Message from the President                       
~ Jacquie Glendenning

As my presidency is coming to an end, I would like to take a moment to reflect on all that has happened.
For starters, the January meeting had to be cancelled due to a severe snowstorm hitting the NYC area, it was my belief that even if the members could get to Binghamton, there was no guarantee they would be able to get home. A colleague tells me it was the first time in at least 23 years that a meeting had to be cancelled, Mother Nature won on that front.
In April we had one of the most successful state conferences ever.   Using new technology, we were able to streamline almost all of the conference functions. The awards luncheon was held in the vendor room because our numbers had grown, the bigger room was able to accommodate all attendees. As usual the basket raffle brought in considerable money for the state challenge.
In July we held a successful educational conference prior to the council meeting, the topics were toxicology and stroke care. Thank you to all who made the day successful. As usual Mary Ann Teeter delivered a great presentation on stroke care.   Also in July I was able to announce that we had won one of the coveted State Achievement Awards and we have named the state challenge scholarship, the Empire State scholarship which will be awarded in 2017.
In September many of us attended the ENA National Conference in Los Angeles, including first time attendees. There were many great educational and leadership sessions and a large variety of research posters. In addition, attendees had an opportunity to meet those individuals running for office at the national level.
The October council meeting was held in Binghamton, our guest was Sally Snow, Board Liasion and newly elected national secretary/treasurer. The State Achievement Award was displayed for the council to see, it is my intention to bring the awards (3) to each council meeting and to set up a display for them at the state conference. I believe this will allow others to see what can be accomplished when we all work together. Election results were revealed, with Martha Reid as president-elect and Renee Sylvies as director.   The Board says thank you and good-bye to Sandi Tetler, (Immediate Past President) and Mary Ellen Jennison, (Treasurer) both women proudly served the NYSENA . Please do not worry they really are not going anywhere, right ladies? We are looking for members to serve on the 50th anniversary committee, 2020 is right around the corner.
It was a pleasure and an honor for me to serve as your 2016 NYSENA president. See you in 2017!
Receiving the State Achievement Award at the ENA Awards Gala in September.

A Call for OLD GLORY . . . .
~Tammy A. Ophardt

 At the October NYS ENA Council Meeting Jamla Bergman had an idea she shared with the Council.  To the right is a star from an old flag with a remembrance saying about our flag.  Her idea is to gather old flags so the stars can be cut out and given to Veterans that visit our EDs to thank them for their service.  She thought it would be a nice project for the NYS ENA to do.  She is asking everyone to check out the website for the types of flags that would be appropriate for the project.  The stars have to be embroidered, not printed/screened, need to be as clean as they can be for an older worn flag, and not larger than 2 inches.  Please remember these will be a gift to our Veterans and we do not want to give them something that is really dirty. Please send the flags (no casket flags) you wish to donate to Jamla. Any questions, please contact Jamla at

A Happy Emergency Nurses Week
~ Tammy A. Ophardt

In honor of Emergency Nurses Week 2016 the NYS ENA randomly picked names from each chapter to win a renewal of their ENA membership for a year.  Below are the winners:

Adirondack - Geraldine Vickers
Brooklyn/Staten Island - Aysha Evans
Central - Bridget Koban
Chatt - Matthew Ring
Nassau/Queens - Katrina Mae Inocentes
Manhattan/Bronx - Oscar Castillo
Mid Hudson - Bernard Dolan III
Southern Tier - Laura Terriquez-Kasey
Suffolk - Joanne Kearney
Mark Twain - Christine Weiss
Western - Jennifer Crotty
Genesee Valley - Holly Maas
Lower Hudson - Sherin Ninan
Mohawk - Melissa Kelly

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!

Conference Corner - April 2017
~ Tammy A. Ophardt

 The Conference Committee is looking for Speakers and Vendors.  Please send suggestions to Andrew Wong or Kathy Conboy. 

The vendor perspectus is on-line for anyone interested or if anyone wants to direct anyone to the site.

Currently they have the following subjects:
 . . . . .please send suggestions for anything new/innovative/different . . . . .

Chapter Minutes
~ Tammy A. Ophardt
It has been decided on by the board and the council that all chapter minutes will need to be submitted to Jamla Bergman NYS ENA Secretary to be compliant with 501c3.  It will no longer be acceptable to have the minutes just on the chapter's website with a link from the state ENA's site.  The concern is if the chapter dissolves for some reason, the minutes will still be archived for future reference on the NYS ENA site.  If the minutes are put on the NYS website we can be closer to another State Achievement Award. 

Starting November 1, 2016, please make sure the secretaries submit all chapter minutes to the State Secretary.  Thank you!
TNCC & ENPC Instructors: Important Information !!!
~Tammy A. Ophardt
IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED  before November 30, 2016 or you will no longer be an instructor!!!!
If you are a TNCC or ENPC instructor you need to log on to the instructor site and complete the Instructor Path Modules. Right now the course is free if you complete it BEFORE November 30, 2016.  After the 30th it will cost $100 to complete the modules.  The modules will take you about 4 hours to complete.  You will be able to start them and come back to them later if needed.  If you have any issues, you can contact Course Ops for assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann Teeter for TNCC and Joanne Fadale for ENPC.




Instructions: Course Vitals - Instructor path information

Course: Instructor Path



Congratulations to our New Board Members!
~Tammy A. Ophardt

At our October 2016 NYS ENA Council meeting in Binghamton, NY the following new board members were inducted for the Board for 2017:

Renee Sylvies - Board Member at Large
Maureen Chernosky - Treasurer
Ivy Budhai-Henry - President
Martha Reid - President-Elect

A big thank you to the out-going members of the board and a big welcome to our new members!

Chapter Treasurers                        
~Tammy A. Ophardt

 News from the financial world of the NYS ENA departing treasurer guru Mary Ellen Jennison:
Mary Ellen will be sending out information to the chapters in how to sign-on to their accounts that have switched to Key Bank. 

End of the year requests: 
Please send the instructor payments sent out for the year as needed.
Please send an end-of-the-year reconciled spreadsheet for the chapter.

Important reminder for all chapter treasurers:
Financial information for all chapters MUST be kept FOREVER. Please make necessary arrangements for this within each chapter.

 Remembering . . .
Snippets from the History of NYS ENA
~ Joanne Fedale

The Council
In New York State we now have a Council known as the New York State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association. It is a group of representatives from each of the chapters in NY as well as an elected Board of Directors.
As I review the historical documents of the state ENA I found some interesting information about our formation.
The Council was not always its name. On May 16, 1975, a general membership meeting of the New York State Emergency Department Nurses Association (EDNA) was called by Charlotte LaFaen, RN, Region II Representative for the national organization. Mildred Finke, RN, the national president at that time was also in attendance.   At this meeting, Jerri Van Every, RN, was introduced as the newly appointed NYS representative to EDNA. This was not surprising; Jerri worked for the association Co-founder Anita Dorr, RN. The idea of forming a State Coordinating Council was introduced by Mildred and Charlotte. A group of 46 members openly discussed why having a NYS Coordinating Council would be good thing for the emergency department nurses within NYS.
They thought that possibly the following objectives would guide them:
  • To improve communications among Chapters within the State
  •  To keep all chapters and NYS EDNA members aware of any and all legislative actions within the State that may affect them
  • Coordinating educational programs within the State
  • Assist with formation of Chapters within the State
  • To improve relationships with NYS ACEP, to include joint educational activities
It was further discussed that perhaps the chapters in existence would possibly delegate responsibility of a specific goal or task to each of the Chapters. This would result in giving each chapter a direction in which to work and an opportunity to develop expertise in a given area.
It was clear that the group knew direction was needed but at this first meeting they were not familiar enough to make a decision.
The vote went forward to approve the formation of the NYS Coordinating Council. So on that historical day the New York State Coordinating Council was born (the name was changed at a later date). The Presidents of the five chapters chartered in NYS were among those voting. Those individuals were:
Adirondack Chapter- Zana Coates, RN
Genesee Valley Chapter- Bette Campbell, RN
Long Island /Queens Chapter- Patricia Canigiani, RN
Tri-County of SENY Chapter- Carol Brown, RN
Western New York Chapter- Bonita Shaw, RN
 It was also motioned on that day to elect the Councils first chairperson. Jerri Van Every was elected by the majority of voters. The chapters broke into groups to try to select delegates to this newly formed Council. It became apparent that it would be an impossible task and the appointment of those delegates would be left up to the chapter representatives at the next meeting of their respective chapters.   It was also motioned that the officers would be selected from those representatives who were selected. If a chapter lost its representative to an officer position the delegate would be replaced by another individual.
All of this activity took place in a matter of one hour and 20 minutes, as indicated by minutes of the meeting.
If anyone knows any of the members mentioned it would be interesting to share this article with them. Unfortunately, I can share that Jerri and Zana are no longer with us, they both died many years ago. We the members of NYSENA should feel very proud that these forward thinking emergency nurses had the vision to get us started.