Engineering the Future of Transportation with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 
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Dr. Larry Head/UofA and Russell Brooks/Uber will be presenting state of the art research and development for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.  This presentation will highlight:
  • Traffic Signal Optimization
  • Vehicle Prioritization
  • The SMARTDriveSM Test Bed in Anthem, AZ
  • The current status of Automated Vehicles
  • The Future of Transportation
  • Increased Passenger Safety
  • Required Infrastructure Changes
Come enjoy this exciting presentation with friends and colleagues and meet Dr. Head and Mr. Brooks. 
Dr. Larry Head is a Professor of Systems and Industrial Engineering and Director of the Arizona Transportation Research Institute at the University of Arizona. 
Russell Brooks is the Senior Operations Manager - Southwest for Uber.  

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A complete presentation abstract and speaker bios can be found here after Oct 4. 
Joint APWA/ASCE Phoenix Branch Luncheon
Infrastructure in the Southwest: Heat and Flooding in a Climate Impacted Future

Join colleagues and friends November 8th to meet and to listen to Dr. Mikhail V. Chester, ASU (2017 Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize) discuss the a suite of projects showing the challenges and opportunities for infrastructure systems in a future with more frequent and intense heat and flooding. 
The Southwest represents some of the youngest and fastest growing cities in the US, with expanding infrastructure and some of the most severe forecasts for climate change across the country. With growing populations and infrastructure investments, there is pressing need to plan and operate systems that can maintain services during extreme events and protect people. To address these challenges, infrastructure agencies must recognize that design and operation guidelines are often associated with historical conditions, raising questions about vulnerability in the future. A suite of projects will be presented showing the challenges and opportunities for infrastructure systems in a future with more frequent and intense heat and flooding. The projects will highlight how current design practices produce infrastructure vulnerabilities, climate change requires new models for planning and operating systems, and systems can be positioned to reduce people's vulnerability.
Note: Luncheon registration closes Friday 3rd at 5:00 PM to provide time to coordinate food and seating. We do not ensure the availability of seating or food and beverages for walk-ins on the day of the event or late registrants. Thank you for registering on time. If you have difficulties with this policy please contact the Phoenix Branch President Frederick Tack.
The ASCE Phoenix Branch would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsor Terracon for helping  fund learning, networking, and professional activities in the Phoenix Area.

Rob Lyons, P.E., CFM, M.ASCE, JE Fuller, ASCE Phoenix Branch President