Get ready for cooler weather

Our season has started off wonderfully.  We are so glad you have joined our Gym Hutt family.  We truly appreciate your business and support of Gym Hutt Gymnastics!

Tuesday - Friday classes are a 4 week payment.  Monday and Saturday classes are a 3 week payment.  

Tuition is due the first week of the month.  To avoid late charges, payment must be made by the end of the calendar month.  Please be aware that we do not store credit card information and do not automatically charge tuition.  Payment must be made in the office, over the phone, or dropped in the box next to the office. If you have any questions about paying tuition please do not hesitate to ask.  Thank you! 

We are closed October 7th - 9th for Columbus Day weekend.  

We are closed October 31st for PM classes only.  Morning classes will still be held on Halloween.  

View Calendar Here

We follow USA Gymnastics suggested progressions of skills for a number of reasons.  SAFETY is our main concern.  We always want to make sure students are strong enough for the next skill in their progression.  

For example, it is recommended that a gymnast be able to fall back into a back bend and hold a tall bridge position before starting back hand springs where they are jumping back onto their arms.  If they are not strong enough to hold themselves safely in the back bend then a back hand spring could cause an injury.  

We are always observing skill level during class and try to keep students challenged individually to prevent boredom.  We also do evaluations twice a year to make sure students are in the appropriate class level and move them when needed.

If you ever have questions about your child's progress or the progressions we teach, please talk with your child's coach or feel free to stop in the office to speak with Angela.  She is happy to help with anything you need.

Coat Drive
A local, gym family runs an annual coat drive to donate warm, winter coats to local families.  We love to help out with this cause.  There will be a tote by the door to place gently used winter coats in during the month of October and we will deliver them to the coat drive!

Open Workout
Our monthly open workout will be held Friday, October 27th 7-8pm.  The cost is $12 for current Gym Hutt students and $15 for the public.  A waiver must be signed by a parent if the child is not a current student.  

Print Waiver Here

Costume Week
Gymnasts are invited to wear Halloween costumes to their class from October 24th PM - 31st AM.  Costumes will only be worn during warm up and stretch so leotards should still be worn underneath.  Please do not wear hair color spray, make-up, or glitter.  It is not mandatory to wear a costume to class.

If we have to cancel class for inclement weather, power outages, or any other reason, we will let you know multiple ways.  We will send out a constant contact e-mail.  We will post on Facebook.  It will be posted on  We will sometimes make phone calls if any decisions are made too close to class time.  We try to post these announcements about 2 hours prior to class times.

Gym Show
Every year we choose a different charity as the theme of our end of the year gym show.  We fund raise for this charity and donate part of our admissions to them as well.  It's never too early to start thinking about gym show!  If you have a charity in mind please e-mail us. We have chosen the following charities in the past: Breast Cancer Association, Homes for Our Troops, ASPCA,  Autism Awareness, Gifts to Give, Camp Sunshine, and the Izzy Foundation.  Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Please e-mail them to or reply to this newsletter.  If we pick the charity that you suggested, you will win a FREE GYM SHOW LEOTARD!

Why Don't You...

We hope you enjoy this fun section of our newsletter this month.

1.  Buy some glow sticks (bracelets, rings and necklaces) from the dollar store to put on your children when you go trick or treating this year.  It helps you see them as they walk up to a house and it helps drivers see you as you walk along the street.

2.  Let your kids play with a can of shaving cream and some paint brushes in tub.  They can fill up cups, paint the wall, themselves, and more.  It rinses off easily for clean up.  

3.  Go outside and collect some big pines cones.  You can cover them in peanut butter and bird seed to put out during the season to have a tasty treat for our outdoor friends.

4.  Find a babysitter you can trust.  There are many great high school and college age kids looking to make extra money.  Many of them even drive themselves which is a plus.  It's important to find time away with your spouse/significant other for a date night. If you need help finding one, just ask Angela in the office.
Be the 10th person to e-mail your favorite slow cooker recipe to to win FREE TUITION for the month of November.  
We may just publish a Gym Hutt cookbook! (Or maybe just a Facebook post!)