An ARM Update
October 2013

Dear friends,  


It is amazing to me how fast 2013 has passed by! The month of October is when we at ARM start looking at Christmas and the new year ahead!

As many of you know, every October we give our sponsors a special opportunity to make their sponsored child's Christmas extra special, and this year is no exception.  Our giving deadline is quickly approaching on October 31st, 2013. 

This month, we decided that instead of just sending out a giving reminder, we wanted to share with you a few stories of how Christmas giving has impacted our students over the years!  It is your Christmas gifts that make these stories possible and for that we want to say thank you!


Be blessed,


Pastor Peter


Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO

Christmas comes to Maranatha High School MainSTORY

Wendy, an S5 Student
works on an IT project

Maranatha High School located in Gaba, Uganda was the beneficiary of a
very special Christmas gift from Maranatha Bible Church in San
Antonio, Texas last December. 

The church joined together and did a special giving tree project in which
they raised money to provide our high school students a computer lab. 
The lab was built in January 2013, and included: 80 Desks, 11 Computers, and 1 Projector.

Each week 450 students access the new computer lab.  Before the
computers came, the students were studying IT theory but never had the
opportunity to study the practical hands on skills.  This made it difficult for
them to transfer the book knowledge they learned to their every day life. 
Now that the students are able to study both theory and practical skills,
their grades have steadily improved.  The school has also been able to add in some program specific instruction into their IT program, including basic
Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Paint, among others.  Thank
you to Maranatha Christian Church and all of your members for being a
blessing to our students!

This year, we would like to install even more computer labs like this one into our other project areas.  You will notice, that we have added several new options for gifts, including: Desks and Computers. 

Within ARM, we have close to 30 project locations, with only Maranatha High School having a computer lab.  With your 2014 Christmas Gifts we hope to change that statistic!!  You donation of a desk and/or computer will not go directly to your individual child, rather it will go towards setting up 30 different computer labs throughout our project sites in Uganda, just like the one at Maranatha High School.  This will ensure that all our students have access to the desks and computers rather than only a select few.  Thank you in advance for helping us bring IT access to our 8,500 students throughout Uganda!!   
Christmas Gift Testimonies ShortSTORIES  

Ruth Learns to Share at Bible Camp 

                                               Meet Ruth Mirembe! She is in Primary 4 at Maranatha Christian School & enjoyed the gift of Camp last Christmas. 

We asked Ruth to tell us about her time at Camp, this is what she had to say, "Last year I went to camp. I loved it very much and was so happy that my sponsor sent me the gift so I could go! We had time to do Bible Studies, play on the swings, and have praise and worship time.  I learned about sharing at camp.  We were taught about the small boy in the Bible who shared his 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and how God used his gift to bless many others.  We also learned how to read the Word of God and how to follow His commands.  I think camp is amazing and I hope that every child will get to come next time!"
Francis Multiplies His Sponsor Gifts

Meet Eragu Francis from Soroti CDP.  Francis is in Primary 7 (7th Grade). 

Many things have changed since Francis joined ARM.  Francis' sponsors are not only faithful in sending their monthly sponsorship amount but they also send additional gifts to bless Francis and his family.  Francis used his first several gifts to buy goats.  Then, he continued to buy goats until he had saved enough goats to trade for a cow.  Now, 5 years later, he owns 3 cows, 2 sheep and 3 goats!  Francis and his mother are extremely grateful to the sponsors because their gifts have helped them to improve and sustain the family's livelihood.

Your gifts make a HUGE impact in the life of your child!
James Gets Access to the Word of God

Meet James Muwonge.  James is in Primary 4 (4th grade).  His sponsor gave him his own Bible one year for Christmas, and so we asked him to tell us a little bit about his gift and the impact it has had on his life.  This is what he had to say;

"I felt so good when my sponsor gave me my Bible.  I had never owned a Bible before, so it was the first one for me and the first one in my house.  I read and pray through the Word of God every day before I go to sleep.  I also use it during school chapel time on Thursdays.  I like to read my Bible to my parents and since my Bible is in English I interpret what it says for them into Luganda.  My favorite verse in the Bible is John 3:16"

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