Patrice Hull
Patrice Hull, Founder and Executive Director of "Stuff We Wanna Say" (SWWS), has been an entrepreneur and business owner in Atlanta since 2012. With an MBA in Business, Patrice brings more than creativity; she pours her heart and soul into every design. The youngest of 6, Patrice is a native of Atlanta and has always had a love for creativity and business; add to this an unwavering commitment to creating a product with which people of all walks of life can identify, and the result is SWWS. 

In December 2010, over the course of just a few weeks, the Atlanta native was laid off, rehired, and then fired. To make matters worse her roommate vacated suddenly, leaving her grief-stricken and completely on her own. Facing a mountain of debt, she wondered how she'd make ends meet. As a means of controlling her anxiety, Patrice began keeping a log of things she really wanted to say aloud. She says, "I felt helpless, my life had been turned upside down and people still wanted me to smile and be happy. So I started writing. Often times it was not very PC." She had a revelation. She began to wonder, "how many people wish they could say the same things I want to say?" What if she could make t-shirts that allow those people to express those things?! "I was certain, in this economy, that more people felt the same type of pain. So I made a few shocking t-shirts and wore them proudly," says Patrice.

And with that idea... "Stuff We Wanna Say: Custom T-Shirts and Apparel" was born. In 2013, Patrice introduced her own apparel line... 

With a simple heat press, a budget printer and a strong will to help  people express unfiltered inner thoughts, Patrice opened the first SWWS retail store in Atlanta's most bohemian neighborhood, Little 5 Points. The concept was simple: a free-style custom t-shirt shop with plenty of great transfers and quality shirts to print them on. Clients were immediately drawn to the uniqueness of the process and enjoyed the rare opportunity to create a piece of clothing featuring their own designs and idea. 

Stuff We Wanna Say's current location is considered one of "Little Five Points" most popular boutiques, complete with 40+ styles and designs (created by SWWS Apparel). The new location has been visited by numerous celebrities, from Terrence Howard to Gabrielle Union. Patrice visits Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner today to share the "stuff" dreams are made of.
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Dr. Dee Greathouse
"Daughter of Destiny", is what God calls this dynamic Woman of God. "My life is anything but normal, when the Father and the Son are at the helm of it and my "Best Friend", the Holy Spirit is guiding me every step of the way". Yet before this life altering discovery her life as a vessel of God had begun unfolding. Today it has unfolded into a miracle healing and life she now pours into the masses. She is a mentor and coach to countless; an author with one of a kind insight into penning thought provoking material that makes readers leave truly healed. Dr. Greathouse is also the mastermind behind Sankofa Media - making digital footprints for God. 

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Jennylyn Hart

Jennylyn Hart is a dynamic speaker, remarkable  Disabled  "Differently Abled Expert," author, and "Smile Maker" that specializes in P.A.C.E. = Permitting, Author-izing, Cultivating, and Energizing. Jenny, a Life and Business Coach helps people with all sorts of "handicaps" through powerful principles that enable them to make a positive impact in their lives as well as their community, nation, and the world! Jenny is perfect for the job having lived through a journey of diagnoses from her teens to adulthood fighting, learning and dealing with a debilitating disease that strikes millions of Americans to their core. Hear about Jenny's phenomenal desire to overcome and how it effected every lap of her journey.

Jenny's Journeys: Celebrating One Step at a Time  is a motivational and inspirational book that takes the reader through the 4 Phases that one needs to face when presented with a life altering moment. Inside Jenny shares moment after moment in her life that gave her the option to trail behind or triumph! As a game changer and true overcomer she chose the latter each time with life, family, love and career. Listen in today as Lisa talks with this wonder woman who gives advice we can all grow on!



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