AUG 2017
A New School Year and a New OUE
by Vice Provost Colin Potts

With every new school year, we welcome nearly 3,000 new undergraduates to campus and another 900 transfer students. It's always a pleasure for me to participate in FASETs during the summer, and an honor to welcome the students and their families. Convocation last Sunday was ceremonious but also celebratory and light-hearted, with new students being invited to recite the honor code, be reminded unambiguously that this is a diverse and inclusive campus, and don their RAT caps and - this year, at least - a pair of safety goggles.
Seeing such excitement and enthusiasm during FASET, I joke with audiences that their excitement won't last, the serious point being that within a few weeks of any new, exciting experience we tend to feel comfortable and even take things for granted. Coming to Tech is no different. We want students to feel comfortable here; it's their new home away from home. But they owe it to themselves to stay a little excited and not to take us for granted, and we owe it to them to remind them of this constantly. There's a reason they feel excited in July and August, and it's the same reason they should feel excited in January and this time next year. To succeed at Tech, students have to work hard. But they also need to be engaged and, yes, have fun. (Click below to continue reading) 
Complete College Georgia (CCG) 2017 Status Update

The 2017 status update marks CCG's 5th year on campus. It reviews their efforts from the previous year, plans for the future, and refle cts on notable achievements from the past 5 years. Click the story link below for the full report. (You can also access an additional resource highlighting updated retention rates, high-impact practices, and other facts HERE.)

2017 Tech Prep Recap
by Justin Boone

Tech Prep 2017 took place August 7-11 and was an intensive 5-day summer program designed to give incoming freshmen a head start on their success here at Georgia Tech.

C2D2: Updates

Career Fair; Staff Recognition; and Summer Retreat.  

CAE: Upcoming Dates

Undergraduate Research Fair 
August 29, 2017 from 11am-3pm in Klaus Atrium
(More information HERE)
Direct Connections: Insights into Fellowships, Pre-Health and Undergraduate Research  
August 31, 2017 from 11am-12pm in Clough 205Q  
"What I Wish I Knew Then, That I Know Now" (Student Panel) September 5, 2017 from 11am-12pm in Clough 205Q 
OUE: Admin Resource Page Updated

Over the summer we updated a number of the resources on the OUE Admin website. Whether you have a question about a policy, need a specific document, or need information about hiring a student worker - the admin page should be your first stop. 

GTPD: Campus Carry Information Session

On August 29th, from 5-6pm (Clough 144), the GTPD will hold an information session to address questions and concerns regarding the concealed carry of firearms on the campus. Click the link below for an in-depth explanation about the law, and a form to contact the GTPD with your questions. 

President's 2017 Institute Address

The President's address will take place on August 31st, from 11a-12pm (Clough 152). President G. P. "Bud" Peterson will highlight recent Institute achievements, convey his vision and goals for the upcoming  year, and answer audience questions.
Classroom & Academic Scheduling Changes in Place for Fall

Starting with fall semester classes, all recommendations of the  Classroom and Academic Scheduling Task Force
are in effect. The changes include use of the new daily scheduling grid and 15-minute pass times between classes.

Dr. Hirsch featured on "A New Business Mindset" Podcast

In this podcast Dr. Jennifer Hirsch talks about her passion for sustainability and for the work she is doing to create sustainable communities. She explains how she came to this through social justice, and the importance of justice in the sustainability conversation. Click below to listen.
SLS Course Named One of the 6 "Interesting Classes Students Are Taking this Fall"

Sustainability, Technology, and Policy (PUBP 3600), taught by Emanuele Massetti, assistant professor, School of Public Policy, will provide a solid introduction to the concept of sustainable growth and development.
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