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March 2013 

In This Issue:
OSHEAN Featured in PBN
RINET Strengthened Within OSHEAN
Staff Spotlight: Brian Schaefer
Internet2 - Offering More to OSHEAN Members
VMware Training Class
OSHEAN Featured in PBN

OSHEAN was featured in Providence Business News in an article that highlighted the advancement of digital classrooms through the completion of Beacon 2.0. New England Institute of Technology was featured in the article as a pioneer of digital classrooms. 


The article noted that, "Beacon 2.0 is expected to increase Internet speeds at connected institutions between 50 and 500 times a conventional high-speed connection."


"By further boosting its broadband network with Beacon 2.0, Rhode Island appears to be building on a strength in high-speed Internet infrastructure." 


For the full article click here   

SolarWinds Trainging Session   
Please join us as OSHEAN hosts the SolarWinds
Lunch and Learn Training
Session on Wednesday,
March 20th 9:30am
 - 11am at the OSHEAN offices
North Kingstown, RI.

During the meeting, we will cover two products,
Network Management and
Network Reporting platform. We will also discuss the SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager.

To register, click here.
Beacon 2.0 


For updates on the  

Beacon 2.0 Project,  

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Founded in 1999, OSHEAN is a non-profit coalition of universities, hospitals, government agencies, K-12 schools, libraries and other non-profit organizations dedicated to providing innovative Internet-based technology solutions for its member institutions and the communities they serve. 


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To Our Members,

Welcome to The Bridge, an e-newsletter for OSHEAN members.

As we wrap up the winter season we are pleased to note that the efforts of our team and support center staff were able to provide full services to members during the multiple snow storms.  As you know, the OSHEAN Core network is fully redundant with dual aggregation points to ensure maximum stability.  Since all OSHEAN core equipment is in collocation facilities that have UPS and generator backup power, we were able to ensure the fail over and disaster recovery systems functioned successfully. 
We are looking forward to a very exciting spring with the completion of Beacon 2.0 and the ongoing integration of OSHEAN and RINET.

Thank you to all the members who have been providing feedback on our services. 


RINET - Still Vibrant and Strengthened Within OSHEAN


The OSHEAN - RINET combination is continuing to reap benefits for members through a comprehensive collaboration that now encompasses Libraries, K-12, Hospitals, Colleges and Universities, State Agencies and other non-profits.


RINET merged with OSHEAN in July 2011, and the integration has been able to provide a broad based educational technology network through a unified cyber infrastructure.  The new service model gives Libraries and K-12 members opportunities to help determine the best usage for the new Beacon 2.0 network.


On February 14, OSHEAN hosted a Libraries and K-12 Share, Discuss and Learn session to ensure the RINET community within OSHEAN remains strong.



New pricing is generating significant cost savings for Library and K-12 members. OSHEAN is currently reaching out to each school system to map bandwidth needs, usage and pricing.


OSHEAN's Members Services team is providing districts with network and technical support and assistance in planning E-rate and RITEAF.



For more information on OSHEAN services please contact: Ralph Fasano 

Staff Spotlight: Brian Schaefer


Meet Brian Schaefer, OSHEAN's Network Analyst.

Brian helps with network operations, analysis, reporting and user support for the OSHEAN network and all of its members. Brian works with providers, vendors, and members directly on installations as well as troubleshooting configurations, circuit and connectivity issues.  Brian also monitors the network performance and trends to assist with identifying bandwidth needs. 


How do OSHEAN members benefit from what Brian does? 


Brian ensures that member issues are prioritized, and provides any assistance necessary to ensure that members are getting the best possible support from OSHEAN.  He offers consistent technical support and works closely with the Network Operations Center to give members the support they deserve. 

What are some upcoming events OSHEAN has planned?

OSHEAN is still on target to finish BTOP in the late spring, which is ahead of schedule.  Brian says that going forward OSHEAN will continue to build the optical network to hospitals, universities, community colleges, government agencies, schools and libraries.  


Brian also pointed out that there are a lot of new offerings on the horizon for cloud services.  "We are expanding out from our current resource pool model," Brian says.  "We are working towards offering on-net cloud services for OSHEAN members by utilizing our Beacon 2.0 fiber.  You will definitely want to check back as things become more formalized."


Brian's Background       


Brian graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Information Science and has been working in the field since 1998.  Brian has experience working with K-12, higher education, and private companies.  He also holds certificates from Microsoft, Compatia, Cisco, Novell, and Apple. 


Out of the Office


Brian and his wife recently had a baby in November, and he enjoys spending as much of his free time as he can with his new family.  Brian enjoys classic cars especially the 1966 mustang he restored, music, the beach, and home-brewing. 

Internet2 - Offering More To OSHEAN Members


Internet2 is offering a new robust suite of above the net services under the brand Net+.  These value added services are designed to address the challenges of effectively utilizing cloud architectures and vendors to control costs and to further meet the application needs of member communities.


At the January 25th CIO/Tech forum, conducted both in person and via video teleconferencing, representatives from I2 provided details on Net+ services such as storage, InCommon and Eduroam Federated ID, Desire2Learn ePortfolio and Aastra hosted VOIP/SIP services among others.


There is a strong trajectory to offering Internet2 services on a broad scale through leveraging regional networks such as OSHEAN.  OSHEAN is currently working with Internet2 to put together the business and technical models for Net+ services our membership is most interested in.

VMware Training Classes


As a result of the VMware Training Session Survey, OSHEAN is planning to host two VMware Classes for the weeks of April 8th and April 29th.  Please see below:

April 8th - 11th (8:30am - 5pm)
The VMware
View: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.1]
Price Per Seat (min 8 seats):
 $2,500 per seat
Price Per Seat (min 10 seats): $2,250 per seat 

April 29th - May 3rd (8:30am - 5pm)

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.1] 
Price Per Seat (min 8 seats): $3,125 per seat
Price Per Seat (min 10 seats): $2,750 per seat

We would like to maximize attendance, and fill up as many seats as we can (limit 16 per class).  If you or anyone on your staff is interested in attending, please send an email to Nimota Garcia ( with the following information:

1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Class Choice

Once the information is received, further instructions for registration will be provided.