Prescription   |  Vol 10 Issue 1  |  March 2015
Kevin Rich, DPh
by Kevin Rich, DPh

I hope everyone has been able to avoid the flu this year, or if you got it you were able to recover quickly. It is hard to believe that complications from the flu could end life, but this year we have witnessed that this is an unfortunate reality. Many Oklahomans have lost their lives and it can be contributed to the flu.

Testing for Kratom
by Tom House

Kratom has been around for thousands of years. Its botanical name is Mitragyna speciosa ("M. speciose"). It is currently considered a controlled substance in many Southeast Asian countries. In Thailand, Kratom has been outlawed for 70 years because it was reducing the government's tax revenue from opium distribution. Kratom is an opiate-like leaf that hails from Southeast Asia and is widely known in the realms of alternative medicines and drug culture. Due to the difficulty of detecting use in current testing protocols, it is not included in the normal testing panels. Reported dangers include Kratom as a relapse gateway for individuals in recovery.
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Addiction and Technology
What parents need to know about coming of age in our digital world

Rapidly emerging technology is changing the way young people are navigating adolescence and young adulthood. In an age when two-thirds of adolescents own smartphones, use of social media and other technology influences everything from how a young person develops self-worth to how he or she learns about or engages in risky behaviors, including underage drinking and other drug use. Such unprecedented technology consumption also puts parents in unknown territory, leaving them uncertain about when, how, and even where to set healthy limits around technology access and use.
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28th Annual SWPRN Meeting
September 18-20, 2015
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Drugs and Sex
A high-risk mix for adolescents and young adults

Drinking or other drug use is a risk factor for unsafe sexual behavior-risk taking that can result in serious consequences, including unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual violence. For adolescents and young adults whose first or only sexual experiences involve being under the influence, the combination of sex and drugs can also be a formula for deep shame and a lifelong pattern of unhealthy relationships.
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Under the Influence of Parents
Children of marijuana users are far more likely to use  

Children of parents who have used marijuana are over three times more likely to use marijuana themselves. That's one of the key findings from a recent survey of young adults conducted by Q Market Research on behalf of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation's Center for Public Advocacy.
Peer Pressure and Underage Drinking
Parents: You probably wield more influence than you realize   

The story line of a high-achieving middle- or high-school student falling in with "the wrong crowd" and suddenly engaging in dangerous behaviors, such as drinking or other drug use, might well be every parent's nightmare. In truth, you as parents have more influence than you might think. Prevention experts point to research that shows young adolescents are more likely to be influenced by their parents than their peers with regard to choices around drinking and other drug use.
A Brave New World for Parents
Redefining what it means to parent when a child has addiction   

Parents are hardwired to protect their children, doing everything in their power to ensure their son or daughter's safety and security. But when a young person struggles with the progressive, life-threatening  disease of addiction, a parent can't swoop in and make everything all better. Facing a child's addiction takes courage and action and often requires adopting unfamiliar-even uncomfortable-new parenting techniques.
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