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October 2015

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The One Thing That Could Really Change Your Life
Nourishing November
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The Art of Living - a 7 Day Retreat
The Secret Place of the Most High
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The One Thing That Could Really Change your Life!

I was just a little nervous and unsure, I had never done this before, but my heart was saying "yes".

I wanted to get out of my ordinary routine, try something different, expand my awareness and make new connections.  But most of all I wanted to discover more about my inner self to support me on my journey forward in life.  I had felt this yearning for a while, but kept making excuses that I was too busy, or couldn't leave my husband and children or whatever, but really I was just a little bit afraid.... afraid to try something new, afraid my life might change.

Well, I went ahead and did it anyway.  I signed up for a six day live-in spiritual retreat!

And it WAS Life-Changing, but in a good way!

The retreat itself was 'chock' full of theory pieces and learnings, exercises and journaling, meditation and energy balancing, times for quiet reflection and times for sharing.  It definitely fulfilled all my criteria and more.  And I met a fabulous bunch of participants who were on a similar journey to myself.

But it was the personal benefits and growth I experienced afterwards that I found quite astounding -
  • I felt more present, balanced and focussed in my daily life - I was no longer living on autopilot, rushing from task to task. 
  • My body was relaxed and the long-held tension in my shoulders had eased.
  • My mind slowed down and re-focussed.  Instead of the same old thoughts, I now had a new perspective.
  • I was not so hard on myself - the critical voice in my head had quietened down.
  • I opened to a new consciousness in my daily living and experienced a deeper reverence for life.  I saw things differently and felt a spiritual revival.
  • I reconnected with my inner spirit's voice.
  • I took away tools to support me in daily living and keep me on track.
Since that very first retreat years ago, I have chosen to regularly attend longer retreats.   Each time the break from the constant background of daily living and human busyness, has reconnected me to my personal magnificence and created space for change to occur.  And it is in the change that I have discerned new ways to participate more joy-fully in my life.

At Riverdell we are offering an 'Art of Living' 7 day Retreat for anyone who wants to really live life wholeheartedly and passionately.  It is a powerful opportunity to change the way you see yourself and your life.

From my heart to yours, 
Cynthia Helbig | Programs at Riverdell 

We have some wonderful programs to nourish & nurture this month.  We'd love your company!  Access our online calendar  here 
Wednesday Mornings from 11.30am
Free  (donations accepted)
Come and experience an Attunement, a non touch energy support technique.
Click here to learn more about Attunement

Sunday Mornings
Sunday November 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th.  Chanting at 9.30am, Presentation & Morning tea 10am-12 noon
A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement, followed by a refreshing morning tea.  All welcome.  Find out more  here
Stillpoint Meditation
Wednesday November 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th.  9.30-11.00am  Fee: $7.00 per session
Deepen your experience of meditation, and discover inner peace, assurance and serenity.  
All welcome and no prior experience necessary.   Click  here for more information.

Morning Tea
Wed, Thurs & Fri 10.45 - 11.30   A chance to relax & make connections. Please let us know that you are coming. Click here for more information.


Emissary Members Afternoon. 
Saturday, Nov 7th, 1.00am - 5pm
Please come and join us on this important afternoon. We will consider the Emissary Spiritual Development Pathway, Riverdell and plans for the coming year.

The Art of Living - a 7 Day Retreat
Commencing 6pm Saturday 10th January - lunchtime Sunday 17th January 2016
9am-5pm most days - at Riverdell Spiritual Centre
PAY BY NOV 30th AND SAVE 25% ON COURSE FEE = $920!!   Further concessions available.   
Includes meals, materials and refreshments.

Are you one of the millions of people awakening to a new spiritual reality in your life? Be it through meditation, inspiring books or online courses, are you responding to the evolutionary impulse to grow that's moving on the planet at this time?  Do you want to wholeheartedly engage with life?  Do you want to play a vital role in creating an enlightened society, either in your own home or in a wider field of service?  If so, this seven-day Retreat is for you.  

Join our International presenters Cliffe Connor and Keahi Ewa, along with Dr Andrew Horwood,  and explore and cultivate powerful new insights that will support you on the next step of your journey to knowing your own magnificence and beauty.  Download the Art of Living brochure here or visit the website here for more information.   For further inquiries or to book phone  Riverdell Office on (08) 8523 1329.  ( Limited accommodation is available on site on first come basis.)

Here is what others had to say about this enriching Retreat:
  • Within a short time, old patterns arose, were confronted, nurtured and cleared. Content, instruction and delivery were excellent - Chad
  • The excitement, the thrill, the sacredness, the beauty, the laughing & radiant smiles.  I am somehow more aligned with my divine destiny and identity - a star.    - Cory
  • The Art of Living was an experience unlike any other I've had. I learned who I truly am and how to access everything I need to live a joyful life & how to reciprocate that to my world.  I never knew I could live with such an open heart - Miranda
  • I received lessons and tools of love which are encouraging my growth and radiance in this life.  I can express and share myself more easily and openly - Philana

The Secret Place of the Most High
by Dr Andrew Horwood

Andrew Horwood What's your emotional limit?   How much stress can you handle?   I asked myself these questions as I sat and contemplated what's unfolded in my life in a matter of 4 weeks.  My brother was diagnosed with heart disease, had heart surgery and died of quite unrelated complications and I was celebrant at his funeral.  A dear friend ended her life.   Another unexpected challenge that tugged at my heart arose.  One after another, it seemed, like bang, bang, bang.  How could I possibly handle all this?   It's just too much.
I realised that the emotional voltage of these stresses would overwhelm me if I wasn't God smart.   Martin Exeter, a spiritual mentor, said "whatever arises, let me dwell in the secret place of the Most High".  There is a vibrational place which includes assurance, love and wisdom from which it's possible to view what's happening in a different way.   To look out for creative possibility amidst what can seem like chaos.  To notice and savour the glimpses of goodness amidst the heartache.   To honour nobility wherever it shows itself.  To have a deep knowing, a confidence, that Life IS trustworthy and there's a design unfolding that will bring forth more life than is currently present.  This is the secret place of the Most High.
I find myself dwelling here now as I remain in the midst of the cyclonic emotional forces around about.    This is not a denial of natural emotion - it's the embrace by my Inner Spirit of my emotions and bringing the spirit of that assurance to my heart.   With this, I've found myself stretching beyond what I thought was my limit.  I'm so thankful for this awareness - it makes for artful living in the most trying of circumstances.  
Here's to the ease in life.

You Tube of the Month - Change Your Body Change Your Brain
Did you know that your body has inner wisdom to help you live your life with more ease and artfulness?   Join Andrea Isaacs as she describes how we can use our body knowing to help us discover deeper truths about ourselves and how we can use this knowledge to help us navigate challenging situations.   You'll be inspired!

Gratefulness Moment - Thank You Larry Pearlman

Over the last couple of months Riverdell has been blessed with the presence of Larry Pearlman, a man with a big smile, and an even bigger heart.   Larry  is from the USA, but spends a lot of his time in Costa Rica and has been involved with the Emissaries over a number of decades.  He is also the author of a great book  "Journaling The Journey: 25 Spiritual Insights to Light The Way".

Larry easily adjusted to the Australian lifestyle, weather and  unique humour and made many friends with his relaxed approach. He happily involved himself with  Riverdell activities and brought his  considerable presence, wise insights,  deep support and lighthearted approach to each experience.  He also shared wisdom via his public talk and afternoon workshop "Follow Your Bliss".  Both were well attended and greatly enjoyed. 

We were all touched by Larry's presence in so many ways and wish to express heartfelt gratitude for sharing in this time with him.   Au revoir Larry.  

Celebrating Greatness
In this edition we continue our series of 'Celebrating Greatness', sharing the greatness of "ordinary" people who are opening up to new possibilities and to being leaders in their own lives.
This month Cynthia Helbig and Jenni Douglas share their stories of personal courage and of saying "yes" to life.

Welcoming Change by Cynthia Helbig
Over the last 14 years or so I have had a wonderful affiliation with Riverdell, firstly as a visitor and for the last 7 years as part of the staff.  Riverdell has been a haven for me, a spiritual home.  Yet over the last year I have gradually become aware that my time at Riverdell was drawing to a close.  Inner insights and outer confirmations were indicating that Life was calling me in another direction.

Initially I struggled greatly with this awareness.  Why would I possibly want to leave?  Riverdell has been a constant where I have had incredible opportunities for personal growth in a safe and healing environment, with like-spirited people.  I have evolved and matured as a spiritual being and a human being.

There have been powerful learnings for me,  particularly presenting and teaching programs, which was something that I had always dreamed of but never believed possible.  It was through the support and enfoldment of those around me and the spiritual upliftment, teachings, training, mentoring and insights I received over all these years, that I was able to step into those shoes and follow this calling. I am deeply grateful for all these experiences that are indelibly etched on my heart and will joyfully colour everything I do for the rest of my life.

Yet the ever constant change is now calling my name, and since change is one thing I usually do not do very well, it seems it is the very thing Life is wanting to bring forth in me.  I have some ideas for my next steps, but largely wish to stay as open as possible to what Life is asking, rather than creating my own plans.  This is taking some energy on my behalf as I feel the sadness of leaving Riverdell, the fear of uncertainty, avoid too much focus on future outcomes, and continue to be still and present with what is.  And I also work at maintaining a sense of trust in the wisdom of Life - something that has been a key teaching at Riverdell.

So it is with a grateful heart for all that has been, that I say farewell to this current part of my life.  Yet, just as I am being called forth to change, so too is change creating space for something new at Riverdell. I know and trust this will support potent opportunities for others to have their own experience of emergence and growth.   And so the cycle continues....

Feeling Blessed by Jenni Douglas
I would never have believed this time last year that I'd be employed at Riverdell as the new Program Coordinator. I used to be jealous of those people who worked here.

For most of last year I was incredibly challenged with an inflexible & pained body due to rheumatoid arthritis. I could barely manage the everyday living tasks, let alone showing up & taking on employment. Now 'miracles of miracles' I'm so much better and enjoying the creative challenge of all that life has to offer.
My illness taught me a lot about myself. It challenged my habitual pattern of needing 'control', forcing me to live one day at a time. I had to learn to soften & trust, for I was dependent on others just to manoeuvre myself around.

Although I never want to endure that again, the learning has enabled me to more openly receive from life. So when I was offered the job at Riverdell as Marketing Assistant to look after the Facebook page I tentatively accepted & from there my health & well-being has blossomed. After being unemployed I love having a regular work focus, it gives structure & purpose to my life & I love working in an organisation that fits so intrinsically with my passion & values.

Just of late there have been changes emerging at Riverdell and a position of Program Coordinator has opened. I expressed my interest and am excited to now be fulfilling the role. What is amazing is how obviously my past has prepared me for this present. I have trained and was employed in a number of other spiritual based organisations in program coordination roles in my past. This time round though I bring much more life experience & personal insight into the role.

I feel so blessed right now, grateful to life and Loving Spirit (my word for God) for all that is unfolding.

Poem of the Month - To Pray Without Ceasing
Martin Exeter

Whatever arises, let me dwell in the secret place of the Most High.

Let there be a place of stillness in the midst of turmoil.
Let there be a place of light amidst the darkness.
Let there be a place of ease amid disease.
Let there be a place of order in the chaos.
Let there be a place of love and beauty in the midst of fear and ugliness.
Let my presence be a beacon of enfolding radiance in every circumstance. 

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