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      PANIIT India 


PanIIT USA Support to IIT Alumni impacted by Hurricane Sandy


On behalf of PanIIT USA and our alumni in the US, we hope that all IIT Alumni and their families living in the East Coast are safe and well from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  


PanIIT USA has a tradition of providing alumni service and support to those who have been impacted by natural disasters or unpredictable events in the past, and we have provided a range of support to our alumni families who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia Tech shootings.


If you know of anyone who is impacted or displaced by Hurricane Sandy, please ask them to contact PanIIT USA. They can either email at newsletter@iit.org or president@iit.org with a brief description of the damages that they have suffered.


Our IIT alumni across the United States stands by those who needs help at this time.  Please make sure that you spread this message to all the alumni who may not be on our distribution list.

Sincerely - Siddhartha Chowdhary

President, PanIIT USA     



Vish Mishra

Vish Mishra, President TiE Silicon Valley - awarded 2012 Immigrant Heritage Award 

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The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) has announced that it is recognizing Vish Mishra as one of three individuals for their contributions to underscore the value of Pacific immigration and improve the lives of immigrants and their families. The awards were presented at the AIISF Annual Awards Dinner on September 28 2012.

Vish Mishra is currently the Board President of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and Venture Director, Clearstone Venture Partners. A South Asian immigrant who describes himself as a "mentor capitalist," Mishra has a long history as an active community and philanthropic leader with his work on the boards of the India Community Center and TiE. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT(BHU), Varanasi. Read More.

Ashutosh Saxena
Indian-American designs smart flying robot

Indian-American computer scientist Ashutosh Saxena and his team at Cornell University have created a flying robot as smart as any bird, with a tremendous potential in search-and-rescue operations, they said. 

Designed by Saxena, assistant professor at Cornell, the flying robot, the size of a card table is able to guide itself through forests, tunnels or damaged buildings.

The toughest part is keeping the object from slamming into walls and tree branches.

Human controllers can't always react swiftly enough and the radio signals may not reach everywhere the robot goes, according to a Cornell statement. Read More.

23-year-old Jaipur youth working on space elevators

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Can we create space elevators to launch payloads into space? This is something very difficult for many of us to even imagine. But the Jaipur youth Yashowardhan Chati, 23, currently posted as a research assistant in department of aeronautical and astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is working tirelessly to devise space elevators.

He had surprised the world with his presentation on the concept of space elevators at Global Space Exploration Conference, world's biggest congregation of space scientists and emerging space scientists held in Washington DC in May 2012. He was the only from South Asian countries to participate in the conference. Read More

 Guru Funda 


A Pan IIT Exclusive:

Five Things I have learnt in IIT Madras
By K. Sridharan 

About K. Sridharan: Founder and President of Sankara Eye foundation, USA (a non-profit making a big difference in India), while also a Director of Software Strategy and Product Management at Intel Corporation.  

After graduating with a B. Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Madras in 1980, Sridharan earned a Masters in Chemical Engineering followed by a Masters in Computer Science. Upon completing these degrees, he began working in the computer field and joined Intel in 1990 (he has been with the company since then). In 2004, he decided to pursue further management education and received an MBA from Pepperdine University.

In 1998, after being inspired by the great work being done by Sankara Eye Care Institutions in Coimbatore, India, Sridharan decided to found Sankara Eye Foundation, USA in San Jose, California with two co-founders. From the get-go, the organization set its sights extremely high, seeking to eradicate curable blindness in India with a motto of "Vision 20/20 by the year 2020". SEF USA was never merely a vision, however, and the effectiveness of their execution strategies and plans is clear through the results. What began as a single hospital in Coimbatore with 8000 free eye surgeries annually is now 9 hospitals performing over 140,000 free surgeries per year (with a 10th hospital in Kanpur striking ground in January 2012). Each hospital runs with a unique self-sufficiency model, wherein each hospital becomes operationally self-sufficient within 5 years of inauguration by serving 80 percent free patients and 20 percent paying patients.

  1. 'Katradhu Kai Man AlavuKalladaduUlagalavu'- a saying by a Tamil poet, roughly translated as "what you know is a drop, what you don't is an ocean". I learnt this from almost everyone I met at IIT; each person I interacted with raised my curiosity in a new area and always showed me how much more there is to learn. These experiences at IIT have made me always curious - even after 3 Masters degrees, I still feel I have a lot more to learn !!!
  2. Humility: IITM grounded me to the reality that I am among some of the greatest minds on earth, and they were more humble than me (of course we also had the show-offs, but that's life!!). The top student in my batch - who was also probably the youngest - was simple, humble, very friendly, and was playing table tennis with me all the time. Only when the grades started coming out did we realize what he was capable of. Of course, he was by no means an exception as we had many such geniuses amongst us. This awareness of my peers' capabilities at IITM definitely taught me how to be humble and appreciate greatness in others.
  3. Can Do' and 'Think Big' attitude: IITM taught me to think big and get the "can do" attitude to make things happen. Even in class projects, we always thought about the bigger vision, what can make an impact, and what parts could reasonably be accomplished within the given time frame. We learnt that we could accomplish anything we wanted, as long as we put in sincere effort towards it. Many of my friends started efforts in areas that were totally new to them, but became experts at it by the time they graduated from IIT.
  4. 'Relax and Have Fun': IITM taught me to enjoy the small and big things in life - relaxing in the hostels, partying, enjoying the campus itself and the "chai" in the village shops behind campus, and going for triple night shows in the Jayanthi Theater - but all only after a couple of tests.
  5. The Joy of Helping Others: At IITM, I discovered for myself that helping others solve a problem was a lot more satisfying than my own self-achievements. Nearly everything I did at IITM contributed to this: group study, exchanging notes and books, learning short cuts, understanding friends' problems and trying to find a solution to it, and many more.Although NSS felt like a chore in the beginning, it became a part of our lives as time went on as we understood the real difference it could make in others' lives. If I draw enormous satisfaction from the charity work I am blessed to be a part of, the seed was sown in IITM 3 decades ago!!
IIT Campuses

IIT-B goes global with Mood Indigo 
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For the first time, Indian Institute of Technology -Bombay (IIT-B) will organize an eight-day World fest in December under the umbrella of its popular cultural festival Mood Indigo (Mood-I) 2012, which will feature young and talented students from Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Serbia and Sri Lanka. 


The decision to organize a World fest under Mood-I was taken with a view to get foreign students and encourage interactions on a global platform. 


Palash Kulkarni, media manager for Mood Indigo, said, "This year, Mood-I World fest 2012 will be celebration of music, colour and life. Read More.   




With Sibal gone, IIT alumni hope for more from Raju

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'A man in a hurry' was the most common lament by Kapil Sibal's critics in the education sector. A change in guard at what has been a hyper-active human resource development ministry with Sibal at the helm will be keenly watched by detractors and supporters of the former minister's vision for education in India.


Following his swearing in on Sunday as the HRD minister, the M Mangapati Pallam Raju, Congress MP from Andhra Pradesh, told media-persons that he would carry forward the "good work" by his predecessor. Many are perhaps hoping for the opposite. Read More



Printing a green future

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Recycling paper may be a great step to reducing your carbon footprint, but have you ever thought about the ink used to print on those reams? Turns out it's the environmental equivalent of a serial killer - and a New Delhi-based company is taking the challenge head on.


KG Singh and Sidhartha Bhimania set up EnNatura. By outsourcing the manufacturing to small companies, they got by without making major capital investments. But getting companies to use the ink was another matter. They paid companies to use the product. The gamble paid off. But they didn't have enough money to produce quantities to meet the demand. They switched strategies by going to publishers and NGOs who were interested in green issues rather than printers themselves. With funding from the government and a venture capitalist, they have been able to get their dream off the ground. Read More.  

IIT Chapters

Nostalgia trip awaits first-batch IITians in Kolkata for damond jubilee of IITs
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IIT alumni groups from all over the world are set to descend on Kolkata as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) system marks its diamond jubilee in December.

Though the PanIIT - the alumni association of IIT students in India and abroad - has been organizing its annual Global Conferences alternately between India and abroad since 2003, this year's gathering assumes special significance as the IIT system completes its year-long diamond jubilee celebrations. India's first IIT started at Kharagpur in 1951.
The three-day PanIIT Global Conference 2012 will be held at Kolkata's Science City Auditorium from December 7.

"Apart from the hundreds of alumni from around the world, we will also have over half a dozen chief ministers, Indian union ministers, the US ambassador in India and others attend the three-day events in Kolkata,'' according to Pronob Guha who heads the marketing committee for the mega-event. Read More.

Wheels logo
Business Plan Competition

       PanIIT Global Conference

December 7-9, Science city Auditorium, Kolkata, India

Welcome to the PanIIT Alumni Global Conference 2012 in Kolkata
, for three days of knowledge sharing, networking, entertainment, meeting old buddies and taking back nostalgic memories. Combine that with an excellent opportunity for business  connection  and a showcase for technologies, and products at the Exposition at the same location.

WHEELS is happy to announce a Business Plan Competition, open to IIT Alumni , children and family of Alumni and IIT students. A cash prize of Rs 50,000 will be awarded in each of six tracks of WHEELS ( Water, Health, Education, Lifestyles and Security ) with one of these prizes upgraded to a Grand Prize of Rs1,00,000, if grand prize criteria is met. Entries will be judged by a panel of expert judges and winners will get the added benefit of being introduced to a mentor and venture capital sources.
To obtain the criteria for entries and a format for submission, please write to: Rohit Koshy @ rohitk@clearlyso.in  OR Gulab Bhavnani @ gbhavnani@aol.com

At the conference in December, Dr. Hiten Ghosh and Mr. Suresh Shenoy will host a plenary session  on WHEELS, with a panel of experts who will focus on Nation Building through social entrepreneurship. By attending the conference, you can find out how you can participate and help  build a better India.
IIT 2013 Global Conference

Save the date & Volunteer Signup

IIT alumni of Houston are excited that Houston, Texas is selected as the host city for the IIT 2013 Global Conference. This global event "Inspiring innovation for tomorrow" is scheduled for December 6-8, 2013 at the Hilton Americas, a fantastic state-of-the-art facility in downtown Houston.

As we celebrate 10 years of our first meet in Silicon Valley, we plan to structure this conference to inspire ideas and action for a better tomorrow. We expect this to be one of the largest alumni gathering where we invite innovators, scientists, educators, business leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss innovative solutions for issues facing the U.S. and India. The IIT 2013 Global Conference aims to offer a platform for communication and collaboration among academia, business and government - with your enthusiastic support, we will deliver.

From NASA's space center to the largest fine arts museum in the southwest, as well as the finest performing arts in the world, Houston ranks #1 in Kiplinger's top ten cities to live, work and play.  We look forward to welcoming you, your family and friends with our well known southern hospitality.  

Please forward this Newsletter to your friends and classmates. Please visit the link below and let us know if you would like to be an integral part of the Pan IIT 2013 Global conference team and become a volunteer. With our combined effort and enthusiasm, we will leave a mark for the future.
To volunteer click here:

Please respond by Dec 2, 2012
Hemant Jha
Networking and Outreach Chair
IIT 2013 Global Conference
IIT Events


Silver Jubilee Reunion Batch of 1988, IIT-Delhi


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Date: December, 21-23 

Time: 21st Dec, 10 am, 23rd Dec, 3 pm. 


Click here for program details.


Pre registration: Registration for the event is open. Please fill up the registration form at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEVhR1VtOVpaOGJYcl9....


Click here for more details.   

IIT Alumni - Join us on LinkedIn


IIT Alumni Linkedin Group has emerged as a very vibrant resource for our community. We are now 21400+ strong and growing. The group is a great way to connect with fellow IITans living in your area, working in your industry or from your batch. It is great resource to find employers, employees, contacts or customers via qualified introductions on an opt-in basis. The members are finding it as a great place to discuss their ideas or to promote their products.

Recently, the whole IIT community came together to support IIT Bombay Heritage Fund for a noble goal of securing donation worth $10K from Chase Community Giving contest, where engaging fellow IITians through Linkedin played a key role.  Congratulations IIT Bombay Heritage FundThank you all who should IIT Tempo and voted.  


Click here to join the LinkedIn Group. 

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