Nikola News

Issue 63
Oct 2017

Many thanks to this month's models - The Chers

We, (the Chers) - Cheryl Lee Anderssen and Cherie Tetz-Christensen are excited to be offering transformation retreats here and abroad as a "delighted" team and in the context of community.  We're thankful to be partners of a contemplative community called SoulStream - www.soulstream.org where we received our training as spiritual directors and learned the fine art of facilitation.  Together we purpose to live open-heartedly - encouraging, exploring and discovering with others the deep mysteries of our own true essence and our connectedness to the Divine, each other - and all of Creation!
We offer keynotes, workshops, retreats and spiritual direction all for the purposes of living into life from this place of deep listening.
We'd love for you to join us on this next adventure into the spectacular beauty of Puerto Vallarta and exquisite nature of our own souls!!

Travelling Light Retreat - November 9-16, 2017

Registration or Questions:
please contact us at sacreddoorways2017@gmail.com

One of a Kind Ruby & Lolo Grey Cape.  Black Silk Tunic and Capri is Grizas.  Blue Jacket is Grizas.  Jewellery is Soma Mo.  Black knit skirt new Cut Loose arrival. 

Grey Bryn Walker Bamboo Coat.  Both Tunics and Capris are Tencel.  New Cut Loose Arrivals.


Cut Loose Tencel Tunics and Capris.

Lots of new scarves in Store.  Blue Tunic is Tencel.  
 Green T-shirt is also available in Light Grey.   100% Cotton by Cut Loose.

Green knit Tunic and Capri by Bryn Walker.  Grey Tunic is Bamboo by Chalet.

New Chalet Fleece Jackets.  Super Soft.


Grizas Linen Shirts.


One of a Kind Ruby and Lolo Cape.

One of a kind Ruby and Lolo Cape.  Faux Fir Collar is removable.

One of a Kind Ruby and Lolo Felted Wool Jacket.


Ruby and Lolo Cape.

Cut Loose Gold Quilted Jacket and Ruby and Lolo Velour Cape. 



Cut Loose Knit Swing Jacket, Tunic and Skirt.   





Grizas Jacket/ Tunic and Capri.


Grizas Jacket. 



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My goal is to create a life that I don't need a vacation from.

The ocean is everything I want to be.  Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.

- Authors unknown

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