The University Library Annex at Cato Park, one of Penn State's dedicated contributors to sustainability, has joined the ranks of units working towards completing the fourth and final level of the Green Paws Program.  

Through program, the Annex fostered a team-oriented focus and the collective will to make changes to their way of working and living. Using their experience with Green Paws as a framework, they will be able to continue working together to overcome future challenges.

The current political climate begs the question, how can you use conflict to your advantage? Bob Langert talks about his experience as Former Vice President of Sustainability for McDonald's to  share his keys to honest success and effective leadership.

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Halloween is spooky by nature, but it doesn't have to be a scary time for the environment. You can have a jack-o-lantern full of Halloween fun while helping to protect and preserve the environment. Following these green Halloween tips can help you and your family have an eco-friendly Halloween celebration.

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