Hunger seems to change our attitudes -- even toward seemingly random objects like binder clips. A team of international behavioral researchers found that, although hungry people did not like nonfood items more than full people did, they were more eager than their sated counterparts to acquire more of them.


Adolescent boys' levels of aggression may be linked with later physical strength, according to researchers who mined data from the Minnesota Twin Family Study. They found that, although boys who showed high or low levels of aggression were equally strong at age 11, aggressive boys became physically stronger than their less aggressive peers as they aged. More>> 

Different types of intelligence peak during different points in adulthood -- from our late teenage years through our early 70s. This new finding is based on data generated by users of two websites that tested cognitive skills such as information processing, short-term memory, and the ability to evaluate others' emotional states. More>> 

It's hard to see a downside to a positive workplace environment, but there may be one: Employees whose self-reported moods rose above a certain level were less likely than their more moderately happy peers to engage in prosocial office behaviors, such as encouraging their colleagues and striving for personal improvement, according to supervisor ratings. More>>

Across a series of studies, researchers using eye tracking and simulated driving situations found that drivers presented with signs that depicted dramatic motion, such as a pedestrian running or rocks falling off a cliff, focused on those signs earlier and took quicker action (like braking) than did drivers who saw static images. More>>

Coreen Farris, a behavioral scientist at RAND Corporation, helps those who shape public policy by providing them with research to inform their decisions. She collaborated on a study examining data from a sample of nearly 560,000 military service members that was presented to the White House in December as part of the Department of Defense Report to the President on Sexual Assault.  More>>

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