A review of Omaha Public Schools Board of Education meetings. 
June 6, 2017

Following each Board of Education Meeting, the Office of District Communications recaps the board meeting in the Board Digest.                   
Board of Education Action Items
Below are the items the Board of Education approved at Monday's Board Meeting.                                     
Consent Agenda Items                                  
Consent agenda items are items packaged into one agenda item. They are often routine and garner very little discussion. 
  • Administrative Appointments
  • Central High School Foundation Agreement – Central High School East Addition
  • Agreement with Sampson Construction Company - Central High East Addition
  • Second Reading - 2017-18 Student Code of Conduct
  • Amendment No. 002 with Hausmann – 2014 Bond Program – Benson High                            
  • Design Firm Selection 2014 Bond Program Capital Improvements Projects – Hartman Elementary
  • City of Omaha Sewer Easement – Spring Lake Elementary School
  • Achieve3000 Licenses Renewal
  • Resignation of Vinny Palermo of Douglas County School District 0001, District #9.
  • Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
  • 7th and 8th Grade Catastrophic Coverage                            
  • Diane Matzen Settlement Agreement 
  • Bid No. 17-046 – Managed Charging Carts And Charging Stations
  • ESU #19 Master Services Agreement
  • Omaha School Psychologist Association Kennedy Contract Variance 2016-2018
  • To view an entire list of items approved on the consent agenda, please review the agenda here.
Building-Level Administrative Adjustments
The Board approved building-level administrative position adjustments on the consent agenda. The adjustments are:
  • Dr. Rony Ortega, current OPS Principal at Buffett Magnet Middle School, will be the new Executive Director for Secondary Education. This is a new position created from repurposing of another position. 

Board of Education Seat Vacancy
The Board approved the resignation of Board Member Vinny Palermo on the consent agenda.Palermo resigned after being elected to the Omaha City Council. The application to fill the vacancy for subdistrict 9 is posted on the careers section of the OPS website. Applications will be accepted through June 13. Interviews will be held at the June 19 Board of Education Meeting. 

Board of Education Workshop
Below are the items the Board of Education discussed at last night's Board Meeting. 
Bond Program Workshop
The Board of Education held a workshop on the Bond Program. The workshop reviewed highlights from the 2014 Bond Program, Facilities Capital Plan, existing facilities conditions and next steps for moving forward with a potential second bond. 

2014 Bond Program
The current bond is on time and on budget. There is a total of 83 projects, plus land procurement. Currently, just over 13 percent of the bond program is committed through the economic inclusion program. 

Phase 2
Phase 2 would build upon the 2014 Bond Program by focusing on capital improvements, renovations and additions to increase capacity, ensure student safety and address aging of infrastructure.  It would also include five new schools (2 elementary, 1 middle and 2 high schools).  This second phase would fulfill commitments made to OPS communities and tax payers. At the time if the 2014 Facilities Capital Plan Issuance, the projected phase 2 was $376 million. 

Prior to a second bond, there is planning that would need to take place. That process would include: 
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Steering Committee
  • Facilities Assessment Validation
  • Facilities Option Planning
  • Updated Facilities Capital Plan 
If the current Phase 2 is completed, there would still be some facilities that would need attention. Jacobs divided this information into three priority levels so the Board could plan appropriately for the future. 

Next Steps
Prior to asking voters to approve a bond issue, there are several steps that Jacobs recommends take place. Jacobs recommends that OPS engage the community and stakeholders, update the facilities capital plan, draft and approve a bond referendum and file the referendum with the Douglas County Election Commission.

Jacobs provided information to the Board on three possible timing options for a vote: November 2017, May 2018, November 2018.

The Board will now review all the information and come back to the board table to discuss next steps at a future meeting. 

To view the Bond Program Presentation, click here. 
Next OPS Board of Education Meeting
The next regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting will take place on June 19, 2017. It is tentatively scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m.
Board of Education Agenda

To review previous Board of Education agendas, click here.

How Can I Watch a Previous Board of Education Meeting?
The video from the meeting will be available by the Wednesday at noon following the meeting. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

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