October 2017 Vol.10 Issue 1
Dear Friends, 

If you read this newsletter on a regular basis, you almost certainly know that I volunteer a tremendous amount of time to the Boy Scouts. As a consequence, I have received at least a dozen inquiries in the last few weeks about the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to invite girls to join the Cub Scouts, and eventually (in 2019) have a program that will allow them to reach Eagle Scout. 

 Am I for it? I am for anything that will help our young people better prepare for life. Joining the Boy Scouts and becoming an Eagle Scout profoundly  changed my life, and I have watched the program do that for innumerable young people. I don't really see the controversy, and here is why:
  • The Boy Scouts have included girls in their programs for over 40 years! The Exploring program went co-ed in the early 1970's, and the 20-year old Venturing program was co-ed from its inception. The Boy Scout's high adventure bases and Jamborees all have girls and women attending.
  • Women have been Scoutmasters and other leaders in the Boy Scouts for over 30 years. 
  • Nearly every other country in the world has co-ed Scouting, including Great Britain, the home of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting program. The United States is unusual in having separate Boy and Girl Scout organizations. 
  • The Boy Scouts of America today has what is considered the gold standard of youth protection, the elements of which have been adopted by other youth organizations. This is ingrained by mandatory recurrent youth protection training of all adults and protects children of both sexes. 
  • Boy Scout co-ed youth events have been held for many years, and have always had safeguard standards. (As an example, a co-ed youth event must have adult leaders of both sexes.)
  • There are many other youth activities that compete for a youngster's time. Sports, robotics, and music to name a few. And there are many Scouting-type organizations such as Camp Fire, Girl Scouts, Baden-Powell Scouts, Boys and Girls Brigades, Trail Life, and American Heritage Girls.   

 As in almost every area of our lives, we have more and more choices. There will be girls who prefer the Girl Scouts (my niece earned the Gold Award and loved the Girl Scouts), and there will be those who prefer a different program or activity. Many people are surprised to discover that my son was not a Boy Scout. We did visit three different Boy Scout troops together, but in the end, he made his choice and pursued his passion for music instead. So let's celebrate all the choices that we and our children have!  

And while we are talking about the Boy Scouts, let me insert a shameless plug for EagleCoach.org, my website for future Eagle Scouts. If you know a Scout aspiring to be an Eagle Scout, this is the place for him (and someday soon, her) to land. There are many pages of information, tips, and downloads to assist them in the process. 

OK, enough about Scouting. This month's article discusses the total cost of a relocation of your business. Beyond the purchase price or rent payments, we have soft costs, renovation, environmental issues, evaluation of future shipping and travel, utility costs and more. You want to consider these other costs before you make a real estate decision and commitment!

Oh, the possibilities!
David G. Hunt
  The Total Cost of Relocation 
 by David Hunt
Can you provide some ball-park costs associated with relocating our company? We're concerned that these secondary costs may get out of hand.   

A: You have a right to be concerned. I am always surprised at the companies that will negotiate the price of their new facility down to the last dollar, without as thoroughly analyzing their other relocation costs. It is way beyond. ...

245 Newtown Road
Plainview, NY

5,137 Square Foot Office/Warehouse for Lease


Precision Label Corporation has purchased 50 Marcus Blvd, Hauppauge.
Fiber Options has purchased 258 East Second Street, Mineola.
Gehring Textiles has leased space at 100 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge.
Crossfit Lindy has leased space at 511 Sheffield Ave, West Babylon.
ABC Supply Co. has subleased space at 27 Ludy Street, Hicksville.

City  Address               Property Type  Size SF   Office SF Acres Total  Sold Price/SF  Sold Date 

333 Smithtown Boulevard Office 2,881
.37 $130.16 10/4/2017
Hauppauge 50 Marcus Boulevard Industrial
2.14 $115.00 9/26/2017
42 East 2nd Street Industrial 6,613
.23 $93.00 9/7/2017
4880 Veterans Highway 
Office Flex 
24,000 4.70 $120.83 9/7/2017
Commack 164 Commack Road Office 8,000
.62 $162.50 9/7/2017
Williston Park
99-101-105 Hillside Avenue

.73 $212.91

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