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Navigation Expert Shares the Advantages of Paper Charts

Bob Sweet ----author of The Weekend Navigator & GPS for Mariners and former U.S. Power Squadrons National Educational Officer ----has long been an advocate for the value of paper charts. As part of his effort to educate the boating public around this topic, Sweet narrates a series of informational videos about how and why all mariners should make use of this important navigational tool.

In the video titled How to Use a Paper Chart to Plan a Route Sweet demo nstrates how to plan a route using a paper chart and chart plotter. Sweet explains how pa per charts provide mariners with the "big picture" more so than any other navigation aid. This is just one of the reasons Sweet says, "you won't find me on the water without paper charts."   
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Texting While Boating: An Avoidable Distraction

Did you know that a large portion of preventable boating accidents stem from distracted driving? While alcohol use continues to be problematic, a recent USCG report lists "operator inattention" as another contributing factor in many boating accidents. Piloting a boat comes with a number of often-unavoidable distractions like wind, glare and fatigue. But cell phones create the potential for additional distraction. So much so, in fact, that the USCG prohibits the use of cell phones by its vessel operators. 

Unfortunately, too many recreational boaters don't consider the dangers of texting while boating. Texting (along with tweeting, taking photos and posting to social media sites) can create the kind of operator inattention that leads to accidents.  

If you're planning to hit the waterways this summer, put your cell phone away while operating your boat. Be safe...and have fun!  

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Safety at Sea

The recently released United States Coast Guard 2016 Recreational Boating Statistics reveals a continued need for boater education. Ensure your safety and that of your passengers by: 
  • Wearing a life jacket
  • Attaching an engine cut-off switch to your PFD
  • Taking a boat safety course
  • Avoiding alcohol and other substances
  • Getting a free vessel check
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