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THE PHOENIX BEAKIN'             
October 14th
Hampstead, NC
Things I Wish I'd Known
October 14th
Frederick, MD
No Place Like Home
October 21st
Alexander, NC
No Place Like Home
October 21st
Fairfax, VA
A Parrot's Point of View
October 28th
Knoxville, TN
Behavior Workshop
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2018 Wellness Retreat  ~  May 5-6, 2018
Registration for our 4th Wellness Retreat in Asheville, NC. is now open!!   Please join us for another phenomenal variety of veterinarians, scientists, and teachers who know how to make learning fun! The theme for 2018 is  Problem-Solving Some problems we can't avoid - such is life. Other problems we can prevent, and that's always the best solution. In both cases, knowing how to address these i ssues can make all the difference for birds, both in the wild and in our homes.  

Our guests will include Dr. Rowan Martin, Africa Program Director with the World Parrot Trust; Stephanie Edlund from Sweden; Dr. Jason Crean; and avian veterinarians in alphabetical order: Drs. Bob Dahlhausen, Keven Flammer, Susan Orosz, Giacomo Rossi from Italy, Frank Rutowski, and Scott Stahl. 

To register, go to:

We recommend making hotel reservations soon for the best rates
Dr. Stewart Metz, Enormous Hero to Indonesian Parrots!!
The parrots of Indonesia have lost one of their greatest advocates, Dr. Stewart Metz, or S'Too as some of us used to call him because of his passionate love for the cockatoos, especially the Moluccans (Seram cockatoos).  
Stewart is the founder of the Indonesian Parrot Project (IPP), which is dedicated to conservation of the wild parrots in Indonesia.

Dr. Metz was a distinguished physician for 32 years until he left his profession in 2001 to start the IPP. Countless birds have benefited from the work of IPP and Stewart's dedication.

Phoenix Landing hosted 2 fundraisers for IPP (2004 and 2010) because the work being done there is so critical to the survival of several species. If you would like to contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts in Indonesia, so dear to Stewart's life's work, you can donate to the Memorial fund in his name ( click here).
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
2,773 birds have entered the Phoenix Landing adoption program since 2003, many of which have already been adopted more than once. Birds can live a long time and deserve to have a succession of good homes. There are currently 120 birds in foster, and 139 others waiting for our help.  Please consider adoption first!  Here are just a few of our many adoptable birds. Learn more about our process here:
TITUS  is an 8 year old male Solomon Island Eclectus.  He seems easy going, and likes to chatter about whatever is going on around him. Titus has been brought up on a lush diet of healthy fruits and vegetables, and he loves, loves, loves to eat good food.  TItus also does a great job of playing with his toys, especially shreddables. He will happily move around the cage, so giving him a good "transportation system" with a wide variety of perch types and sizes will help keep his body and feet well exercised.  Birds will often use the perches that we think are too large or too small for their feet - but they know what they need to keep themselves agile and limber.  Shelves are also great assets for parrots!

OLIVER is a 5 year old male Red Sided Eclectus.  Oliver has a super-sized  personality! He is very confident, and he is a good flier. If he could maintain those flying privileges, that sure would be helpful for his long-term cardiovascular health. Oliver hasn't spent time with other birds, so his birdie social skills are still not clear as he has only been with us a short time. He definitely enjoys going into an aviary where he gets to put some of his big energy to use, staying busy and active all day long. Oliver has also been brought up on a healthy whole foods diet, and seems willing to try all the good items we give him. Yay!

Both boys are very intent and interested in the activities going on around them. They don't need too much touching, but certainly want to be where the action is. Both speak some very clear words and seem to have lots to say. Titus and Oliver both enjoy their boings, exercise, healthy food and misty showers. All these things have contributed to their lovely feather health, and we want their next homes to give them these same wholesome opportunities.
DANTE is a 14 year old ruby macaw (that is a hybrid greenwing and scarlet macaw combination). He is back with us for his next home through Phoenix Landing. He's avidly eating bananas, walnuts, and Harrison's pellets, and we're depriving him of some of the less healthy things he was given in the past (bacon, pizza, cheese).  He is ready for his next adventure. Just look at that face, you can tell he's a big, beautiful boy! Macaws are naturally boisterous and busy, so be prepared for fun, action and to assume the requirement to provide lots of challenging things for him to do.    Reportedly he enjoys misting in a safe outdoor cage, and hopefully he'll agree to some regular indoor mistings as well.   Dante says "let's play!"
Our Wish List
Sponsors for travel for our event  speakers, especially for the 2018 Wellness Retreat - maybe you have a special interest in meeting one of our speakers and would like to sponsor their travel or use air miles for their ticket; copy paper; flax seed; quinoa; and dimmable 60W (not LED) light bulbs. And we really appreciate your support by shopping with us at

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