Join us on October 24 to learn about Innovation in the Healthcare Industry 

We are excited to welcome you to SACC's October 24 event featuring Goran Malmberg, CEO & Group President of Mentice, the world-leading provider of endosvascular simulation solutions. 
Goran Malmberg has relocated to the United States to be close to the world's largest healthcare market which controls 42% of the world's total healthcare spending. For more information about Goran, please click here.

Mr. Malmberg will speak to the following topics:
  • The importance and challenges of innovation in the healthcare
  • The expanding role of simulation in the medical industry and where  innovation is occurring in that industry today
  • The benefits of Mentice's innovative technology to patients, physicians, hospitals, and the healthcare industry. 
  • Challenges companies like Mentice face in bringing technology to market
Attendees will also have the opportunity to witness a live demonstration of the simulation technology. 

The healthcare system faces many challenges with an aging population, evolving treatment modalities, and pressure to reduce costs while improving quality. In this environment, whether in Sweden or in the US, safe and effective solutions for developing or maintaining highly technical skills are critical.

Tuesday, October 24

6.00 pm - 8.30 pm

SACC Chicago Office
233 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3050 
Cafe area
RSVP no later than October 19 by registering below or contacting the SACC Office at 312.257.3002 or