2015 Bike/Hike 
October 1 - 31, 2015
2015 will mark 50 years for the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partnership, and it's amazing how many are drawn to the humanitarian activities taking place between the people of WI and Nicaragua....once they find out.

The main purpose for the Bike/Hike event is to GET OUT and have fun GETTING THE WORD OUT through sharing about W/NP with others.  
To  Register in Nicaragua - contact W/NP Office in Managua 
 2-268-7548 or   wpartner@turbonett.com.ni
W/NP strives to custom fit volunteer opportunities based upon what works best for you!
This event is no different, options are open to participate on your own, in a group, on a certain day, everyday, no day, collect pledges, track miles, tell a friend, simply just wear the shirt or even sponsor someone else who wants to join and wear the shirt, but may not have the funds.   Many options - just pick one that works for you!
Very Special Thank You to the event sponsors in Wisconsin and Nicaragua who make the Bike/Hike possible!
How to be a part of the Bike/Hike?        
  •  Sign up yourself  
  •  Sponsor someone else              ( either in WI or in Nic )
  •  Pass and post info about the Bike Hike event in your town

Thank you for joining in as together we make a difference today!   

Craig @ Point Embroidery did a fantastic design for 2015, get yours today!

If you are on the UWSP Campus, or in Stevens Point, stop by Nelson Hall and pick up your shirt @W/NP office, M-F  9-5
W/NP| 715-346-4702 | wnp@uwsp.edu | www.wisnic.org
Room 129 Nelson Hall, UWSP  Stevens Point, WI  54481