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June 2017
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Senior Enrichment Center

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Reseda, CA 91335

(818) 705-2345

Adult Day Care
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Childcare and Preschool
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Tales from the Road:

Our staff will be wishing all dads receiving home bound meals a very Happy Father's Day with a special lunch in honor of Father's on Friday, June 16th.  One very special father, Jorge turned 100 recently. 

Dental Services:

Do you need dental services?  ONEgeneration can help through our partner: 
Dentex Dental Group
Call 818-705-2345 to sign up. 
"Harold's Help Desk" 

Are you in need of assistance? Stop by
Harold's Help Desk at ONEgeneration's Senior Enrichment Center. Carla will be able to assist you at the center on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays form 8:30am -5:00pm. Feel free to give her a call at 818-708-6624. 
Massage Therapy:

Did you know that every Wednesday you can come by Our Senior Enrichment Center to get an amazing chair Massage by Maria from
9:30am-12pm?  The fee is $3.00.  We are at 18255 Victory Blvd., Reseda, CA 91335
Do you need a Podiatrist?

Please call to make an appointment to see Dr.Belczyk.  He is at the Senior Enrichment Center every 3rd Thursday of the month from 12:30pm to 2:30pm by appointment only.
Call 818-705-2345 to schedule a time.

Looking for Part-time Employment or a Roommate?

Visit our Employment and Shared Housing Bulletin Boards at our Senior Enrichment Center
at 18255 Victory Blvd., Reseda, CA 91335
Be Careful of Scams

Seniors are at higher risk of being taken advantage of by Scam Artists.  Learn ways to protect yourself and your family by reading the article written by the Minnesota Attorney General called "Online Dating and Romance Scams"   which is attached here.

Ways to Support ONEgeneration


ONEgeneration Travel

Click on the Ralphs logo to link your rewards card to contribute donations to ONEgeneration.  This will not affect your personal rewards. Log in, then go to the Community Contributions program and select ONEgeneration. You must re-register each year for ONEgeneration to continue to receive donations. 
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Help at our Encino Farmers Market any Sunday from 7am to 1pm
  • Deliver a meal to a homebound senior
  • Help in a Childcare Classroom
  • Teach a class at the Senior Center
  • Help in the office and more....

Did You Know That You  
Can Rent Our 
 ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center for Your Next Event?

Occupancy is 450 persons, and we have approximately 66 available parking spaces. The auditorium is 4,800 sq ft while all of OSEC is approximately 12,000 sq ft.  Includes chairs and tables.
A Great Place to Host:

Bar Mitzvahs



Wedding Celebrations


Meetings and more...

For information regarding rentals at the Senior  Center  please call (818) 705-2345
18255 Victory Boulevard
Reseda, CA 91335

(Corner of Victory/Etiwanda adjacent to Reseda Park)
For all other ONEgeneration rental  opportunities  including parking lot space please contact Adam at (818) 708-6637.

And remember, your rental fees will help support our programs.
Looking to advertise your business
to the community?  

You can have a booth at our weekly Encino Farmers Market.  Now accepting vendor applications.  Over 2,000 community members attend the market each week.  The vendor fee is $100 for Business Vendors (non-sales vendors).  There is a limit of 2 vendors per week. 


To find out about this marketing opportunity please email Jodi at


Do You Have Questions About Medicare?

See our Partner Paul Davis' Ad at the bottom of this page.
Partners and Supporters

We are Benefit and Risk Management architects and experts, continually working to gain knowledge of your inner working and needs, we have the tools and staff to support the most comprehensive of programs. Given our reputation as client centric and our expertise, FOY's ability to underwrite and negotiate assures excellent results for our clients.



~Open Every Day

~Fast Delivery 

  • Most Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Prescription Flavoring Program
  • Prescription Compounding Specialists







Call 818-788-2411


5353 Balboa Blvd. in Encino 


 Click here to visit our website 


Places to go, people to meet, things to do and discover in the Greater Los Angeles area for those energetic on the go active group of people over 60
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GIVE Ambassador Camilla Belle

Intergenerational program

Did you know that ONEgeneration was featured on NBC's Television Show Give #The More You Know in May?  Give Ambassador Camille Belle visited our intergenerational programs and after consulting with show hosts Blair Underwood and Jenna Bush Hager and special guest Trent Stamp, CEO of the Eisner Foundation, surprised ONEgeneration with a generous gift.

We are so grateful to The Eisner Foundation, NBC TV GIVE, Camilla Belle and all the cast and crew of the show.  It was a wonderful experience.  To see this very special episode please click on the GIVE image below.

sand·wich gen·er·a·tion
  1. a generation of people, typically in their thirties or forties, responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents.
Merriam-Webster and Oxford English officially added the term to their dictionaries in 2006, since the role has become more common and recognized across aging America.

Sandwich Generation is a new role in life for which no one can really understand until they've done it. Caring for an aging parent is an immense challenge, and one of the most profound tasks we can take on in our lives. The same can be said about raising children.

Baby Boomers, the country's largest population segment, are the heart of the sandwich generation. They are dealing with the fastest-growing population segment, those 85+. The ability to care for both elders and children at once requires stamina and patience. Despite the tremendous pressures faced by those with these dual obligations, millions of Americans have assumed this admirable role.

There are many emotions that go along with being a sandwich generation caregiver as stress, financial burden and burnout can be part of the job. However, in some cases, having both children and aging parents in the house can lend itself to a stronger family bond between the generations.

Learning how to tackle stress is a necessity for sandwich generation caregivers, which is why it is crucial for caregivers to take care of themselves by enrolling their loved one in a daycare program, getting help from a family member, hiring respite care, having regular breaks from care-giving or attending a care givers support group*.

Everyone needs a break. But sandwich generation caregivers need to remember to take care of themselves first, otherwise they are no good to their children or parents because they are suffering from burnout. Taking care of you first is the golden rule of care-giving.

Take Time To Care For Yourself

Every caregiver and care-giving situation is unique but there are always common factors which bridge these situations and caregivers together. For those of you who are squeezed in the sandwich generation please know that you are not alone. Practice Self-Care because if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to properly take care of others. Making sure you get exercise, proper nutrition, sleep and regular doctor appointments is an awesome way to foster positive self-care.

Attending to your own physical and mental health will make you that much more capable of caring for those you love and when all else fails, take a step back and breathe.
Stacie Dawes, M.A., LMFT  
Community Relations Director, Pacifica Senior Living Northridge
Contact Stacie at Pacifica, 818-886-5181, for advice on senior care communities

Encino Farmers Market  
June kicks off summer for us here at the Encino Farmer's Market. Along with summer comes the arrival of delicious stone fruit such as juicy peaches, nectarines, and plums. Get them now while they are in season. Perfect for picnics and summer outings.
We are also welcoming three new vendors - Mardi Gras Snowball, a New Orleans style shaved ice with a variety of lip smacking flavors, great on a hot summer day. France Bakery has a wonderful variety of breads which are mostly vegan and no preservatives. Last but not least is Luigi of LittlEataly. Gourmet Italian food items like truffle oil, truffle honey and yummy cheeses like burrata or pecorino. There are a lot of good reasons to shop at the Onegeneration Encino Farmers Market.
Lots of Free Parking
Open every Sunday 8 am til 1 pm      We accept SNAP/EBT and WIC!
Blood Drive
at the
Encino Farmers Market
Sunday June 18th
8am to 2pm
Please donate to save up to three lives, or become a Power Red Donor and make your donation help even more people in need. 
Click on the above link and then enter onegeneration where is says find a blood drive.
We look forward to seeing you at our Encino Farmers Market soon, proceeds from the market support our senior services.

Although many of the seniors of our program have dementia, they can recall some past experiences and baseball seems to be something they remember well and are still fans of the Dodgers today.  Huge thank you to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Al Ferrara.

Dr. David Stern's Expert Corner -

As older adults, many of us can remember a time before antibiotics entered our lives, when infections of all kinds threatened our health and well-being. Now, we all know that antibiotics are good for us; we develop a bacterial infection, treat it by taking the proper antibiotic, and we get better. While this is true, it is also true that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics may get us into trouble. Too often, people reach for antibiotics as soon as they feel sick. Antibiotics are of no value in treating any viral illness. Pills left in the medicine cabinet from a previous illness are not necessarily going to cure your next illness.
This month's column will deal with C. diff infection. Clostridium difficile (C. diff) is a spore forming bacterium that exists throughout the environment. It is found in water and soil, and in the feces of humans and animals. When people take antibiotics, beneficial bacteria in the gut are under attack along with the bacteria that make us sick. When levels of healthy bacteria decrease, C. diff. can take over, producing toxins that can cause intense diarrhea, often with serious complications.
C. diff. is shed in feces. Any surface, device, or material that becomes contaminated with feces may serve as a reservoir for the C. diff. spores. In health care facilities like hospitals or nursing homes, where workers may come into contact with it, C. diff. spores can be transferred to patients via the hands of healthcare personnel who have touched a contaminated surface or item. C. diff. can live for long periods on clothing or sheets, or other surfaces that have come in
contact with feces. Older adults who are hospitalized and treated with antibiotics are particularly at risk.
C. diff. infection can be quite severe. Symptoms include watery diarrhea (at least three bowel movements per day for two or more days), fever, loss of appetite, nausea, and abdominal pain/tenderness. In the United States, more than 30,000 deaths per year have been attributed to C. diff. infection. Treatment begins with cessation of antibiotics, if that is possible. This may lead to improvement in about 25% of people. If symptoms persist, specific antibiotics such as Metronidazole or Vancomycin are routinely used to treat the C. diff. infection. This is effective but, unfortunately, the infection returns in about 20 % of patients. Recurrent infection is treated with Vancomycin or with Fidaxomicin. If necessary, when infection persists in spite of repeated treatment, transplanting stool from a healthy person to the colon of a patient with the C. diff. infection has been shown to be an effective means of finally ending the infection.

Dr. Stern serves as the Medical Director of ONEgeneration's Adult Day Healthcare Program.  He reviews participant care plans and makes recommendations for enhanced care.  If you have ideas for a future article topics please contact ONEgeneration.  Dr. Stern is available as needed for consultation on medical concerns .

Cinco de Mayo Celebration in Adult Day Care

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the 5th of May and is observed to honor the Mexican victory over French troops at the Battle of Pueblo on May 5, 1862. In the US it has become a day of the celebration of
Mexican-American culture.

June Tributes and Dedications
In memory of Maryanne Davis, from Catherine Walsh
In memory of Maryanne Davis, from Kathy & Steve Kohama

In honor of Adrian Stern, from Howard Weg
In honor of Sima Schuster, from Sarah Schuster Kudela

In memory of Carol Numrich, from Eva Goetz

In memory of Thomas Peterson-More,
from Eva & Russell Goetz

In memory of Dr. Richard Davies, from Eva and Russell Goetz

In memory of Blanche Owen, from Patrice & David Ekstrom

In Memory of Barbara Widolf
To make a tribute in memory of a loved one or to recognize a ONEgeneration supporter please
contact Sue at (818) 708-4756 or  
Donations will be followed by a personalized message in our upcoming newsletter and message on your behalf will be sent directly to the family.
ONEgeneration Childcare News
Intergeneration activities this month included making US Flags and Red, White & Blue toast for Memorial Day!

Childcare Alumni
West Valley Soccer League's
Fall 2016 D10 Strikers presented ONEgeneration with this cool plaque! Three of the ten year old players, Noah, Brandon, Jake and Ansel (not pictured), are all ONEgeneration alumni! Thanks to the team and Coach Alex for the wonderful gift which we will proudly hang in our child care office. 

Childcare News:

We are proud to announce that more than half of our teachers have an undergraduate degrees and many working towards higher degrees. Congratulations to our dedicated staff members who have completed degrees this semester: Two talented and amazing teachers received their Bachelor degrees in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College, our Assistant Director of Preschool received a Master's degree in Human Development with an emphasis on Leadership, a staff person received a Master's degree in Child Development from Pacific Oaks College and another with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Child Development from California State University, Northridge. Congratulations to all of our graduates who dedicated themselves to pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

According to the Childcare Services Association, staff with higher education degrees may play an important role in establishing excellence in child care.
What are the indicators of high quality child care?

According to the several research studies have found that high quality child care programs have certain characteristics in common. Quality indicators measure the conditions that generally foster a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children. They are:
Low child/teacher ratios
Small group size
Staff with higher education & on-going training
Prior experience and education of the director
Low teacher turnover
Positive teacher/child interactions
Accreditation or higher than minimum licensing standards
Age appropriate activities
Good health & safety practices
Senior Enrichment Center May Highlights
It's a Wrap!   -  2017 Senior Symposium

The Annual ONEgeneration Senior Symposium was held Saturday, May 20th at our Senior Center.  We had over 90 exhibitor booths with 900 seniors in attendance and 950 free health screenings performed.  Thank you to our all our sponsors including our presenting sponsor Valley Presbyterian Hospital. ONEgeneration services the Los Angeles Department of Aging's Service Area 3 which includes parts of several council districts.  Big thanks to Councilmembers Blumenfield, Martinez, Koretz and Englander for their support as well as the following neighborhood Councils: Encino, Reseda, Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills and Tarzana.  Thank you to all the exhibitors, volunteers, attendees and their families.


The ONEgeneration Let's Talk - Farsi Group facilitated by Joseph  
meets every Wednesday from 10 - 11 am in the Senior Enrichment Center's Community Room.  The group discusses current events in Farsi.  New members are welcome.  If you know of a Farsi speaking senior 60 years old or older please invite them to attend a group session.  It is a great way to socialize and converse in Farsi with other Farsi speaking Senior Enrichment Center members.  
ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center's

When a friend of Cheryl's told her about a volunteer opportunity to help seniors with their taxes, she couldn't wait to start helping. Before coming to One Generation, Cheryl used to have her very own tax preparation practice for about 31 years. She has been at ONEgeneration for 11 years working with AARP's TCE counseling for the elderly program. When she isn't helping the seniors with their taxes she volunteers at the Topanga Police Station as a receptionist. When she is not volunteering, Cheryl is either at home gardening, participating in a book club, attending a birthday club or exercising. Although she is constantly busy, Cheryl genuinely loves what she does and wouldn't change it for anything! 
The ONEgeneration Fitness Center 
Monday - Friday, Suggested Donation $2.00 
Come on in and stay fit! ONEgeneration's Fitness Center has all the equipment needed to stay in shape. When you walk into the center, it is located immediately to the left right before you check in. From weights to treadmills to ab machines to arm machines, this fitness center has everything to get your summer body ready!

Please make sure you read the instructions on the
machines carefully to avoid injury. 
Tuesday, June 13th, 9:00 am . FREE Vision/Glaucoma Screening

Tuesday, June 13th, 11:00 am . Fall Prevention Class
  Monday June 19th, 10 am - 1 pm.  Silver Sneakers Presentation 
Tuesday June 20th, 1:30 - 2:30 pm.  Your Legacy: Dignity Seminar

Thursday June 22nd, 10 - 11:30 am. Got Tap Card?  By Joanne D'Antonio of New Horizons
Tuesdays, July 11 - Aug 15, 2:00 - 4:30 pm "Living Your Best Life" Class will be taught in Spanish.  English flyer   Spanish flyer

Watercolor Classes Mondays from 10 am - noon  
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEADD) is June 15 
Each year, an estimated 5 million older persons are abused, neglected and exploited. Older adults throughout the United States lose an estimated $2.6 billion or more annually due to elder financial abuse and exploitation, funds that they desperately need to pay for basics such as housing, food and medical care. And it is estimated that only about one in five of those crimes are ever reported.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) was launched on June 15, 2006, by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization at the United Nations. WEAAD's purpose is to provide an opportunity for communities around the world to promote a better understanding of elder mistreatment by raising awareness of the cultural, social, economic and demographic factors that drive and influence elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. WEAAD stands in support of the United Nations International Plan of Action, which acknowledges the significance of elder abuse as a public health and human rights issue.

The American Society on Aging (ASA) supports strong advocacy to help end elder mistreatment. No one is immune to abuse, neglect and exploitation; it occurs in every demographic, and can happen to anyone.

ASA Website

ONEgeneration's Adult Day Care program proudly accepts Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits.  Please contact us at 818-708-6625 to learn more.  

Looking for a Safe Place to Dispose of Old Prescriptions?

Do you have expired or unused medications?

MedCenta Pharmacy at 6401 Platt Ave, West Hills, CA 91307 has a medication disposal where you can safely dispose of medications to keep the environment safe.