NOV 2017
C2D2: A Look at This Year's Career Fair

The All-Majors Career Fair is the largest career fair on campus, and one of the Center for Career Discovery & Development's signature events. This year the fair brought more than 350 of the world's leading companies to campus.
Tutor Appreciation Week
by Donald Pearl (CAS)

The Center for Academic Success celebrated the annual Tutor Appreciation week on October 2nd through the 6th by holding a number of special events for the more than 100 tutors, PLUS leaders, and assistants who work to help their fellow students be successful.
SLS Featured in the Living Building Chronicle
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Gala
by Kathryn Meehan Quinto (C2D2)

On Wednesday, September 6th, Institute Diversity held its ninth annual Diversity Symposium. This year's symposium really highlighted the need for inclusivity, in relation to diversity.
OUE Staff Updates

Click the link below to learn more about one of OUE's newest employees, Bonnie Rowland.
OUE 2020 Retreat & Updates

On October 23 & 24 members of the OUE 2020 Committee met at the Tech Square Research Building to brainstorm and draft ideas for the initiative. The committee's next meeting is November 7 and they will focus solidifying their ideas and action plans. More updates to come!

Action Teams Progress Reports

The Georgia Tech community is continuing the important work of addressing challenges in four broad categories - Student Mental Health; Campus Culture; LGBTQIA Community Support; and Campus Safety. Three Action Teams composed of students, faculty, and staff were formed in September at the request of President Peterson. The formation of a Campus Safety Action Team was delayed pending the completion of the investigation in response to the Sept. 16, 2017 tragedy on campus.
On Nov. 1, the Student Mental Health, Campus Culture, and LGBTQIA Community Support Action Teams submitted their reports. Campus leaders will review the reports, conduct additional research and develop an action plan with both short- and long-term goals. Click on the boxes below to view each team's report. 
State Charitable Contributions Program

The State Charitable Contributions Program gives state employees the opportunity to make a difference by partnering with hundreds of nonprofits and charitable organizations. Last year, 1,279 Georgia Tech employees pledged $393,461, breaking a goal of $375,000. This year's goal is to raise $390,000 and have 1,500 employees participate. This year the campaign ends Nov. 17.
Open Enrollment for Employee Benefits
Open Enrollment, Oct. 30 - Nov. 10, 2017, is the time period where you can enroll or update your health and welfare benefits, which are provided through University System of Georgia (USG). We are reaching out to make you aware that unlike previous years, emails concerning Open Enrollment will come directly from USG.
NOV 9 (CAE): GT 1000/2000 Appreciation Reception 
NOV 10 (GT): Open Enrollment Ends

NOV 11 (SLS): River Rendezvous
NOV 17 (GT): Charitable Contributions Program Ends
NOV 23-34 (GT): Thanksgiving Break   
NOV 28 (SLS): Student Showcase  
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