October 2011 




Happy October to everyone!  The leaves in Colorado are changing and it has cooled off in the last week.  I love this time of year and am excited to bring you all some newsletter content that adds value.


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In this issue you will find a great tool and resource in the featured business and some key characteristics of great leaders.

Also, be sure to check out the Business Building workshop that my colleague and friend, Kathy Potts, and I are hosting on October 21, 2011.


Blessings and gratitude,



What costume are you wearing?   


Halloween is upon us and if you have grade school age kids you know get to hear about all of the different costumes your kid wants - a bumble bee, a princess, a pirate, a zombie, and the list goes on and is ever changing.


As I child, I only remember a few costumes that were the full on, head to toe, mascot type suit.  They were hot and sweaty, I couldn't see clearly with the mask on and I often tripped over some piece of the costume taking out many of my friends who were walking close to me.

The cool thing about Halloween though, is that pretty much no matter the costume, the end result is the same...a bag, or in my day a pillow case, full of candy.

Interestingly enough, some adults wear costumes every day.  People who are accountants by career but artists by hobby, or heavy handed driver type project managers at work but take a completely different approach to projects outside of work. 

For me, I have worn the engineering costume, focused on tasks and suppressing extroverted and emotion based tendencies but am actually a people oriented, extroverted, expressive coach .

The truth about wearing the full-on costume, figuratively or literally, is that it takes much more energy to wear a costume than to be authentic.  You vision isn't clear and you trip over yourself in the thoughts and actions you take.  You can even make others stumble with you in your lack of authenticity along the way.

Many of you have already checked yourself and confirmed you are NOT wearing the full-on costume.  But for others, it may be time to check where you are in your business and personal life.  Are you living authentically in all you do?

Please hear me that I am not suggesting that people are single dimensional or can only have one trait that is their authentic self.  The truth is we are all multidimensional and have many traits that are expressed at various levels throughout our day and in each experience. 

I propose that we all become aware of who we are, what drives us and where our interests lie.  That we accept all aspects of ourselves and commit to sharpening skills and smoothing out the rough spots. And, look at where we can utilize each of the authentic traits we have and express them at the time and situation that serves us best.

Let's reserve the costumes for Halloween and live as our authentic selves every other day of the year!


What costume are you willing to no longer wear? 


Monthly Insights:


I recently took a family vacation to Disney World and had an amazing time.  It was non stop action for 4.5 days.  Lots of walking, riding rides, eating, standing in lines and LOTS of people.

There were 14 of us, 3 kids and 11 adults, on this vacation and in the entire time we were there, there was only one small meltdown on the day we left. .  While I tried to contain myself, 4:30am is not when I am at my best :)

During our stay we were all able to go, go, go because we were having such a great time.  We were experiencing so much joy that we hardly even noticed how worn down we were becoming. 

It wasn't until we got home that we ALL realized that we were simply exhausted.  While meeting with my coach the following week she said "you sound fatigued".  Because I practice regular self care, fatigue is not something that I experience very often but I sure experienced it after vacation!

Fatigue is not a bad thing IF full recovery is accomplished as well.  I personally prefer to have a great balance of expending energy and fully recharging my batteries.  I am at my best in all that I do when I schedule in one day each week of total down time (naps and all).

The coaching points are...
1. When you love what you are doing you have more energy and stamina than when you don't love what you're doing.
2. When you are experiencing great joy in something, be sure to build in self care moments so that fatigue does not occur often.


What and how frequent of recovery methods do you want to build into your schedule for your body and mind? 

Issue: 5  
Kim L. Miles

Quote of the month

"There can be no freedom without the freedom to fail."

~Eric Hoffer 

Featured Business: 

Nina Anderson - Wine Shop at Home
Ph: 720-934-4648 

I met Nina Anderson last year and have developed a great friendship and business relationship with her.  She is a genuinely giving person with such amazing professionalism and is an expert in her field.

Nina is a Consultant with Wine Shop at Home who really knows how to treat her customers and everyone she interacts with.

If you have never experienced an in home wine tasting, you simply must do so with Nina!

Nina educates you on the wine making process, the different  characteristics of wines (bouquet, color, clarity etc) and she knows how to keep everyone engaged in the tasting.

I am not typically a wine drinker but had such a great time with Nina's tasting I am hosting my second one in October!  Who knows, Nina may turn me into a wine drinker yet :)

Contact Nina today to schedule a tasting. And with the holidays coming up, a bottle of wine makes a great gift!

Featured Book: 

The Fine Art of Small Talk

by Debra Fine   


In September I had the privilege to  hear Debra Fine speak on The Fine Art of Small talk.


Because I am a very extroverted and social person who enjoys networking and feel somewhat skilled at small-talk, I was surprised  and excited to find some great tools to add to my tool box.  Here are just a few:   

  • Why small is talk important in business and how small talk skills help our career. 
  • What makes it so difficult for some people to face networking opportunities.
  • Examples of ice-breakers/conversation starters.
This book is an easy read and

can be purchased at  




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Women, Wine & Wellness - Castle Rock  

Wednesday October 19th

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Business Building Workshop

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Friday, October 21st  

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