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October 2017 Discovery Navigator
500 Years of Reformation!
A faithful, humble man attached his concerns about church practices on the door of his local church.  He used the grace of Jesus Christ as the core of his understanding.  He listed actions and behaviors of the church that showed the opposite.  His intention was to improve the church not cause a ruckus. But he got more than he bargained for.  He was branded a heretic and imprisoned.
What Martin Luther did in October 1517 became the landmark of the Protestant Reformation, a tradition we, a s Presbyterians are descendants of today.  Our particular flavor of this movement is the "reformed" tradition.  We say we are "always being reformed by the word of God."  And that word that reforms us can be summed up by "Grace."
Our program year theme, Grace Spurs Us Forward, is inspired by the Protestant Reformation.  We know  Grace is one heck of a force.  We see it in the steadfast love and faithfulness of God in the Old Testament.  It is embodied in the flesh and life of Jesus Christ.  And it doesn't stop there.  Through the Holy Spirit people and situations are caught up and transformed by it.  And then they are sent to be Grace in a hurting world.
But after 500 years we remember--Grace can get people into trouble.  It can be uncomfortable like a spur.
But we know no better way to live life and move forward than aligned, guided and overflowing with the Grace of Jesus Christ.
Our theme so far has inspired art (see Brianna in picture above).
Our theme now enriches our study of the Book of Exodus.
In October we will see slides of Discovery ministry based on this theme.
I wonder how our Grace theme will go on to impact each one of us this year and help us continue to bear witness to an awesome tradition and holy movement that lives on.  
Grace (watch out for it!) and Peace,  Pastor Sarah Dickinson
Exodus Study:  Remember and Keep Moving
We have now begun a study of the extraordinary Book of Exodus!

Everyone is welcome to take a study booklet.
Study on your own or join one of the study groups:
Thursdays 12-1
Fridays 1:30-2:30
Sundays 9:15 AM
Let Michelle know if we need to mail you a copy.
Recent Ministry

Passing the Peace September 3
  Look who prayed at Discovery  Sept.14     Beautiful Sanctuary Sept. 24
Sacred Journey 
Welcome back to the youth group!

Welcome back Mary!
Body of Christ Notes and Thank Yous!
Don't forget to check the church office window for updates, notes, news stories of interest, and other tidbits! 

Blanket Sunday Thanks

Thank you for your generous donations for Blanket Sunday.  The total was $1061.00.  Discovery church was able to provide blankets for 106 people.  ~ Ladies Evening Circle.
Discovery Calendar!
  October 2017 Calendar     

Start Time Event Description
  World Communion Sunday
  9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Fellowship after Worship
  10:30-3:30 PM Blood Drive
6:00 PM Fellowship & Fun Meeting
  6:45 PM Deacon Meeting
6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
Noon-8:00 PM South Sudan Community Group
  Noon  Seafarers @ Pizza Ranch in Papillion 
  CROP Walk Extravaganza
  9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Sandwiches after Worship
    CROP Walk
  4:00 PM Tea, Treats, Table Games @ Church
5:30-8:30 PM Youth Groups
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
  6:45 PM Session Meeting
1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
  Celebrating through Slides
  9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Fellowship after Worship
    Mission Meeting after Worship 
6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
  Celebrating through Slides
  9:15 AM Bible Study for All Ages
  10:30 AM Worship
    Fellowship after Worship
6:30 PM Worship Meeting
5:30-8:30 PM Youth Groups
  6:15 PM Chime Choir
  7:00 PM Chancel Choir
Noon-1:00 PM Bible Study
  3:00-5:00 PM Presbyterian Disaster Relief Training
  3:45-6:00 PM Hosting Presbytery @ Discovery
1:30-2:30 PM  Bible Study
  6:00 PM Nicaragua Group by Joyce S.
  No Fear / Reformation Sunday
  9:15 AM Bible Study
  10:30 AM Worship
    Scary Treats Welcome after Worship
6:00-9:00 PM Pilgrimage Group by Joyce S.

November Up Coming Events
November 5 - "No Excuse" Sunday - Move Clocks Back
November 12 - Chili - Give Thanks to God Lunch
November 19 - Crossroad Connections
November 23 - Thanksgiving Day

 October 1 World Communion
Worship 10:30 
Fellowship after Worship
Blood Drive Sunday
October 1 Blood Drive
Blood Drive
10:30-3:30 Lower Fellowship Hall
Be sure to eat and drink plenty of water before donation.
 Please bring photo ID or 
American Red Cross donor card.
Please do RapidPass prior to donation today.  
Must be done on a laptop or desktop computer only.
  Contact Mary Lou Melton - (402)553-2947  with questions.
October 8 CROP Walk Extravaganza 
and meet and International Peacemaker from Jerusalem
-Sign up now to walk.  Get your steps in!  The event is for all ages, but the youth help organize it.
-Help with fellowship on October 8.  Walkers and members of the youth group are leaders for a Sandwich Sunday fellowship.  Listen and watch for ways you can help.  Or talk to Heather & Jonathan Mendoza.

1:20 PM Caravan to the Walk
Walk 1 or 2.5 Miles

Then at 4:00-5:30 PM at the Church:
Tea, Treats & Table Games
With an International Peacemaker!
Lower Hall - All ages welcome!
Nora Carmi is a Palestinian Christian visiting our Presbytery.   She has fascinating stories and experiences about what it is like t o be  a refugee in her home city of Jerusalem.  In addition to "UNO" there will be a Holy Land Trivia game (easy!) and we'll invite people to switch game tables part way through so all can connect with Nora at a  more personal and fun level.  
Let's demonstrate peace making and relationship building in this very event!  Sponsored by the Young Adult Group and our Presbytery!
-Please support the CROP Walk in prayer and with monetary gifts.  
You may give cash or a check (to "Church World Services")
-Please come to Sandwich Fellowship Lunch on October 8 and contribute a lunch offering to the cause.
What's CROP Walk?
CROP Hunger Walks are community-wide events sponsored by Church World Service and organized by local congregations or groups to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world.
Join the original Walk event in the United States! 
Fight hunger globally and in your local community.
October 26 - We Host Presbytery
Presbytery Hospitality
October 26 - Thursday 3:45-6:00, plus meal clean up
We would love your presence at the doors, in the building, helping with the meal, etc, when Discovery hosts 80-100 people here from across churches in Omaha and SW Iowa.
Youth Snapshot
In addition to CROP Walk on October 8...
Wednesday Youth Fellowship Groups
October 11 & October  25
5:30-6:30 6th-8th graders
6:30-7:30 Shared meal
7:30-8:30 9th-12th graders
We meet in the new Lower Hall.
Youth are welcome to come early or stay late and do homework or practice instruments.
It's great when the o lder group a rrives early & helps get the meal and set up going.  And it's great when the younger group stays until all the dishes are done!
Our individual group time is spent in the youth lounge - next door to the nursery.
Are you on the Youth Email Newsletter List?
More pictures and information are there. 
For youth, households and youth ministry supporters
Contact the church office to get on this special list.
Mission Updates & Prayers
Blood Drive, CROP Walk Extravaganza & International Peacemaker visit --information above.
Nicaraguan Partners of the Month
Church Name                                            Name of Pastor
The Planter Church ELIAS CALERO 
Church of God Path of Peace LESTER CARRERO

Akobo West Presbyterian Church - South Sudan. 
This is Samuel and Mary's home area.
For peace and healing amid violent situations near and far
Music Snapshot

6:15 Chime Choir practice
7:00 Chancel Choir practice

Meet in the sanctuary
All are Welcome!
Discovery Book Club

November 5th
3:00 PM
For our next Book Club we will be reading
"Shadow Shaper" by Daniel Jose Older
Meet @ the Dickinsons' home.  
Come even if you didn't read the book.
Discovery Garden
Even as Fall creeps in,
 the garden is producing!

Our veggie market is open 
in the commons (& outdoors).
you may take from it or add to it!

Let Madeline G. know if you are interested in helping!
Office Notes from Michelle

You are always welcome to e-mail the office or you can give me a call from 
10:15 AM until 3:15 PM 
Monday through Friday. 
If you have something on your mind, or when you would like to put something in the Navigator I'm here for you.

Thanks and God bless!!   

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