Message from the President
~ Ivy Budhai-Henry      

As we travel through the state we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the changing colors of the forest leaves from green to yellow to gold to brown. Indeed, this is an artist's dream to capture the colors on canvas.
As we reflect on the occurrences of the last 10 months, we think of the many tragedies, and hurricanes in many parts of our great country and even in our own recent terrorist attack on Manhattan. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all our emergency workers, first responders and law enforcement personnel who worked tirelessly to treat, and investigate the events. We constantly think of our colleagues - emergency nurses who worked overtime to ensure that all the casualties received safe care. Thank you wholeheartedly from your fellow New Yorkers. Our sympathy goes out to all the families who lost loved ones, and wish those who are still suffering emotionally and physically a speedy recovery.
We witnessed our colleague being arrested for being a patient's advocate; but isn't this what we signed up for when we became a nurse? We are happy that she stood her ground for her patient. Thankfully this incident helped to enlighten the ignorant.
We had a very successful year. "Setting the Pace" in April was a very well-run conference. Again, kudos to the Conference Committee. The General Assembly in St Louis Missouri was attended by 30 delegates and the participation was enthusiastic. The meeting lectures were great, and it is my wish that more emergency nurses would take the opportunity to attend the General Assembly and meeting that follows. Congratulations to Joan Fadale who was the recipient of the Hellen Kelleher Award. She Is one of the original members of NYSENA and now the recipient of both prestigious awards - Helen Kelleher and the Anita Dorr NYSENA award. We thank her for her service and dedication to our council.
As I complete my year as your 2017 President, I sincerely thank you for the opportunity of serving. I thank all of you for making this experience memorable. May NYSENA continue to grow and remain an organization with members who care about safe care, safe practice. We look forward to 2020 when we will observe our fiftieth anniversary. We need to have every member to be a part of this great achievement. Send us your ideas and thoughts.
In closing, again thanks for you love, patience and help shown to me in 2017. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, A Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah, A healthy and prosperous New Your, and may all your dreams come true.
Ivy Budhai-Henry, BSN, RN CEN


Remembering . . . .
~ Reflections by Joanne Fadale, BSN, RN, FAEN

This column will change a little bit for the next three years. As we lead to the 50th Anniversary of ENA, each of our thirteen New York State Chapters will have the opportunity to remember and share the history of their chapter. There are several chapters in existence since 1970, the full fifty years.
The first chapter started in New York was the Western New York Chapter. The members live in the communities that are nestled between Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, the hills of Springville NY and Letchworth State Park. It encompasses the counties of Erie, Niagara, Orleans, Wyoming and part of Genesee. Started in 1969 by Anita Dorr, RN the co-founder of the Emergency Nurses Association. It is the only chapter in the state with this distinction. Although it was not the first chartered chapter (1973). It was indeed the start of gathering emergency nurses together for seeking more education. In fact, it did not bear the ENA name. In the beginning, Anita named the group the Emergency Room Nurses Organization of Western New York. As the founding group, it went on to become the national organization named Emergency Department Nurses Association.
WNYENA has been an active chapter. Its focus has been to bring education to the not only the emergency nurse population but to the community. Over the years, the members have participated in projects like gun safety, distributing gunlocks in 1980 at the Erie County Fair to gun owners and teaching Drunk driving awareness to high schools students. The chapter sponsored the first joint emergency medical service conference May 1976, "Integrating the Emergency Medical Care team". The members took the lead to provide participants with a better knowledge other health professional's roles in the emergency medical services system and of patient access to the health care delivery system in WNY.
It had the privilege to host the very first national meeting and conference of the Emergency Department Nurses Association in October of 1972, which became the ENA in 1985. It was bitter sweet for the conference attendees to learn that Anita Dorr had died just a few days before they arrived in Buffalo.
It is hard to believe that it has been 39 years since the chapter started to educate RN's to perform CPR. Over the years, it has sponsored many educational events at chapter meetings and one-day conferences. The members are now teaching such highly developed programs as the Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) and Emergency Nurses Pediatric Course. The chapter has sponsored over 200 programs since both courses started.
The leadership of the chapter has been strong. Among the many presidents of the chapter four have gone on to become the New York State ENA presidents, Virginia Hens, RN, Anne Marie Tyrell, MSN, RN, Debrah Taylor, RN and Joanne Fadale, BSN, RN,FAEN. Joanne also became the National ENA president in 1990. Currently the chapter is home to two fellows of the Academy of Emergency Nursing. Joanne Fadale BSN, RN, FAEN, and Jessica Castner, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN. Both members are also active at the national association. Jessica is on the Journal of Emergency Nursing editorial board and Joanne is the national volunteer Historian.
As quoted by the chapter current President Roseann Mohney, RN, CEN, CPEN, "The Western New York chapter continues to strive for growth and to provide education for our members and citizens of the community. It is through collaboration with the National and State ENA and our chapter members that we will be able to realize our potential to advance and prosper now and in the future".

Basket Raffle
~ Jacquie Glendenning & Mickey Forness

The theme of the basket raffle at the NYS conference in April is "green". How you interpret "green" is up to each chapter/individual. As was done last year, vendors will be picked randomly to judge the baskets and determine the winner.  
Have fun making up the baskets!! See you in April.
The Basket Bunnies

Congratulations to our New Board Members for 2018!

President-elect:  Mary Ann Teeter
Secretary:  Mary Lou Killian
Treasure-elect:  Marina Grennan
Director at large:  Maria Giganti

Injury Prevention
~Cristy Meyer

Assessing NYS Active Shooter preparedness:

Assessment of active shooter preparedness across health care facilities in NYS has been completed. We recognize the increasing risk, as evidenced by the incident at Bronx Lebanon resulting in the death of 5 health care practitioners. Health care facilities need increased vigilance in protecting the patients and staff, patients and visitors of our organizations.
Survey results are in! 371 respondents provided insights on the state of active shooter preparedness in New York. Key responses surrounding facility security and active shooter policies, training and drills highlight gaps in the NYS. At this point, NYS DOH has not establish requirements for policy, education and drills. Additionally visit to review the workplace violence tool-kit for more resources on risk assessment and preparedness tools.
Next steps:
  • Identify best practices and model policy for active shooter preparedness and security processes for health care facilities
  • Create education materials for legislative advocacy for improving active shooter preparedness in NYS
  • Identify opportunities to interface with legislators about the current state active shooter preparedness
Active Shooter Survey Results will be on our website:
Contact Injury Prevention chair: Cristy Meyer, RN at

Emergency Nurse's Week
2017 Membership Renewal winners

Adirondack                                                Valerie Insogna
Brooklyn/Staten Island                              Donareen Denny
Central                                                       Jennifer Killoran
CHATT                                                       Janet Roy
Genesee Valley                                         Tanya Lent
Lower Hudson                                            Ana Restrepo
Mark Twain                                                 Emily Clark
Manhattan/Bronx                                        Lyudmyla Diaz
Mohawk                                                      Michael Pinard
Nassau/Queens                                          Doreen Sang
Southern Tier                                              Ann Marie Watkins
Suffolk                                                         Eileen Liles
Western                                                      Caitlin Kirbis
Congratulations to all of you! 

2018 Setting the Pace
Call for Speakers

Do you have a desire to share your knowledge and expertise in Emergency Nursing with your colleagues? Here is an opportunity to do so at Setting the Pace April 18 & 19, 2018 in Saratoga Springs, NY.  We are looking for speakers as well as suggestions for topics that would interest you as an emergency nurse.

Some topics that have been suggested are:
Triage Challenges
Pediatrics with subtopics of Asthma, Assessment pearls, Trauma
Disaster Preparedness
Active Shooter
Behavioral Health Issues

Please consider speaking at the 2018 NYSENA Setting the Pace conference in beautiful Saratoga Springs. A great opportunity awaits. Please contact the conference chair and/or the speaker coordinator for further information.
The deadline on call for speakers is November 1st.

Marina Grennen, Conference Chair

Linda Yonkin, Speaker Coordinator
Phone: 607-346-5339

National ENA Update
~ Sally K. Snow, BSN, RN, CPEN, FAEN
Board Liaison to New York State ENA

As our year comes to a close let me say what an amazing opportunity it was to serve NYS ENA as your Board Liaison for the second year. We had some exceptional learning opportunities at the State and Chapter Leaders Orientation in February in Las Vegas. It was one of the highlights of my year to be your keynote speaker at Setting the Pace 2017. What a fantastic conference Andrew and the Committee put together.   Attending your State Council Meeting was very informative. Your council has some exceptional members that are working hard to make emergency nursing in New York State an example for the nation. I am happy to be able to share some of the "goings-on" at national ENA to keep you informed and stimulate your interest in national level participation.

1. Organizational goals for 2017 are progressing according to plan with regard to membership (community), knowledge and quality/safety and infrastructure.
2. Membership at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2017 was 42,486.
3.Emergency Nursing 2017 annual conference was held in St. Louis September 13-16. More than 2,900 attendees participated in over 140 sessions. Utah nurse Alex Wubbels who we all saw in the viral video protecting her patient's rights made a surprise appearance.
4. Over $380,000 in academic scholarships were awarded to 86 emergency nurses by the ENA Foundation. Over $94,000 was raised at EN17 in support of academic scholarships and research grants for emergency nurses
5.In July we launched the "Management of Pediatric Behavioral Health Disorders in the ED" module available on ENA LEARN. This case-based online course includes resources and behavioral management techniques.
6. We are moving forward with implementing online testing for TNCC and ENPC in 2018. As you can imagine, this is a big undertaking, but will truly elevate the course quality, and improve the technology for directors, instructors, and participants. More to come on that initiative.
7. Two new books were released in September. ENA's landmark Emergency Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition provides the details of what is expected in the emergency nursing specialty of care and helps members of the professional team understand the role of the emergency nurse. Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum, 7th Edition, presents a clear, concise, and thorough overview of emergency nursing. Remember, members receive 20% off all of ENA's education and products.
8. The Course in Advanced Trauma Nursing (CATN) launched online 9/28/17 with new modules on Burns, Obstetric and Orthopedic Injuries and Penetrating Trauma-Gunshot Wounds.
9. Government Relations on the Federal level continues to follow changes to the Affordable Care Act and the Mission Zero Act to achieve zero preventable deaths from trauma. The Senate passed the Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act known as the EMS Standing Orders bill very recently and the bill awaits the President's signature. On the state level, work continues on the Opioid epidemic and workplace violence. It was my pleasure to join your Injury Prevention Committee conference call and see the subsequent member survey related to workplace violence training that the committee launched. Shout out to Cristy and the IP committee for their proactive attack on this problem in our ED's.
10. The General Assemble debated 9 clinical resolutions and a proposed amended and restated set of bylaws.
The following proposals were adopted as presented:
GA17-02: A National Standard for Child Passenger Restraint
GA17-03: Public Access to Bleeding Control Kits
GA17-04: Against Human Trafficking
GA17-05: Establishing a Standard for Emergency Department Preparedness to Care for Children
GA17-06: Develop an Emergency Department Geriatric Readiness Survey and Toolkit
GA17-09: Safety When Removing Patients from Private Vehicles
GA17-10: Care of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning Patient (LGBTQ)
The following proposal was adopted as amended:
GA17-08: ENA's Position on Firearm Safety and Legislation
 The following proposal failed:
GA17-07: Freestanding Emergency Centers
Proposed and restated bylaws were referred back to the ENA Board of Directors
For more information please consult your State Leaders and other NYS delegates that were present for the debate.
11. Election results were announced on Saturday 9/16 at the closing session of Annual meeting and can be found on the ENA website. I want to thank each and every member of the NYS state council that supported me in my bid for 2018 President-Elect. Though I was unsuccessful, I will certainly continue to be involved in ENA at the National level and back in my beloved Texas.
12.For those of you on social media, you can now keep up with ENA on Instagram! We want to you see you in action whether it's networking with other emergency care providers, a fundraiser for the Foundation, or wearing some ENA swag, show us a photo. Tag us @enaorg
13. ENA continues its collaboration with Project Helping Hands and our humanitarian mission trips. We are looking for nurses to share their expertise next February in Cambodia. This is an amazing opportunity to share your nursing expertise and learn from the local community. Experienced leaders will guide you through the trip. It's an opportunity you'll never forget. Please consider participating. If you'd like to learn more about what these trips entail, please reach out to us at .
14. The Institute for Emergency Nursing Advanced Practice has a new leader. Margaret (Meg) Carman joined ENA in August. An APRN Community is coming on ENA CONNECT very soon.
15. 2018 Leaders put the dates for the State and Chapter Leaders Orientation on your calendar now. The meeting will be held in beautiful New Orleans, LA. January 18-20, 2018. Registration will open Dec. 15th and email invitations will be sent to 2018 leaders. The event is moving up to January so that we can provide these resources earlier on in the leadership experience.
16. Day on the Hill dates are set for May 8-9, 2018. The event will move to a larger hotel in order to accommodate a maximum of 175 participants. States will be allocated 3 spots during the initial registration period and unused spots will be reallocated at a later date. The goal is to have all 50 states participate. More info will be forthcoming in January.
17. EN18 planning for Pittsburgh from Sept. 26-29, 2018 is well underway. Registration is open now and you can reserve the lowest rate by signing up before the end of the year. Next up we will be in the great state of Texas in Austin from Sept. 29- Oct. 2, 2019. I look forward to seeing many of you then in my home state.
18.As you know from my last update, the Board of Directors decided ENA was in a strong financial position to move forward with the purchase of a new national office building that meets our growing needs, and best positions us for future success. I'm pleased to share that on October 11, ENA closed on our building in Schaumburg, Illinois-the current home of the American Academy of Dermatology. Initial plans have us scheduled to begin renovations in March and move in next summer. We're excited about our new home and all the new opportunities it will provide.
19. An easy way for everyone to get involved is recommending ENA to a friend or colleague.
  • Recruit new members to join ENA and make sure you are keeping your own membership up to date.
ENA's 2020 Member Challenge
  • Challenge program launched in March and rewards current members for recruiting new ENA members!
  • Each time a new member enters your ENA Member Number into the referrer field when they join, you earn one point.
  • The more members you successfully refer, the more points you receive and the higher level you achieve.
  • While the points continue to accumulate, the 2020 Member Challenge ends at ENA's annual conference in 2020, so you only have a limited time!
  • ENA has a large variety of education content to help you improve your knowledge.
  • I have found throughout my time as an ENA member, my most valuable experiences included networking and sharing ideas with fellow emergency nurses.
Once again, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as ENA Board Liaison to the New York State Council in 2016 and 2017. Keep up the great work you do and celebrate your successes and face your challenges head on. Till we meet again.......

Day on the Hill
~ Cristy Meyer

Call for Participants
Each year ENA sponsors a Day on the Hill for education, advocacy and participation legislative advocacy in Washington D.C. Attendees are offered legislative issue and advocacy training the day before visits with legislators on Capitol Hill. The two-day event is scheduled May 8/9, 2018.
Registration for this event begins in January 2018 and fills fast. NYSENA council will sponsor 4 attendees from NYS ENA in 2018, the president-elect and government affairs chairperson will attend with 2 additional attendees selected from NYSENA applicants. Please apply if you are interested in attending by sending a letter of intent with the reason why you want to attend and prior legislative experience to . All applicants must send letter intent by December 15, 2017.
If selected to attend Day on the Hill as a NYS ENA representative you will be notified by email by Jan 10, 2018. Alternates will be selected in the event the applicant cannot attend to ensure NYSENA sends 4 representatives this year. A budget of $1000/attendee has been allocated to cover travel and lodging expenses.

~ Cristy Meyer

Stop-the-Bleed is a public readiness initiative to train the immediate responder to recognize uncontrolled hemorrhage and two chapters have help public Stop-the-Bleed training sessions. Once you have attending a bleeding control training session you are eligible to become a public instructor. Visit, access the instructor portal and register as an instructor. You will then gain access to instructor materials. Many TNCC instructors have added the module to the TNCC course, this will be formalized in the next version of TNCC.
See NYSENA for the quick link to the Stop-The-Bleed instructor portal and if you have additional questions about how to start holding the Stop-The-Bleed training in your chapter and community please contact the injury prevention committee at
A training kit for Stop-The-Bleed will be purchased by the NYS ENA Council and distributed to each chapter in 2018.

E-mail & Internet Fraud Warning
~ Cristy Meyer

Attention Chapter leaders and NYSENA members: Fraud warning
Email hacking and internet fraud incidence is increasing and contributes to the loss of security, privacy and finances in personal and professional organizations each year. Do not make any financial reimbursements requested by email as hackers often use emails accounts that are stolen from individuals known to you OR new accounts made with similar names to people known to you.
What is PHISHING? Identity theft where victims are hacked with the use of fraudulent websites and false emails, perpetrators attempt to steal your personal data i.e. passwords, credit card information.
What is SPOOFING? Criminals target victims by sending links and popups that look like sites you may normally use i.e. your personal bank, social media sites. Commonly "mock" sites include PayPal, eBay, Yahoo! And Amazon.

Quick Tips to detect and prevent fraud:
  • Do not send payment via email request, speak directly to the vendor or requester to confirm the request.
  • Banks and financial institution DO NOT request private financial information, passwords, account numbers via email.
  • Do not click embedded forms/links in the email messages from unknown senders.
  • Look for typos in the subject line or message.
  • Look for emails from addresses you don't know or with vague differences.
  • Do not replay to emails that request financial information, even if it appears to be from a trusted source.
  • Look for emails that are not personalized.
  • Communicate personal information over the phone or through a secure site.
  • Don't share personal information by email.
  • Do not click anything in pop-up windows.
  • Use anti-virus, anti-spyware, spam filter and a firewall when able
Please share these reminders with your chapter members to ensure safe and secure communication with the internet. If you think you are a victim of fraud call your financial institution immediately and change your passwords.
(Adapted from '10 Tips for spotting a phishing email')

Upcoming dates to Save
NYS Council Meetings 2018
January 27              Binghamton Double Tree
April 21                   Saratoga Springs Holiday Inn
July 28                    Binghamton Double Tree
October 20              Binghamton Double Tree

2018 Meeting Raffle Chapter List:
January 2018                       Genesee Valley                Lower Hudson
April 2018                             Manhattan/Bronx              Mark Twain
July 2018                              Mohawk                            Nassau/Queens
October 2018                       Southern Tier                    Suffolk
January 2019                       Western                             Adirondack

Newsletter Deadline Dates 2018
February 10
May 5
August 11
November 3

Other 2018 Events
January 18-20       Leadership, New Orleans
April 19 & 20         Setting the Pace, Saratoga Springs, NY
May 7 & 8              Day on the Hill, Washington, D.C.
September 24-29  National ENA Conference, Pittsburgh, PA