford)
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13 December 2016
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