The Davis Center
October 8, 2013 - Guest Don Adams, 
Doc Stars
on Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis on CBS Radio
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 Be sure to tune in to 

Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis 

on CBS Radio Tuesday, 12:00 PM,October 8th, Eastern Time when Ms. Davis is pleased to present her special guest, Don Adams/Doc Stars.






Donald Adams is a scientific researcher investigating the shapes of thought and emotion, converting these to sound frequencies for health and wellness.


Donald presents his unique tools, methods and findings to a global audience, with over 4,000 youtube subscribers and a number of online forums serving an international audience.


He has designed hundreds of acoustic frequencies that induce fast internal states of positive change for thousands of users.  His frequencies can be easily downloaded online and played on any sound system or emitted via our unique silent delivery tools and methods.


Donald has over 20 years of experience and study in alternative health and wellness technology.  He has been one of the youngest independent contractors to work as an onsite consultant for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft HQ and Koch International as well as government organizations such as the Canadian, Alberta Energy and Research Department.  Donald's academic background and expertise is mainly in computing sciences.







Quality of life and self improvement is supported by the MP3 frequency tracks developed and accessible via his website at:


You can watch videos online of Donalds work and presentations given at








If you would like to hear recordings of previously aired show on Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis, check out her page on The Sky.  Click on "Podcast" on the right to listen.



See you on the radio!


Nancy Puckett-Dunn

The Davis Center
The Davis Center is the most comprehensive sound therapy center in the world and uses a unique Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP)to  identify core issues in the areas of learning, development and wellness for people of all ages.  We offer remedial and/ or enhancement therapies that address challenges related to Autism, ADD, ADHD, APD, Apraxia, Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, Downs Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, learning disabilities, central auditory processing (CAPD), other minor learning / attention / focus related skills, and health and wellness issues. The President and Founder, Dorinne Davis MA, CCC-A, FAAA, RCTC, BARAwhose 40 years experience as an Educational and Rehabilitative Audiologist provides the foundation for the center's distinctive focus and evaluative capabilities and is the only person certified in all the major sound .