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October 2016
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     ORTOP News

ORTOP welcomes second Encore Fellow - Don Nelson

Don Nelson joined ORTOP on August 30, becoming ORTOP's second Encore Fellow. Don recently retired from Intel and signed up for the Encore Fellow program, which is co-sponsored by Intel. The Encore program places retired high-tech staff members with nonprofit organizations. Don had many nonprofit companies to choose from and we're happy he chose ORTOP. He is serving as our first Grant Development Manager. In this role he is developing a grant development plan and identifying foundations and other funding sources that may be interested in underwriting our programs via capacity-building or project grants. At Intel, Don developed microprocessor and semiconductor design methods and tools.

Bruce Schafer, ORTOP Executive Director

A brief note on the launch of the ORTOP newsletter 

Results of September launch. The newsletter was emailed to 4,922 contacts, resulting in an open rate of 31.9% (1,413). According to Constant Contact, an open rate of 20% for a newsletter is considered very good. The ‘opens’ were distributed 66% to desktops and 34% to mobile devices.

Thanks to all the ORTOP staff members that helped make the newsletter possible.

Allyn Vannoy, Editor

Knowing ORTOP - Introduction to the Board
The ORTOP Board of Directors is made up of individuals with years of experience in ORTOP's robotics programs. The Board members include...   Read more

Coming in November - FIRST® Tech Challenge sportscasts

Look for video sportscasts following league play. Will include results of league meets.

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. grant opportunity for 2016/17 CREATURE CRAZESM season 

Funding is available through LEGO Foundation Grant. To learn more, or apply, visit: http://info.firstinspires.org/educationgrant 

Seeking articles - H elp m ake FIRST® Loud!

If you have an article that you feel would interest our readers please consider submitting it. For more information, see  writer’s guidelines

Allyn Vannoy, Editor  
Terry Hamm, Assistant Editor
Williane Tenca, Assistant Editor 
      ORTOP Spotlights
First® Tech Challenge Kickoff 2016

The Season 2016 Kickoff for FIRST Tech Challenge was held on 10 September, at four sites in Oregon: Daimler Trucks North America Headquarters in Portland (approximately 350 attendees), The Dalles High School (100+ attendees), Summit High School in Bend (60+ attendees), St. Mary’s School in Medford (75+ attendees).

See Kickoff videos

Cathy Swider, FIRST Tech Challenge Program Manager

A robot in 30-hours!

During a marathon 30-hour session, Batteries in Black  created an FIRST® Tech Challenge robot that could drive around the field, collect particles, and score into the center vortex.  

ORTOP at the Oregon State Fair

ORTOP was invited to participate in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) exhibit at the Oregon State Fair this year.

The Fair, from August 26 to September 5, had over 300,000 Fair attendees able to watch and interact with ORTOP’s robotics programs. Visitors included Governor Kate Brown (pictured at right).

Intel open house

ORTOP was honored to exhibit at the recent 19th Annual Intel Ronler Acres Open House held September 17th in Hillsboro. The event invites the local community to see and learn about Intel, tour a fab and try numerous fun STEM activities.

FIRST® Robotics Competition - October events

FIRST Robotics Competition is hosting two events for teams in October.   Read more

FIRST® Robotics Competition - November events

November 5 – Business Roundtable and Mentor Roundtable.  Read more

How to get in gear - Jump start your FIRST® Tech Challenge season

The 2016-2017 FTC Game, “Velocity Vortex”, was released on September 10. Now the season has officially begun and it’s time for you to jump start your season - but how?

FIRST® Tech Challenge: Care of USB cables

Loose or wiggling USB cables were last year’s No. 1 reliability issue. The method of connecting modules on the robot has not changed for this year.

FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Kit build day at Intel, September 16

43 Intel employees at the Hawthorne Farms campus took a few hours on September 16, to build LEGO Challenge Kits for upcoming FIRST LEGO League tournaments.

Thank you Intel.

Loridee Wetzel, FIRST LEGO League Program Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific employees build FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Kits 

Seventeen Thermo Fisher Scientific employees in Hillsboro spent part of their day on Friday, September 23, helping to put together LEGO field competition components of Challenge Kits.

Our appreciation to the folks at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Loridee Wetzel, FIRST LEGO League Program Manager

Teams present at Portland Mini Maker Faire

OMSI presented its 5th Annual Portland Mini Maker Faire, a family-friendly showcase of creativity and cool DIY technology, on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11. Three FIRST programs presented at the Faire. FIRST Robotics Competition teams included #1540 Flaming Chickens, #2471 Mean Machine, #1432 Metal Beavers, #2733 Pigmice, and #2550 Skynet. Representing both FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST LEGO League programs was #11089 Bytes of KitKats. 

FIRST® Tech Challenge Oregon Benson BotFest

The 8th Annual Benson BotFest will be hosted by Benson Polytechnic High School robotics teams on Saturday, October 29, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Read more
Register for FIRST® LEGO® League Jr Info Sessions

FIRST LEGO League Junior Info Night

Info Night is October 11, from 6-8pm in OMSI Classroom 1

Learn about facilitating  FIRST  LEGO League Jr in your classroom, your after-school program, or in your home. The session will include a look at the new engineering notebooks, coach's guide, and inspire model.

FIRST LEGO League Junior WeDo Info Night

WeDo Night is October 18, from 6-8pm in OMSI Classroom 1

The session will cover WeDo information and a hands-on session for those interested in the optional WeDo system for their team, but would like to see it in action first.

To register for either of both sessions, go to  http://www.ortop.org/jfll/

Robots at Autodesk

ORTOP was invited to partner with Autodesk to help inspire the next generation of engineers. On August 25, we participated in Autodesk Kids Day. Assisting were two members of Catlin Gabel's  FIRST® Robotics Challenge team, the  Flaming Chickens, and eight members from  FIRST Tech Challenge team #11089,  Bytes of Kitkats.

Three sessions were run with 10 teams each; approximately 40 kids participating. Each session began with a quick programming lesson followed by an opportunity for participants to practice their new skills on their team robot. Teams competed in a double elimination ladder competition of SUMO bots. Awards were presented for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at each session.

Shockwave earns 2016 Chezy Champs Finalist Award

FIRST Robotics Challenge Team #4488 Shockwave, from Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, earned the Finalist Award at the 2016 Chezy Champs tournament.

Read more

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     Internet News

Disney robot shows off

Jimmy, a robot puppet powered by fluid actuators.

Read more

How to build a moral robot

If robots are going to drive our cars and play with our kids, we’ll need to teach them right from wrong.

Sometimes you’re the only girl in the room…

Iowa State University Computer Science major Cassidy Williams was often the only girl in the room. She shares her story of pursuing her passion as a model for encouraging women in STEM.

Heading Here
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Education for Global Leadership

The United States has developed as a global leader, in large part, through the genius and hard work of its scientists, engineers, and innovators. In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, where success is driven not only by  what  you know, but by what you  can do  with what you know...


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