Faulkner County Tea Party

Obamacare in Arkansas:

What YOU Can

THANK YOU, Patriots!  You filled the room and the halls at the Capitol on Wednesday, and you showed your power.  We may have lost a battle today, but this generations- long war to save America and her values is far from over!  Here's what you can DO NOW.   



Unfortunately, Senator Missy Irvin's SB709 "Healthcare Reform Accountability Act" was defeated today along party lines by the Democrats on the Senate Committee on Public Health Welfare and Labor. They just don't get it!   


We now know Governor Beebe has arranged to implement his personal version of Obamacare in Arkansas, possibly within 60 days.   According to the American Healthcare Education Coalition, Beebe is ushering in the unpopular state insurance exchange idea.  The net impact is this will reduce Arkansas residents' ability to purchase private health insurance. 


The simple truth is that today Democrat state Senators voted to ensure Arkansans would not have transparency and accountability when implementing these drastic changes to our health care!  Who's side are they on?  You decide!

Let these Republican Senators know you appreciate their vote FOR transparency and accountability today:
Senator Missy Irvin (R-Mountain View)

Senator Bill Pritchard (R-Elkins)
Senator Cecile Bledsoe (R-Rogers)
Senator Jonathan Dismang (R-Beebe)

Tell these Democrat Senators We are Watching, and we saw how they voted AGAINST accountability and transparency today: 

Senator Percy Malone (D-Arkadelphia)
Senator Randy Laverty (D-Jasper)
Senator Jack Crumbly (D-Widener)
Senator David Burnett (D-Osceola)  



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Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has agreed to be "an anchor" to help Governor

Beebe implement Obamacare as early as May 1, 2011.   Yes, that's right, just 2 months away!


Read the 7-page letter between U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and our Governor Mike Beebe.   

Then, call these board members and top officers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Arkansas. Tell them you are "displeased to learn of their involvement" in this scheme!  


Carolyn Blakely, Ph.D.
Pine Bluff   870-536-2513  


Susan Brittain
Malvern    501-332-2788  


Robert V. Brothers
Bentonville    479-273-3892  


Mark Greenway
Lowell    479-521-9180  


Bradley D. Jesson
Fort Smith    479-452-2200  


James V. Kelley
Tupelo, MS   662-680-2570  


Mahlon O. Maris, M.D.
Harrison    870-741-3933  


J. Thomas May
Pine Bluff    870-534-6923  


Hayes C. McClerkin
Texarkana    870-773-5651  


George K. Mitchell, M.D.
Little Rock 664-8104  


Dan Nabholz
Conway    501-329-5756  


Marla Johnson Norris
Little Rock    501-374-3616  


Ben Owens
Jonesboro    870-931-5055  


Patty Smith
Texarkana    870-774-9681  


Robert L. Shoptaw,
Chairman of the Board
Little Rock    501-227-6122  


Sherman Tate
Little Rock   501-378-2265  


Mark White
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Arkansas Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Little Rock    501-378-2307

Forward this note (see below) to let everyone -- your friends, neighbors, work associates, church -- know about Governor Beebe's "deal" for Arkansas.   Is this what we deserve from our elected officials?  Are you a Blue Cross / Blue Shield insured?  Do you want your premium money spent on healthcare deals like this?    


Here's the response one activist received when they contacted Governor Beebe's Office; notice the language used in this letter.   

Do the phrases "fear", "misinformation campaign," "spread confusion and fear" sound familiar?  This is typical liberal double-speak! 

Sent: Wed, March 9, 2011 11:23:56 AM

Subject: Reply from the Office of the Governor

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Xxxxxxxx:


Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Mike Beebe.  Because of long-standing policy guidelines, the Governor does not answer mail electronically, but he has seen your message and appreciates your input.  He has asked me to reply to your concerns.


You have been the target of a misinformation campaign designed to create uncertainty and fear for political purposes. Governor Beebe's effort to save the Arkansas Medicaid program from bankruptcy has no relationship whatsoever to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


By next July, the Arkansas Medicaid program will be $60-$80 million short of the money it needs to cover every eligible Arkansan. By July of 2013, the program will be $250 million short. This is a fact, and it will happen regardless of whether the federal act is implemented or overturned by the Supreme Court.


The failure of Arkansas's Medicaid program will mean that nearly one million Arkansans will be without health care. That would cripple our economy.


Here's the truth about what Governor Beebe has done:


He wrote a letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary for Health and Human Services, asking her to give Arkansas additional flexibility in the rules that govern Medicaid so that we can try to save the Arkansas system from bankruptcy. The Governor has been speaking publicly for nearly three years about our need to change the way we pay for healthcare in order to cut costs and make the system more efficient.


Despite what you may have read in an e-mail, heard on the radio or been told over the telephone, the Governor's letter has nothing to do with so-called "Obamacare." It's also not a secret. The Governor's office released the letter to the news media yesterday in order to let the people of Arkansas know what he was seeking. In addition, state officials have been meeting with doctors, dentists, hospitals and other health care providers to seek their input on the possibilities of making these changes. The effort to convince you otherwise is being paid for by out-of-state interests who are attempting to spread confusion and fear.


Governor Beebe believes that the Medicaid system in Arkansas can become more efficient, provide better care and save taxpayer money if we act now to fix it. That's the truth.


Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.