October 2017  
We've compiled year-to-date activity through the second week of October 2017: M&A, collaborations, funding, data--to show how your competitors and customers have responded to market demands. 
The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation is named MTF Biologics, today. After joining as General Manager in 1988, and then moving to President in 1992 and adding on CEO duties in 1996, Mr. Stroever will retire on June 30, 2018. In his nearly 30 years with MTF, he watched it grow to more than 1,100 employees and over $400 million in annual revenue.   

November issue

November issue


We spoke with Mr. Drew Diaz, an ORTHOWORLD Member, on several topics ranging from data collection to struggles for startups and the future of orthopaedic technology.
Coating technology is exciting and provides a means for innovation and incremental improvements. We spoke with three professors (one a surgeon), all at different stages of coating research. 
Funds will pay accumulated and unpaid dividends on Series B preferred stock, cover implants and instrument sets for consignment, fund R&D, grow sales and marketing programs and support working capital/general corporate purposes. 
A change at the helm could lead to an openness for SNN to be purchased, particularly with the departure of Mr. Bohuon, who has voiced opposition to acquisition in the past. 

Currently 118 of the expected 160 companies have confirmed their booths.  Begin your search for new partners  and be sure to save the dates, June 12-14, 2018.
The CareAdvantage process identifies the customer/health system's needs and objectives pertaining to the delivery of value-based care. This information feeds into an action plan that includes metrics to measure results. 
The system was acquired by ZBH with its 2016 purchase of LDR, and is reported to be the first and only posteriorly-implanted cage with integrated anti-migration fixation.

We're exhibiting - see us October 25-27 in Booth 1433.