Upcoming Events and Resources for Families
October 2017
Island Educational Services wants to ensure that you have the latest information about local events, educational articles, and current research in the field of education. There are several ways to stay up-to-date with us! Our website is chocked full of resources for parents and professionals and even has a blog about a variety of topics. And our FaceBook page is updated regularly with articles, events, and information about Island Educational Services. Just send us an email if you want more information or have issues accessing our resources.
Clay Roberts: What Kids Really Need to Succeed
WHEN: October 17 from 7 - 9 pm
WHERE: Bainbridge High Commons
WHAT: Nationally recognized educator Clay Roberts will share with parents what really impacts career and life successes. This fall, Clay has worked with all BISD staff to understand how fostering key emotional assets in kids supports their emotional health. Now, he brings these important lessons to the parent community and will share practical tips parents can put into immediate use to support our youth. He’ll discuss why BISD is launching a district-wide emphasis on social and emotion health education and how we can all be a part in raising our children up.
Learn More & Register Raising Resilience.
Aidan Keys: Supporting Gender Diversity in Our Schools
WHEN: October 10, 2017
TIME: 6:30pm
WHERE: Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, Fellowship Hall
WHAT: Sponsored by Madrona School, this event hosts Aidan Key, the founder of Gender Diversity in Seattle. Gender Diversity provides support and educational services for transgender and gender-diverse children and teens. As a gender diversity expert, Aidan Key will examine the topic of gender diversity in children and teens, the challenges faced by these youth and their families, current research, and identifying the best approaches for creating an inclusive, supportive environment for the entire school community. A $10 donation is suggested.
Articles of Interest
Read an article in Education Week about new research linking sleep disorders and ADHD.

Understood (an organization dedicated to learning and attentional issues) recently published an online article about surprising accommodations for students. The ideas were contributed by parents.

District Administration, published for school district administrators, recently published an excellent article about best practices in supporting students with anxiety. Click here to read about these new approaches.

This Educational Leadership article examines five strategies that develop better problem-solving skills in students by teaching them how to respond to uncertainty..
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