June 2013

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I hope this finds you well on this Monday. This is just a reminder that this is the last week to sign up for my ONE DAY WORKSHOP this Saturday, June 8th in Hollywood, Florida.
If you are anything like many others, you will wait until the last minute to sign up. I know. I'm the same way. Sometimes it works out and sometimes I get shut out if I wait too long.
The content of the workshop is to educate you on how to properly audition for Film and TV roles. You will receive sides and given the chance to come up on the stage and perform your sides as you would at a real audition. You will be given suggestions and ideas of how to make your audition better and as an audience member you will see what the casting process looks like from the eyes of a casting director.
Check out this link to see if you are interested in improving your chances of booking more TV and FILM roles.

I just received this in my email yesterday:

  Unfortunately, I will not be an eager participant at your June 8th seminar. But fortunately, I am working that day shooting an infomercial as a spokesman!
   Attending your seminar last year was a major turning point in my fledgling acting career. It gave me confidence that has propelled me to do the best work I am capable of doing. I'm working every week on one thing or another.

I hope to see you soon.Me Lecturing
And to order the BEST DANG BOOK on Auditioning for Film and Television, go to:




Nickelodean Open Casting Call
Nick search
So often, after actors take a workshop with me, they ask the same question. NOW I want to put all of this knowledge and education to work. How can I do that? Here is the perfect venue for those of you who fit this category.
This search is being conducted by the same group that cast the TV series, along with me, that just wrapped up their shooting in Miami. The very popular Spanish TV show entitled, GRACHI, was translated into English and called "EVERY WITCH WAY." I was given the opportunity to cast so many teens and adults. They got series regulars and recurrings cast out of South Florida. There were 40 episodes shot down here. I spoke to many of the actors afterwards and they all told me what a great experience they had shooting a TV show in their own backyard. I was so excited to be a part of this very popular show.
SO, if you fit this description, sign up to audition on June 22. AND GOOD LUCK!!!

Dolphin Tale

The Highly Successful Feature Film coming this summer!

Two years ago I had the great experience of being a part of the casting process of the feature film DOLPHIN TALE. I just found out that Dolphin Tale 2 will be casting this summer and I will be able to work with this great group of people again.
If you saw the movie, or if you took part in the filming, you know what an inspiring story this is. 
Make sure your materials are up-to-date and you stay in touch with your agent. Casting will begin mid-summer. 

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