Volume 4, Issue 10; October 2017
Vital Village Upcoming Events 
Registration is now open for the 2017 Leadership Summit!

Building Wellness Through the Power of Advocacy
Across Boston, individuals, families, communities are working hard to advocate for change. These changes support the health and wellbeing of our children and families. We aim to highlight these advocacy efforts at all three levels and provide opportunities for connection and collaboration across the diverse Vital Village Network.

November 1st - Pre-Summit Workshop: Financial Wellness: Grant Writing to Sustain Efforts
- Space Limited: Participation is limited to the first 30 registrants

November 2nd: Building Wellness Through the Power of Advocacy

                                  More information and registration here

October Network Connection Meeting
Join us on October 16th for our monthly Network Connection Meeting! This is an opportunity to discuss the current status of our communities while offering insight and support through conversational networking. Dinner is provided.
Where: Evans Seminar Room at Boston Medical Center, 72 E Concord St, Boston MA 02118  
When: 6:00-8:00pm

Boston Breastfeeding Coalition Meeting
Join to discuss the latest Coalition updates, challenges and triumphs in breastfeeding support work in Boston, and new ideas for working together moving forward! Everyone is welcome, babies and children included.
When: Thursday October 5th, 12-2pm
Where: Northeastern Crossing Boston

Around the Network
Breakfast IV Brothers
Enjoy a free breakfast and engaging cross-generational conversation in a is a safe space for men to converge and support one another .
When:  Saturday,  October 14th, 8 :20am-11:30am
Where: Kroc Center 
650 Dudley Street, Bosont

ABCD Solutions Series  
Stimulating conversation pieces and lectures designed to broaden and strengthen the mind. 
When: Thursday, October 12th, 8am-10am, Thursday December 14, 9am-12pm,
Where: Urban College of Boston
2 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor, Downtown Boston
More Information

Heart of Humanity Community Heros Celebration 
Being of service is simply part of who they are, and they make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. On this special night, we honor more than 20 extraordinary individuals, our community heroes, because they embody the heart of humanity.
When:  November 9th 16, 6pm - 8:30pm
Where110 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Our City Block Party at Boston Childrens Museum 
The second Friday night of every month is our time to co-create and experience an awesome Block Party Community! We all have stories, and at this party, you are invited to share stories through music, dance, games, art, and more. This month's theme is "Toys and Games". 
When:  October 13th, 6-8pm, Monthly, Every Second Friday of the month.
Where:  308 Congress Street, Boston 
Around the City
Free Family Fun Nights at the Kroc Center 
Free fun activities for the whole family!
When : Friday, October 27th, 5pm-8pm
Where : 650 Dudley Street in Boston

Empowering Women to Action 
A National convening of mothers who have experienced loss from street violence, social change makers, corporate partners, and civic leaders.
When :
Thursday October 19th, Friday October 20th, 2017
Where : Wheelock College, Brookline Campus, Brookline

Coalition Building: Back to Basics 
Learn about team building and sustaining  while also experiencing networking opportunities for leaders of all types. 
When : Wednesday October 11th, 9am-4pm
Where : Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, 414 Massasoit Road, Worcester
Village Voices

September Community Organizing and Family Issues Training 

In 2016, Marisa Luse and Josette Williams, two community champions attended a training in Chicago with Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI) that focuses on parent-led organizing and advocacy. Our champions returned inspired and determined to bring COFI back to our network. This vision came to life on September 20-23 as VVN hosted a 4-day COFI training where 22 community leaders learned the parent-focused model of advocacy. 

One participant stated: "It answered my number one challenge, how NOT to lose my personal and family goals in the midst of community organizing."
Job Opportunities

ABCD Headstart Seeks Classroom Support Trainees
Description: : Entry level, part-time, temporary position that helps ensure that children with disabilities are successfully included into the regular education classroom.   More Information .
Scoop on the Stats
Too much tech and too little talk can delay communication development! 
New recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics show the development of speech and language skills is strongly linked to thinking ability, social relationships, reading and writing, and school success. In the first three years of life, 80% of a child's brain development occurs. This development is fed through consistent verbal and nonverbal interactions between parents and children, so it is important to keep the focus on quality time and not on technology, whenever you can.

Does this mean that we need to put down our smartphones completely? Of course not; but nothing takes the place of face-to-face interaction when it comes to our children's learning and speech and language development-not even technology.
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