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October 2016 News
PCC launches 
State Policy Campaign
For the past few years, the Palmetto Cycling Coalition has been analyzing crash statistics - of people in South Carolina seriously injured or killed by motor vehicles, while walking or riding bicycles.  We recently wrote a blogpost illustrating the key findings.  This post also launches a state policy campaign for more livable streets.  Read about it here.  A state policy is a necessary complement to vital local efforts, especially when 70% of our SC roads are state owned, and our safety problem is primarily located on these state roads.  By campaigning for a state policy, we stand to gain safer street access, more dignified bike and walk access, more connected communities, in addition to better job access, livability, access to open space, transportation and recreation options, and greater public health.   The PCC and a growing group of state and local partners committed to Livable Streets and Communities - are committed to bringing years of tailored input in a promising state policy solution to our state transportation agency.  We bring this policy to an expanding list of partners who will move the campaign forward.  Because we need positive changes to our streets that we can all  live and thrive in.  Help our campaign by  considering a donation today.  
PCC releases Infrastructure Funding guide
Want to know how bike lanes and sidewalks get funded?  The PCC has released the 1st Edition of a guide that explains this. It is intended for planners, engineers, and community leaders, and while this one is pretty technical, we have plans to work on a 2nd Edition soon that can be used more broadly.  Regardless, this is an exciting report, because it lists just how many resources are out there to fund the sidewalks and bike facilities you wish to see!   Read the guide here.  You'll see a description of  each funding stream at the local, state, and federal level, in addition to examples of various South Carolina communities funding their infrastructure through each funding stream.   
ESMM-SC publishes report:  Economic Impact of Walkable, Bikeable Communities in SC
With contributions and guidance from the PCC, Eat Smart Move More SC wrote this fantastic report.  We highly recommend this great report that is one more tool to convince local decision makers that building communities in this way makes economic sense.  This report focuses on the many ways these communities are seeing financial  gains and the ways these investments curb the costs of healthcare.  
We are Hiring!

PCC is hiring for a part-time Community Engagement Coordinator in Columbia.  Read the position description here.
Event:  Transportation and 
Wellness Summit
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Local Spotlight:  Festivelo
This year is the 18th annual FestiVELO Ride, out of Walterboro, SC.  This four-day event offers you choice of morning rides:  20-30 miles, 55-60 miles, or 95-105 mile routes.  Enjoy delicious food, fun rest stops, and evening festivities.  Best in SC!
Good Read:  Brazilian Road Zebras
Brazilian Zebras for Road Safety:  Saving Lives One Stripe at a Time.  We just love this.  No further explanation necessary.   Just read this fantastic article, and we know you'll love it too.   Because every little bit helps - even zebras in crosswalks.  Maybe especially zebras.  

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