Two summer seasons ago, the OHPS Board began a systematic approach to evaluate the potential restoration needs on Ojibway Island and obtain the input of the Club Board as it assessed possible preservation requirements related to serving the Ojibway community. After review to develop preliminary lists of what needs to be done and when, members of the Historical Society met with representatives of the Club this past July to consider priority issues among the projects on those lists. 

The goal was to create a Five Year Plan for the preservation and restoration of the Ojibway facilities most in need of being targeted. In connection with meetings and efforts through the remainder of the summer and into the fall, half a dozen items surfaced and are being further vetted for priority restorations:

  • The Gift Shop
  • The Main Dock
  • The Rental Cabins 
  • Two More Sections of the Walking Trails
  • Infrastructure (Sprinklers) for Preservation of Restorations

Portions of the Main Dock were restored in 2013 when the Grocery Store was redone; and it was apparent then that the remainder of the fixed dock would need to be restored in the relatively near future. Likewise, since Basswood was restored last year, the other Cabins have been undergoing evaluation for their own restorations. The needs for the Camp Trail and exact location of a Southern Loop Trail, both discussed at the AGM this past July, are also being further assessed; and we are obtaining engineering recommendations on additional sprinklers for the preservation and safety of hotel areas already restored. 

For reasons related to structural deterioration, safety concerns, and difficulty in making it anywhere near critter-proof, however, the Gift Shop has become the top priority. So we are moving forward this winter in an effort to refine details while retaining historical accuracy in order to prepare a rendering for the community of how it is envisioned that a restored Gift Shop would appear. A look back into the early 1950’s, when the current structure was the hotel gift shop and store, reveals a glimpse of the archive materials being reviewed in this process.