Zhenya Lopatnik
New York Klezmer Series: Ternovka Ensemble
Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia Street, Brooklyn
Thursday, October 13, 8pm
Tickets: $25 workshop (per class); $15 concert/dance parties; $35 full night pass (workshop, concert & jam session)
The transcendent Yiddish singer Zhenya Lopatnik, a recent transplant to New York City from Kharkiv, Ukraine, joins with a group of leading Brooklyn-based musicians who are revitalizing the sounds of traditional East European string bands. For hundreds of years up through the early 20th century, traditional kapelyes (klezmer ensembles) featuring fiddles, double bass and the gossamer sounds of the tsimbl (cimbalom/hammered dulcimer) dominated the music of the shtetls and cities of Jewish Eastern Europe. Today, Brooklyn has become a center for a new generation of instrumentalists who are breathing life into klezmer's string tradition, exploring this treasure trove of lost repertoire and styles, and using it to create new music. 

Join the Ternovka Ensemble for a performance of haunting folk ballads, rollicking klezmer instrumentals, and Yiddish anthems that you can't help but sing along with, as well as Lopatnik's new musical settings of the poetry of Mani Leyb. 
Featuring Zhenya Lopatnik (vocals/guitar), Pete Rushefsky (tsimbl), Jake Shulman-Ment (violin), Zoe Aqua (violin) and Joanna Sternberg (bass). The New York Klezmer Series, curated by Aaron Alexander, meets nearly every Thursday evening at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. The night kicks off with a klezmer instrumental music workshop at 6:30pm, then a concert by featured artists at 8:00pm followed by a jam session till 11:00pm.  For more information, see: The New York Klezmer Series

CTMD is proud to be a sponsor of the series.
Kriye Bode 2016
Kriye Bode 2016 Fundraiser
Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts
66 West 12 th Street, NYC
Friday, October 14 th , 7:30pm
Tickets: $25 

Join master Haitian dancer and choreographer Peniel Guerrier for an evening of dance and music to raise funds for a new cultural community center and school in Guerrier's home region of Saint Marc in Haiti. As Guerrier writes, "Most dance and music schools are located in Port-au-Prince and are not accessible to children outside the city. It is my goal to give kids the opportunity to study and learn about their culture through dance and give them a chance to discover their natural talents and gifts. By educating the youth, we continue the preservation of culture." Tickets are available online or at the door. 
Sounds of Korea
The Spirit of Timeless Tradition: The 21st New York Korean Performing Arts Center Annual Concert
Merkin Concert Hall
Kaufman Music Center
129 West 67 th Street, NYC
Saturday, October 22 nd , 7:30pm
Tickets: $25- $100 

The New York Korean Performing Arts Center's annual concert will feature the foremost Korean performing group of the United States and CTMD Touring Artists, Sounds of Korea. The program will include: the Vibrant Fan Dance, Jindo Drum Dance, the Dance of Joy, coupled with instrumental traditional and contemporary works for gayageum (zither), haegeum (string instrument), piri (double-reed bamboo oboe), daegeum (bamboo flute), and percussion. Piri-player Gamin, and leading Japanese American drummer, composer, and flutist, Kaoru Watanabe, will join the ensemble in exploring improvisations within the great Korean traditions of music and dance.Tickets:  KaufmanMusicCenter.org
2016 Haitian Creole Language & Culture Symposium
Haitian Creole: Orality and Cultural Identity / 
Kreyòl Ayisyen: Orality ak Idantite Kiltirèl
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Friday, October 28 -  Sunday, October 30 
FREE and Open to the Public

The annual symposium on Creole language and culture will feature a performance by the group Fanmi Asòtò, which includes the female Vodou songtress Sirèn Dantò Sainvil and the Haitian master drummer Jean Guy Rene.  Invited speakers for the weekend event include: anthropologist Suze Mathieu, writer/journalist Hilario Bastista Felix, Ninaj Raoul, director of Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, and Darnell Benoit, director of the Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project. CTMD's Haitian Community Cultural Initiative, Verite Sou Tanbou, is proud to be a sponsor.
Pachamama Peruvian Arts

Sharing Traditions
School is back in session and that means our Sharing Traditions partners are starting
up a Fall season of classes in traditional music and dance. CTMD sponsors four schools in the greater New York area in traditions ranging from Chinese to Mariachi music. Share this information about registration and class meetings with parents and kids you know!

Pachamama Peruvian Arts meets every Friday evening, beginning October 7, for classes in Andean music, cajón (Afro-Peruvian percussion instrument), marinera norteña and tondero (dances from the Northern Peruvian coast). The classes meet at PS 69, 77-02 37th Ave. in Jackson Heights, Queens. To find out more about the classes or to register, contact PPA's executive director, Luz Pereira at luzpny@gmail.com or go to their website: www.pachamamaperuvianarts.org

FolkCOLOMBIA began its second year of lessons on October 6.  This semester, students will be focused on learning the rhythms of the joropo with dancer master Rubén Dario Mejia and musician Rafael Fernando Leal and the currulao, with dance teacher Karla Florez and percussionist Moris Cañate.  Classes meet every Thursday evening at Our Lady of the Angels, 63-63 98th Street in Rego Park, Queens.  Parents are encouraged to enroll and learn with their children.  More information, email: folkcolescuela@gmail.com 
Naomi Sturm (center) and the Sri Lankan Dance Academy of New York
at The Richmond Folk Festival last weekend in Virginia.

New Sri Lankan Community CulturaI Initiative

We're excited to announce that Naomi Sturm has joined the Center for Traditional Music and Dance to lead our newest Community Cultural Initiative with the Sri Lankan Community. Naomi has a long history with CTMD, working for many years with Pachamama Peruvian Arts. 

The Sri Lankan CCI was established this summer and Naomi will be spending the next few months conducting fieldwork in the community. She will be expanding on her already rich network of contacts in the Sri Lankan community in Staten Island, including the Sri Lankan Dance Academy of New York, whom she presented at the Lowell Folk Festival in July this year. Staten Island is home to the largest concentration Sri Lankan immigrants in the United States, and is often known as "Little Sri Lanka." Naomi will additionally continue in her role as the Staff Folklorist for the Staten Island Arts Council. We look forward to working with the community and welcome Naomi back to CTMD!
Internships at CTMD

It takes many hands to make the work of CTMD go smoothly. That's why our intrepid interns are so important. CTMD interns assist with all sorts of projects from grant writing and newsletters to archive cataloging and stage managing. This summer, we were lucky to have two great interns help us stay on track in the office.

Bridgid Bergin was assisted with all kinds of projects, from the summer season of grant proposal writing, to organizing our new social media efforts and updating sections of our website, including the new page for the FolkCOLOMBIA CCI. She was also there with us at Heritage Sunday at Lincoln Center this July, taking excellent photos and helping groups backstage. Bridgid is a currently a graduate student in Ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University and studying the veena  (a plucked string instrument from India).

Our other intern, Judy Sweet, spent the summer working to transcribe rare manuscripts documenting 19th and early 20th century Klezmer repertoire from Europe. Judy is an undergraduate student in music at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she focuses on music education with a piano concentration. A classically trained pianist, and also well-versed in Klezmer repertoire, Judy was easily able to translate the manuscripts into the Sibelius program to produce beautifully printed notation. She also conducted valuable grant research at the Foundation Center for our Sharing Traditions program. 

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student (or you know one!) studying music, folklore ethnomusicology or anthropology and would be interested in internship with CTMD, send an email to CTMD's Deputy Director, Maureen Loughran: mloughran @ctmd.org

Mariachi Real de Mexico

Mariachi Real de Mexico 25th Anniversary Gala
Carnegie Hall: Weill Recital Hall
57th Street and Seventh Ave.
Tuesday, November 22, 8pm
Tickets: $40 - $80

Mariachi Real de Mexico celebrates its 25 th Anniversary with a gala concert at Carnegie Hall, featuring the Mariachi Academy of New York, the Azlo Chamber Orchestra, guitarist Nilko Andreas Guarin and baritone Jose Adan Perez. Tickets are available online at Carnegie Hall's website

Siete Mares: Oyu Oro Afro Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble 2016 Premiere
Aaron Davis Hall at City College of New York
160 Convent Avenue, NYC
Saturday, December 17, 7:00pm
Sunday, December 18, 3:00pm
Tickets: $30

The 2016 dance drama performance premiere by Oyu Oro reflects the cultural perspective and dance identity based on the history and the mythology of Afro-Cuban culture, "Siete Mares" is the third of the Patakin (mythological story) series, written, choreographed and directed by Danys Perez "La Mora"- an international Afro-Cuban folklore master specialist, from Santiago de Cuba. Oyu Oro will be joined by special guest Cuban dancers and musicians of the Ballet Folklorico Cutumba, the Folklorico National de Oriente, the Ballet Santiago and Cabildo Teatral Santiago. CTMD is pleased to be a co-sponsor of this program. For more information:  oyuoro-afrocuban.com
Autumn Events at CTMD Partner Organizations

Salon Series with Sachiyo Ito & Company
Tenri Cultural Institute
43A West 13 th Street, NYC (btw 5 th & 6 th Ave.)
Sunday, October 16, 3pm
Tickets: $15 general, $10 student

Salon Series is an on-going program of performances, informative and educational lectures, and lecture-demonstrations aimed at those who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the performing arts of Japan.  This Fall's Salon Series features the aesthetics and concept of the Flower as a metaphor for Japanese performing arts and culture.  More information at: www.dancejapan.com

Salon Series No. 57: Flower Petals Fall, Not the Flower
Sunday, October 16, 3:00-4:00pm
We will present the contemporary florist Katsuya Nishimori and his team, who will install an epic-sized creative floral arrangement on stage.  Sachiyo Ito will decompose the arrangement inspired by the theme "Flower petals fall, but flowers do not." The dance will be an improvisation as she faces and clashes with the beauty of the flowers - the form, and fights to retain the beauty of the flowers without form, which echoes after momentary existence. From destruction to final re-integration of art and identity, the dance will be accompanied by live music and singing.

Amir ElSaffar and Rivers of Sound
Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer Street, Brooklyn
Friday, October 14, 8:00pm
Tickets: $20

Rivers of Sound is a large ensemble of instrumentalists from Western and Middle Eastern traditions, which explores the confluences of a musical language and transcends notions of tradition and style. In performing " Not Two ," an original composition by Amir ElSaffar, each musician interacts with the group through improvised and composed material to create a novel composite sound. Presented by Alwan for the Arts. For tickets and more information, visit Pioneer Works.

Sounds to Summon the Japanese Gods: Ko Ishikawa
Japan Society
333 East 47 th Street, NYC
Friday, November 11, 8:30pm
Tickets: $25 general, $20 Japan Society members

Step into a space where otherworldly sounds abound. Led by Ko Ishikawa, master player of the sho (ancient Japanese mouth organ) and internationally active contemporary musician, this program offers selections spanning from medieval gagaku (Imperial Court music) to works by acclaimed music composer Mamoru Fujieda. Ishikawa will be joined by Kayoko Nakagawa on koto and Ami Yamasaki on voice for this musical soiree, which also incorporates the sounds of fermenting shochu (Japan's distilled alcohol), a highly sacred beverage in Japanese mythology. Tickets available at the Japan Society
Yiddish New York
December 24-29, 2016

A week of workshops, lectures, theater, klezmer concerts, dance parties, neighborhood walking tours, visual arts exhibition and much more! Special programs for kids and teens. Go to Yiddish New York's website to learn more about the upcoming programs and join the mailing list.  CTMD is proud to be a sponsor of Yiddish New York.   
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