January 2017  
Whether you're a leader in the Chinese market or thinking of entering, it's important to understand the trends and government initiatives shaping the country's orthopaedic industry.
The following 18 companies received their first FDA 510(k) in 2016. Of these, 13 are U.S.-based, with the remaining five representing Canada, South Korea, India and Italy. 


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 2016 Funding Recap
We recap the companies that secured funding of $10 million or more in 2016. Similar to recent years, the spine market was the primary target for funding.
The primary responsibility of the supply chain team, post-M&A, is the assurance of uninterrupted upstream and downstream product supply. In order to minimize disruption and eliminate risk, you must develop a tactical plan to map out the desired state of the supply chain.
Dedicating time, capital and effort to your distribution relationships will pay off in the long term. Make sure that all internal and external teams, be those sales, marketing or contracting, are working in tandem.
Zimmer Biomet Resolves Anti-Bribery Matters with DOJ and SEC
The $30.5MM settlement amount was previously recorded in ZBH financial statements and will not impact the company's 2017 outlook. All conduct underlying the settlement occurred prior to Zimmer's 2015 acquisition of Biomet.
Philips Developing Augmented-Reality Surgical Navigation
This real-time 3D view of the spine in relation to the incision sites is intended to support procedure planning, navigation and implant accuracy.

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