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June 22, 2017
28 Sivan 5777
 Shabbat Rosh Chodeh - Parashat Korach
Candle lighting 8:19 PM
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This Shabbat at Ohr Kodesh
Shabbat Rosh Chodesh - Parashat Korach

Kabbalat Shabbat
- 6:30 PM 
The  Kabbalat Shabbat and  Arvit service will be led by Cantor Hinda Labovitz  in the Cohen Chapel .

Shabbat Morning - 8:45 AM  
Shacharit  will be led by Joel Kalman and  Musaf  will be led by  Cantor Hinda Labovitz . We will celebrate the aufruf of Rosel Halle and Joel Kalman.

Shabbat  Storytime for Families with Young Children
After the Haftarah in Room 7.  Babysitting is available in room 7 from 9:30 am.
Babysitting is available from 9:30-11:30 am in Room 7.

The kiddush will be sponsored by Ohr Kodesh and enhanced by  Joel Kalman and Rosel Halle and Dorothy Halle, Tamara Halle and Aron Krasnopoler in honor of Rosel and Joel's aufruf.

Jews for Exegesis will meet this Shabbat.
 We will study a midrash about On ben Pelet, one of Korach's co-conspirators.
Would You Like to Sponsor or Enhance a  Kiddush
If you would like to enhance or sponsor a future  kiddush, please call Jerry Kiewe at 240-450-3486 or email him at  Enhancement of a kiddush can be arranged for as little as $180. Contributions of any amount to support future kiddushim are appreciated.

Interested in Volunteering to Help at a Future Green Kiddush?
Please email Mickey Feinberg at
Need Help Getting Home after Services? 
In an effort to make our  shul  more inclusive for all, we will try to help you get home from Ohr Kodesh. To pre-arrange assistance, contact Tami Lautman weekdays at  or 301-589-3880.  You are also encouraged to simply show up at Shabbat  morning  services and alert the person who gives the announcements from the  bimah  towards the end of the service; he/she will help to arrange for you to get home.  

Got Lunch?
In order to extend the celebration of Shabbat, we include in the Shabbat morning  announcements an offer to host anyone who would like  to join an OKC family  for Shabbat lunch. If you would like  to be on a list of potential hosts, please email
Minchah 8:15 PM  in the Cohen Chapel.    
This Week at Ohr Kodesh
Ongoing Classes This Coming Week
Sunday, 8:00 AM - Talmud Class, Tractate B'rakhot with Rabbi Fishman
Tuesday, 12:15 PM - Tuesdays with Lyle in DC
Tuesday, 8:30 PM - Talmud class, Tractate Sukkah with Richard Friedman 
Wednesday, 10:00 AM - Twenty Key Jewish Concepts with Rabbi Fishman 
Wednesday, 2:00 PM - Biblical Hebrew with Rabbi Fishman   

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Program
Drumming Together, Singing with One Voice
Wednesday, June 28, 7:30-9:00 PM
Presented by Joshua Milner and Rachel Milner Gilles a t the home of Debra Rosenman.
To RSVP or ask questions, including any concerns about mobility and/or accessibility issues, contact Elana Premack Sandler,  or  857-928-2605,  Marcela Kogan at 301-318-7397 or  Read more here.

Is Your Child Going to Sleep-away Camp?
Please let us know which one. Contact Tami Lautman.

Plan Ahead
Next Shabbat  July 1
Babysitting will be available from 9:30 am.

July 4 Morning Minyan will be at 8:45 AM.

Book Club
Wednesday, July 5, 12:00-1:30 PM in the Salzberg Family Library
Amy Dockser Marcus's Jerusalem 1913: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict will be discussed. Feel free to bring a dairy or parve lunch to the meeting. Coffee will be provided.  For further information, contact Barry Cantor at 301-933-3776 or
Evaluation of Tikkun Leil Shavuot

If you attended any of the pre-Tikkun or Tikkun sessions of Tikkun Leil Shavuot, Tuesday evening, May 30, through Wednesday morning, May 31, our Adult Education Committee would appreciate your taking a few minutes to fill out an evaluation form. We thank you in advance for providing feedback.

The survey is at Responses will be tallied through June 28.
High Holiday Registration Forms for 2017~ 5778 are Available
Rosh Hashanah begins Wednesday evening, September 20, and  Yom Kippur begins Friday evening, September 29.  The High Holiday Registration forms for ticket orders for the various adult and children's services, placement of New Year's greetings in our monthly Bulletin, ordering of a lulav and etrog for Sukkot , submissions for the Annual Book of Remembrance, and more are available. Order forms will be accepted electronically, by mail, and in person at the synagogue office.
Please go to for the High Holiday Registration Forms.  Hard copies are in the July-August bulletin and are also available on the tables outside of our office and Main Sanctuary. 

To help ensure accommodation of your seating request(s), ticket orders should be received by Friday,  August 11.
Yamim Noraim Torah Readers Needed

Joel Schwartz is recruiting Torah Readers for the High Holidays. If you know the  Yamim Nora'im trope and will be at Ohr Kodesh for Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur, please contact Joel at by tomorrow, Friday, June 23.

Ohr Kodesh Refugee Resettlement Project 

This week marks the formal launch of Ohr Kodesh Congregation's fundraising initiative to support the refugee family that the Congregation has pledged to support. 
You may have seen that this week the United Nations announced that in 2016 the population of displaced people worldwide reached levels not seen since 1945.  Inspired by the biblical injunction to "welcome the stranger," as well as the Jewish people's long history of fleeing persecution and seeking safety in other lands, the American Jewish community is organizing to support these refugees through the HIAS Welcome Campaign.  Ohr Kodesh has committed to support a refugee family through this campaign. 
Within the next few months, we should be "receiving" a family, and we will be taking responsibility for helping the family adjust to life in America, including furnishing its apartment, helping the parents find work, and assisting in teaching English and child care. 
Ohr Kodesh is now seeking financial contributions to help the family pay for everything from rental assistance to groceries, child care or summer camp for children, metro fares, and school supplies.  While families are frequently placed in Hyattsville, we would love to raise enough money (as neighboring congregations have done) to cover the minor difference in rent so that the family could live in Montgomery County, with access to excellent local schools and public transit, and in proximity to Congregation volunteers. 
We invite you to contribute in one of the following ways:
1. Send a check to Ohr Kodesh, with Refugee Project in the memo line.
2. Call or email the office to add a contribution to your Ohr Kodesh account, designating Refugee Project.
3. Contribute online via the Ohr Kodesh website, designating Refugee Project.
4. Contribute via the project's online fundraising page (  **Feel free to copy and paste the URL for your own Facebook page to share this with family and friends outside the OKC community.** 
We also enthusiastically welcome volunteers.  If you would like to be involved as a volunteer or have any questions about this effort, please contact Lisa Kleppel ( or 240-988- 6540) or Simma Kupchan (

Luis Gongora and his Family Continue to Need Help

There is an ongoing need for financial assistance for Luis Gongora and his  family. As you remember Luis, our beloved custodian for many years, is suffering from a rare form of childhood brain cancer. To help, go to the gofundmepage located  HERE . All proceeds will go directly to the family to help pay for medical care, housing, food, clothes, etc. The need for support is ongoing. Please contribute as you can. 
Elsewhere in the Community
Short Films and Exhibit about the Jewish Refugees in Shanghai During the 1930s and 40s
Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM until late August at the Confucius Institute,  1776 Mass Avenue NW, suite 410 (near the Dupont Circle Metro). Free
The Confucius Institute is offering short films and an exhibit about Jewish refugees in Shanghai during the 1930s and 40s, their later migration, and the story of Jewish travels to Shanghai. The stories told were both of the community generally and of many specific families. Contact Lauren Schick, Program Associate, 202-864-6482, for more information.

Summer 2017 Israeli Dancing at Ohr Kodesh
8:15-10:30 PM Circle and Line Dances;  10:30-11:00 Partner Dances
For more info  contact Mike Fox at or visit 
Saturday, June 24, 9:30 PM-3:30 AM - Special Program - Israeli Dance Time Warp - Dances of Every Decade in a Warped Program led by Ken Avner and Mike Fox. Cost $15 adults, $10 students. See flyer here.
Broken Glass - Theater J's Upcoming Production
Through-July 9. Broken Glass is a  psychological drama from one of America's master playwrights, Arthur Miller.  The play is set in New York during Kristallnacht, 1938.  Miller balances private and public morality and explores being American, being married, and coming to terms with one's identity. Click here to read more and to buy tickets or call the box office at 202-777-3210.

Washington Jewish Film Festival Summer Season
the WJFF's summer lineup features two new series:  Docs in the City and  For Your Consideration .
Docs in the City, presented with Docs in Progress, is an exploration of the personal documentary genre.  For Your Consideration  is a choice sampling of the latest Best Foreign Language film Oscar submissions from various countries, including Italy, Yemen, and Poland.  Find out more at or contact  to request discounted group tickets.

We are saddened by the passing of Mildred Feldman,  z'l, mother of Patricia Schultz, on Monday evening, June 19. The funeral service will be held on Friday, June 23, at 11:00 am at Glendale Cemetery in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
Visitors are welcome to Patricia's home on Tuesday, June 27 in the afternoon, with an evening minyan at 7:30 pm. 8920 Colesville Road, Silver Spring.
May God comfort all who mourn for Mildred Feldman, and may her memory always be for a blessing.
Get Well
Ohr Kodesh extends get well wishes to: Miriam Bobrow, Willie Bobrow, Selma Eisenstadt, Heitzi Epstein, Luis Gongora, Katie Loewy, Sadie Plotkin, Leo Rennert, Shoshana Urquhart, Bruce Volat, and Rebecca Winnick.

Please do not hesitate to contact these individuals. They would be pleased to receive a call, a card, or a  visit. If you need contact information for any of the members listed above, please contact Tami Lautman at 240-450-3489. We would also appreciate it if you would make us aware of others who are in need of well wishes and support. If you are able to help a congregant in need of assistance with a meal or a run to the store contact Elisabeth Boas, or Joan Levy, 

Ohr Kodesh maintains a daily minyan in both the morning and evening.
Next week's minyan times:
Sunday: 8:45 am
Monday-Friday: 6:45 am
Sunday-Thursday: 8:00 pm
Next Friday, July 1: 6:30 pm
Evening and morning minyanim are an integral feature of our community. Please make every effort to participate whenever possible, especially on your assigned dates.
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