October 2016

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Update for Washington State's Network to Transform Teaching (NT3)

Previous Policy Forum

Washington is going into its second round of federal funding for the Network to Transform Teaching (NT3) work with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. CSTP, OSPI and WEA are the State Network Partners with this project and are excited to do some work this year that will bolster supports for National Board Certification in our state. 

This year, the partners are focused in two policy areas. First, we will work to elevate teacher voice at the NBCT Policy Summit on November 19 in Seatac. 132 NBCT leaders will develop recommendations for two issues critical for efforts to recruit, train and grow an accomplished teaching force in our state; Second Tier Licensure (Professional Certification) and NBCT Incentive Structure. We have a full day of discussion, learning and many dynamic speakers including WA State NBCTs shaping Education Policy, and we're very excited to welcome National Board's President and CEO, NBCT Peggy Brookins.

The second body of work is in three districts. Mark Gardner, NBCT from Camas, Betsy Cornell, NBCT from Moses Lake, and Kim Harmon, Director of Talent Quality Initiatives in Spokane will lead the work in their respective districts. Together with teams, these leaders will implement new ideas to:

* Strengthen the support new teachers receive to develop into accomplished practitioners, ready to pursue and achieve board certification.
* Integrate the standards for accomplished practice and the pursuit of board certification into teachers' work and school day; and
* Leverage the instructional expertise of accomplished teachers to lead professional learning of their colleagues.

We are looking forward to learning and growing together to ensure each student in Washington State has access to accomplished teaching.

Stay tuned for more news and information about the summit and other NT3 work. Contact Cindy Rockholt, Washington State NT3 NBCT Site Director at
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Upcoming Events & Opportunities
Teach to Lead: Inclusion, Equity and Opportunity Summit
When:  December 2-4, 2016
Where: Chicago, IL
PESB Educator Retooling Scholarship
When:  January 6, 2017
Amount:  $3,000
TPEP Best Practices Colloquium
When:  March 1, 2017
Where: SeaTac WA, TBA
PESB Educator Retooling Scholarship
When:  April 28, 2017
Amount:  $3,000
CSTP's NBCT Leadership Conference
When:  May 2017
Where: Leavenworth, WA
OSPI's NBCT Facilitator Training, Day 1, 2, & 3
When:  June 27-29, 2017
Where: Spokane Area, TBA
NBCT Spotlight: Erin Lark

Congratulations to NBCT Erin Lark, who was recently named a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 2016-2017 Erin is a secondary science teacher who taught in Arizona and Illinois prior to Washington State.  For the last nine years she's taught science and math in the Evergreen School District in Clark County.  Currently, Erin teaches 8th grade Earth science at Covington Middle School.
Erin considers recognition as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert an honor to her practice.  Her passion for integration of technology into the classroom came as a natural progression from a drive to connect young innovators with the tools they need to activate their full potential.  She believes that putting technology in a classroom isn't enough; effective use by educators is an intense, reflective process in which technology is leveraged to support student-driven instruction.  This use enables the opening of students' perspectives and engaging their awareness of local and global learning applications.  She hopes to continue networking with other educators in this pursuit, opening her classroom and her practice to continual growth in this role.
Present at the 2017 TPEP Best Practices Colloquium

Have a great story, strategy or structure to share about how your district or building's implementation of TPEP effected a positive change in teaching and learning? Ready to hone your speaking skills in an exciting "Ignite Presentation" format and/or a longer active learning Workshop? Inspired by sessions you've attended at previous TPEP Colloquia and feel the time is right for you and your team to present?

If you answered 'yes' or even 'maybe' to any of these questions, apply to be a presenter at the 2017 TPEP Colloquium - March 1 in SeaTac, WA!

We have approximately 10 slots for district teams to give a five-minute  Ignite presentation . We are also looking for teams (all members from the same district) to lead a forty-five minute Workshop Session - t his provides building or district teams an opportunity to share their work more deeply and provide an active learning experience for other educators.  Teams have the option to present an Ignite, a Workshop Session, or both! 

Additional information on the format, content and application process can be found  here .

To apply, submit your proposal via Survey Monkey .

Hurry! Applications are due by  5 PM, Friday, November 4th . Applications that are complete and on-time will be eligible for selection, with notification no later than November 18th.

For more information on past Colloquia and to see examples of previous Ignite presentations, visit  CSTP's website . Questions? Contact Sarah Applegate for more information at .
NBCT Challenging Schools Case Studies

CSTP brought teams from four of our state's most challenging schools- Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in Yakima, Monticello Middle School in Longview, Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary in Marysville and John R. Rogers High School in Spokane. Each school team identified and wrote about a problem of practice and their efforts to work towards a solution.

The final products:

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Yakima: We Didn't Know What We Didn't Know
Team members: Maria Villalovos, NBCT Principal; Kimberly Bruso, Kim Harris and Kim Gosser, 3rd Grade team members and all pursuing National Board Certification.

Monticello Middle School, Longview: From Self To Synergy... This Is Our Journey
Team members: Angela Allen, Principal, Ryan Chinchen, NBCT new teacher Mentor, Gunnar Guttormsen, NBCT former Instructional Coach at Monticello and current Assistant Principal in Kelso, and Misty Velke English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.

Quil Ceda Tulalip Elementary, Marysville: When Culture And History Meet School Change
Team members: Christy Anana, NBCT School Counselor, Kyla Curtright, NBCT School Psychologist, Kathleen O'Brien First Grade Teacher, and Cayla Paustain First Grade Teacher.

John R. Rogers High School, Spokane: Literacy The Skill, People The Key: The Transformation of John R Rogers High School
Team members: Marty Robinette, Assistant Principal, Mike Dewey English and AP Capstone teacher, Carol Kaplan Science and Lead Teacher for Project Lead The Way in Bio Medical, and Beth McGibbon, NBCT Social Studies World History teacher.
Stories From School Roundup