MAY 2016

A Message from Colin Potts
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
One school year is over, and another is already being prepared. Last weekend, I attended two commencement ceremonies in McCamish Pavilion. In both I was the mace bearer. It's easy to get carried away by the historical context, the pageantry, martial music by Elgar and Jeremiah Clarke, and medieval gowns. But for everyone walking across the stage it's a very personal occasion that marks the culmination of several years of hard work and an exciting future. This is particularly apparent when you read students' names, as I did for one of the ceremonies. Looking into each graduate's eyes while reading their name to the applause of several thousand people was one bittersweet moment after another. This was especially true for students I had known and worked with closely, such as Laura Margaret Burbach, the SGA's VP for Academic Affairs, 2014-15, whom I met every week for a year, and Noel Webber, the OUE Student Advisory Board's chair, who seemingly was in the OUE office every other day helping us get our work done.
These are exceptional students and future leaders, and it was in that vein that the two commencement speakers gave speeches about the future possibilities for our students to go out and change the world. Mary Brock, co-chair of the recently completed $1.8 billion Capital Campaign and co-owner of the WNBA Atlanta Dream, spoke about "the power of possibility," and Penny Pritzker, the US Secretary of Commerce developed her remarks from Pasteur's comment that "chance favors the prepared mind." Certainly these remarks were appropriate: our students do have rich possibilities and prepared minds.
One day earlier, though, I had attended the commencement exercises for Georgia Perimeter College. It was fascinating to see how the differing missions of our institutions were reflected in the content and tone of our ceremonies. Both were happy occasions, of course, but GPC's had less pomp and majesty and more spontaneous joyousness. Peter Lyons, GPC's vice provost and dean gave a rousing and inspiring speech that affirmed the very choice of the graduates to have go to college at all. He revealed that of the 2,100 students graduating with associate's degrees, over 800 had taken learning support classes, meaning that when they matriculated they were not yet prepared to take college-level mathematics or English courses, or both. And yet, there they were graduating with two-year diplomas, as he had done originally. So had the accomplished person I was accompanying, who was being recognized as the institution's distinguished alum of the year.
We sometimes forget, surrounded as we are by the Laura Margarets and Noels, that the mission of higher education is diverse and deep and that what we may take for granted needs to be said out loud. Knowledge sets us free, and every student we come across is seeking empowerment from us.
Have a happy and fruitful summer, try to stay in touch with some of the students you have helped on their way this year, and gird your loins for the influx of eager and enthusiastic first years who will be arriving sooner than you think.

GT 2000: From Proposal to Reality 
an interview with Dr. Lacy Hodges

Dr. Lacy Hodges, the Academic Transition Programs Manager housed in CAE, gives some insight on her three-year journey to turn a proposal into a newly-created class.

Undergraduate Fulbright Award Recipients

5 Georgia Tech students, 4 of which are undergraduates, were recently awarded a Fulbright scholarship, which offers a one year of research, graduate study, or English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) in one of more than 140 countries. View the full story for more information on each student.

Why New Grads Should Forget About Finding their Passion 
a interview with Dr. Michelle Tullier (C2D2)

According to Michelle Tullier, the executive director of Georgia Tech's Center for Career Discovery and Development, one common piece of career advice can be wildly counterproductive.

Honors Program Student to give Fall Convocation Speech 

Each semester dozens of students apply for the privilege to address new students to Georgia Tech at the convocation ceremony. Ben Rapsas, a first-year Biomedical Engineering student and member of the Honors Program, felt like this was something he was called to do.

C2D2 Highlights 

Information on the first-ever Graduate Programs Fair, Briaerean Honor Society Luncheon, Phillips 66 Shields Scholar Program, and much more. 

Spring 2016 UROP Symposium  

Nearly 200 students took part in the 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on Tuesday, April 19. Here's a recap. 
GT Career Survey

C2D2, in partnership with Academic Effectiveness, has created a survey that will compare graduating students' job offers and will calculate their return on investment from Tech. If you know a student who is graduating, please share this survey with them: LINK 

Gender Equity Champion Awards Nomination Period

This year's Diversity Symposium theme is "Celebrating Women at Georgia Tech," and awards will be given to members of the campus community who are advancing gender equity and empowerment at the Institute.

Nominations may be made by all full-time Georgia Tech faculty, staff, or students for any award category. Nominations will be accepted until May 16, 2016. Nomination Form 
FREE Defensive Driving Course
Georgia Tech's offers a defensive driving course throughout the year that is free for staff and faculty. The next available course is June 14. Courses last from 8:30am-3:00pm and take place in rooms Marcus 1117 & 1118. To sign up for the course visit and login using your GT login.  

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