We are excited to announce that Jessie Atencio, Assistant Director for the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health will address attendees!
Jessie Atencio, Assistant Director, Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Assistant Director for the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH), Mr. Atencio oversees all cooperative state program activities which include Alliances, Partnerships, Consultation Project and Outreach training. Work conducted by his team helps promote health and safety awareness in Arizona. Knowing what is required by OSHA standards is just one area ADOSH strives to help employers understand and find compliance solutions at their businesses. Partnership programs with ADOSH ensures management and employees are involved in creating a culture of safety at the workplace. 
Whether it be a partnership program like the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) or Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), Mr. Atencio and his team work closely with businesses to go above and beyond the OSHA standards through proactive approaches and achieve OSHA recognition for these efforts. OSHA Alliances help ensure associations and their members are up to date with the most current OSHA standards as well as approaches to safety. Additionally Mr. Atencio oversees the Tucson office where a staff of seven Certified Safety and Health Officials (CSHO) and one supervisor make up the enforcement section. 
Prior to this appointment, Mr. Atencio started with ADOSH over twelve years ago as a Safety Compliance Officer. During his time as a CSHO, he visited many general industry and construction type settings ensuring that employers were adhering to the minimum ADOSH/OSHA standards set forth by the State of Arizona. Over the years he has built lasting impressions with various employers for his enthusiasm and fairness during his onsite inspections. That enthusiasm has been beneficial to the ADOSH program as many new and existing employers call upon him for ways to improve their safety and health management system. 

Mr. Atencio will share with us what inspectors look for at the workplace and offer a practical "what to look for and what to do" approach to compliance and workplace safety. This will complement our ongoing regulatory review of the top 10 OSHA citations in the LBM sector. The session will be moderated by our Regulatory Counsel Frank Moore.
Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible!