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October is Downs Syndrome Awareness Month

The first years of life are a critical time in a child's development. All young children go through the most rapid and developmentally significant changes during this time.  
Children with Down syndrome typically face delays in certain areas of development, so early intervention is highly recommended.

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October StarBand Photo & Story Contest

Orthomerica would love to use your cutest high-quality pics to educate and promote the STARband. They are also looking for your stories in pictures and words - even video. Inspire others with your success stories!

"I was so scared going to this appointment but once I met Steve, I felt completely at ease. Steve has been a part of my life and family since 2007. I cannot imagine continuing my amputee journey without him and Coastal!"
K. Owens
Curvy Girls - International Scoliosis Peer Support

Founder Leah Stoltz's Story
Fitting in isn't easy when you're a teenager wearing a body brace 23/7. I was finishing my first year in middle school when I was diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and had to wear that "thing" to school. I wore my brace faithfully despite arguments and failed attempts to hide my brace in my locker. Ultimately, I required surgery to correct the two curves growing in my back. On June 27, 2006, I had two titanium rods and 22 screws affixed to my spine. My biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to dance for a year.

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Adaptive Clothing!
  • Shoes
  • Shirts
  • Socks
  • Pants
Getting dressed sounds easy....til it's not! How do you accommodate orthoses and prostheses when trying to get yourself or your kids dressed?

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