As a reminder, on Monday, January 23rd, from 3:30-5:00pm, Vice Provost Potts will host a town hall meeting for all OUE professional staff in the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB), Auditorium and Ballroom. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you there. (CLICK HERE for a map of the location.)
Over the past year we've used this newsletter as a venue to highlight your important stories. We'd like to use this month's edition to give you a look back at the most viewed content for each month. Thank you for a great 2016, and we look forward to an even better 2017!

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Academic Calendar Changes : Starting in Spring Semester 2016, changes to the academic calendar that were recommended by the Academic Calendar Task Force and approved by the Faculty Senate in Spring 2015 will be implemented fully. MORE INFO

Welcome to OUE: This month we highlighted 9 colleagues that joined OUE over the fall. 


Center for Academic Success Highlight : The top article for this month was a highlight of CAS and their programs.

GT 1000 Instructors: The next most-viewed article focused on GT 1000 instructor recruitment.  
OUE Strategic Vision & Planning : A look at OUE's planning process and the development of their strategic operations plan. 

2016 InVenture Prize Winners: Highlights from the 2016 InVenture Prize and information on the first place winners, FireHUD.  
GT 1000: From Proposal to Reality : Dr. Lacy Hodges, the Academic Transition Programs Manager housed in CAE, gives some insight on her three-year journey to turn a proposal into a newly-created class. FULL STORY

HP Student to give Fall Convocation Speech: Each semester dozens of students apply for the privilege to address new students to Georgia Tech at the convocation ceremony. Ben Rapsas, a first-year BME student, and member of the Honors Program, felt like this was something he was called to do. FULL STORY  

It's FASET Season: An article from Dr. Steven Girardot took the top spot this month. It focused on FASET, the new student orientation we all know and love!
OUE Staff Updates & Highlights: Several OUE colleagues had notable events this month ranging from title/role changes to being featured in an article on a nationally-recognized website. 

CAS Student Highlight An article about Joselyn Umubyeyi - a student whose journey began in Rwanda just as the tragic genocide ended, and is continuing as a student at Georgia Tech. FULL STORY
GT 1000 Student Survey Results: Nearly 2000 students were polled before and after taking a GT 1000 course. Click the link below to view some of the important facts we pulled from the results. FULL STORY
Paths to Social Sustainability Conference (CSLS): CSLS, in partnership with Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS) and with funding from the National Science Foundation, hosted a conference that explored "Paths to Social Sustainability." FULL STORY  
OUE Annual Report Highlights: Highlights from each of our departments within OUE. FULL STORY

Tech Prep 2016: The Results Are In: This year's Tech Prep program, hosted by CAS, had an incredible turnout and gave some first-year students a taste of the rigorous academic expectations at Tech. FULL STORY
Complete College Georgia (CCG) at Georgia Tech: CCG focuses on creating concrete steps to improve student access and completion rates for college. Click the link to see what CCG has done over the past year. FULL STORY 
Environmental Justice, and Why it Should Matter to You: The Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (CSLS) is embarking on a year-long journey to introduce the Environmental Justice movement (EJ) to our campus and community partners. FULL STORY
OUE Staff Highlights: Noteworthy OUE staff highlights from the past month. FULL STORY 
OUE New Staff/Staffing Updates: Welcoming new staff and those who have changed positions within OUE. FULL STORY
Meet the 2016/2017 OVPUE Student Advisory Board: The mission for the Student Advisory Board is to contribute diverse ideas and perspectives on matters that impact the undergraduate academic experience. Click the link to learn more about the current members. FULL STORY 
8 Tips for Finals Prep:  The Center for Academic Success came up with 8 tips for finals prep that will help your students succeed in the coming weeks. FULL STORY
GT 1000/2000 Semester Recap: As another semester comes to a close, we wanted to recap how GT 1000 & 2000 have been doing over the fall. Plus GT 1000 Awards winners. FULL STORY 
OUE Featured Around Campus:  Dr. Colin Potts and his wife, Dr. Karen Head (Assistant Professor in LMC and Director of the Communication Center), were featured in Transformative Narratives, hosted by Institute Diversity and the Office of the Arts, showcases stories of strength, struggle, and experience. FULL STORY
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OUE Town Hall (3:30-5pm, TSRB)

CAE: InVenture Prize Prelims (SC Ballroom)

OUE Assessment Committee Meeting (10am, A. French Conference Room)

OUE Admin Meeting (10am, A. French Conference Room)

OUE: Professional Development Grant Deadline

Mid-Year Outcomes Update Report Due

Spring Semester Documentation Due to OUE

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CAE: InVenture Prize Semi-Finals

OUE Assessment Committee Meeting (10am, A. French Basement Conference Room)

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