United Christian Parish Preschool
October 2017 Newsletter 


Columbus Day Holiday Monday, October 9
Fairfax County Public Schools Teacher Workdays
Preschool will be closed on Monday Nov 6 & Tuesday, November 7.  We will be holding parent/teacher conferences on November 7.     


Would you like to add a Lunch Bunch for your child?
There are a couple spaces in Monday+ and Tuesday Lunch Bunch.  Call the office if you want to enroll. Wednesday Lunch Bunch is closed.

Thursday Lunch Bunch-Help us get out on time!
You do not have to come early, but if you are on North Shore Drive, come on in the parking lot any time from 1 pm on.  We have lots of children to load and we start early with anyone who is there.
      Thanks to all of you who came to Parent Night and learned more about your child's time at school and let us get to know you better.
     Enjoy reading the Shubert or Sophia books with your children in the Sleepover Bags. Please come to the Conscious Discipline programs on October 17 or 19.  W hen parents and staff work together sharing and l earning it is powerful for our children.     
     It has been a joy to watch all the children become accustomed to the school routine.  Those faces that looked a little hesitant at first now show eagerness to get to their classrooms and get busy each morning. 
      It has also been a joy to get know our children's parents.  We are very thankful for those parents who have been getting involved and helping us in a variety of ways.    
     As the season changes we see the glory of God in the beautiful colors.  In Chapel we will celebrate those changes and thank God for the beauty of creation.  
  Wishing you well.                        
Keep your child home when he or she is sick
Please help us keep everyone well by keeping your child home if he is feeling bad or has had fever, diarrhea, or vomiting in the previous 24 hours.
If your friends or neighbors ask, there are a few spaces for 2's and 3's. 
Three ways to pay
Leave your check in the mailbox inside the Preschool office, send it in the US mail, or use the online bill payer your bank provides, but PLEASE DO NOT give us post-dated checks.

Watch Lunches, Birthday treats or Snacks carried by little siblings

 Be very careful about any food item brought into the building to make sure they contain no peanuts.  Some children have life-threatening allergies.

Contact Information  
Administrative Staff 
Jane Plum, Director
Tracie Lambakis & Stephanie Sturgell, Administrative Assistants
The Preschool is accredited by
pumpkin patchthe National Association for the Education of Young Children.  The Preschool is licensed as a Child Day Program by VA Department of Social Services.   The Preschool participates in VA Quality.
For Personal Use Only
The Family Directory will come home in school bags this week.  Please use it for communication about school activities, carpools, playdates and birthday parties, but not for any commercial purpose. Please don't share outside our School Family.
Join Our List

 Parents can volunteer for

  • Yard work at the Playground
  • Blowing leaves later in the month (This would be VERY, VERY HELPFUL)
  • Simple (very simple) carpentry work

E-mail or call for more information.

Two Facebook Pages-What's the Difference?
     United Christian Parish Preschool has a Facebook page where we post photos occasionally for everyone to see what a busy, happy place this is.  Please LIKE this page so you can see the photos and please SHARE so other members of the community can see.  This is especially helpful when we are promoting Open House or the Yard Sale.
     United Christian Parish Preschool Parents Group is a private page which you may join.  Please find it and ask to join.  This is where parents connect with each other and share helpful information.
Saturday, October 14 - Lots to Do Between Now and Then           
The yard sale is coming up on Sat. Oct. 14!  Donations will be accepted from  carline  Oct 10-13.  Please note: We will only have volunteers taking donations from cars during morning  carline    drop-off.  We will walk up to your car and take the donations out for you.  Please display your afternoon carline pick-up sign with your child's name in the passenger window to let us know that you have items to drop-off.  

Please consider volunteering to help with the Yard Sale.  There are many ways you can contribute!  For details on our Sign-Up Genius page http://tinyurl.com/SaleHelp.
Help Publicize
  Find the Yard Sale post on the Preschool Facebook page and SHARE !
Join us for Conscious Discipline on October 17 or 19
By the end of November, your child will have brought home a Shubert or Sophie Sleepover Bag.  Enjoy reading the books with your child.  We hope that you will talk together about how Shubert for the 3's and 4's and Sophie for the 2's solve problems in their school and home life.  We hope you will be curious about the skills that Shubert and Sophie are learning and that you will want to learn more.
Become a S.T.A.R. Parent   
Give your children the gifts of safety and connection. Take your first step in developing the Skills and Powers of Conscious DisciplineĀ®. You will learn a little about how brain research guides us and learn to see children's behavior in a new light. Begin with a Brain SmartĀ® Start at home just as we do at school. 
Tuesday, 10/17, 9:15-10:45 am, Room 117
Thursday, 10/19, 7:30-9 pm, Room 113/114
These sessions will be led by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Jane Plum.  Both sessions are the same; come on whichever day works best for you.  Sorry, no child care.  It's okay to bring quiet infants with you. Don't worry if you can't come to every session; each one begins with a review of the previous lesson. We welcome your participation in learning the language and skills that we use at school. 

Looking ahead to next month, the sessions will be held on:  
Tuesday 11/28, 9:15-10:45 am
Thursday, 11/30,  7:30-9 pm
Fall Festival Oct. 23 & 24 Volunteers Needed
Fall Festival is around the corner, and we need your help to make this event an enjoyable one for the children! Please look out for a sign up that will be sent soon.   Please note that this is NOT a family event for parents and siblings. Only parents who volunteer may attend.
Parents of 2 year-olds   - We request that you don't volunteer during the scheduled time for your child's class. The 2 year-olds often have a difficult time with their parents being there and then leaving them again. 

pumpkin patch
Next Meeting Tues. Oct. 10
Meet after morning drop-off in room 107 (Big Room).  
Coffee & Kids on Oct. 16
You're invited to Coffee & Kids on Mon. Oct. 16!  Bring your little ones and hang out with other UCP Preschool Parents after morning drop-off in room 107 (Big Room).  Bring some toys for a fun morning together!
Parents Group on Facebook
Join Parents Group on Facebook to stay up-to-date about preschool happenings and to connect with other parents!  Have an idea for Parents Group?  Let us know!   ~ Suzanne Venteau-Koch (Caelan's mom) and Kristin Szczenski (Ben's mom).

S ave the Date for Family Night Out - Wednesday, November 15
Please join us for a fun family night out fundraiser at Chipotle on 12152 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston. This is a great fundraiser as we receive 50% of the proceeds. Details later!
Has your child been vaccinated? 
      CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  recommends that all children aged 6 months up to their 19th birthday get a flu vaccine.  Make arrangements with your pediatrician today.  Also, parents of young children are considered at high risk for flu, so check with your physician as well.
      In addition to the flu shots, your next line of defense is always HANDWASHING.  Never skimp on the soap or the sudsing time!
Oct 3 & 5              Chapel
Oct 9                     School closed, FCPS is closed
Oct 10 & 12          Chapel
Oct 10-13              Yard Sale Donations & Set-up 
Oct 10                    Parents Group 9:10 am
Oct 14                    Preschool Yard Sale
Oct 17                   Conscious Discipline 9:15 am.
Oct 18                    PAC meeting, 7:30 pm
Oct 19                   Conscious Discipline 7:30 pm
Oct 19 & 20          Gathering
Oct 23 & 24          Fall Festival
Oct 31, Nov 2       Chapel
Nov 6 & 7             School closed
Nov 15                  Family Night Out at Chipotle
Nov 13 & 14         School pictures for 3's & 4's
Nov 22, 23, 24      Thanksgiving Holiday
10/2     Cheese & crackers
10/3     Bananas & gr. Crackers
10/4     Cheerios & raisins
10/5     Potato wedges, ketchup
10/6     Repeats
10/10   Pineapple & graham crackers
10/11   Wheat Thins & soy butter
10/12   Applesauce, gr. crackers
10/13   Repeats
10/16   Apple slices,Ritz/Corn chips-4's
10/17   Apple slices,Ritz/Corn chips-4's
10/18   Peaches, gr. crackers
10/19   Granola bars & milk
10/20   Repeats
10/23   Apples/caramel at Fall Festival, gr. Crackers
10/24   Apples/caramel at Fall Festival, gr. Crackers 
10/25   Bananas, gr. Crackers
10/26   Bagels & cream cheese
10/27   Pineapple, gr. Crackers
10/30   Ritz & pumpkin butter
10/31   Ritz & pumpkin butter
11/1     Peaches, gr cracker
11/2     Wheat Thins & soy butter
11/3     Carrot chips & hummus/repeats
Milk allergy concerns: Pumpkin butter is a jam made with pumpkin, sugar and spices, No butter or other dairy products!

Fresh items are served the day after delivery and extras the next day, resulting in occasional changes in the schedule.
 Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater          
Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater                      
Kneel or sit facing the child and smile          
Had a friend he loved to greet              
Shake child's hand
Treated her (him) with kind respect
Kindly touch the child's shoulder
And in the morning hugged her neck
Give the child a hug.          
Tuition Credit Voucher
If you do work for the preschool and wish to get credit for tuition, complete this form and attach it to your next tuition invoice and payment.
Child's Name ___________________________________________
Work done _____________________________________________
Hours __________ X $12/hour = ___________________________