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October 2017 
Two New Sponsors!
We're thrilled to welcome two new sponsors into the AceTech Ontario Community.   
Josephine Coombe is Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Bullfrog Power.  Bullfrog Power, Canada's leading green energy provider, offers renewable energy solutions that enable individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, support the development of green energy projects in Canada and help create a cleaner, healthier world. Click here for more details.
In This Issue
Armineh Baghoomian  is a General Partner at Partners for GrowthPFG is a private debt firm with 30 years' experience providing custom debt solutions to growth businesses across the technology and life science sectors.  Having financed over 200 portfolio companies, PFG has deep experience structuring debt facilities to meet the needs of revenue stage businesses globally. For more information, please click here.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Dealing with Dysfunction in the Boardroom & Building a High Performing Board
Thursday, November 9th, 8am - 10am  
We have all heard horror stories of board meetings going off the rails, and difficult board members that distract CEOs from the important work of scaling their business.  A great board can have significant impact on your company's success and can provide important leadership, direction and value for you and your business.
Please join us for a Power Session as our  experts,
Guy Beaudin, Peter Duff, Kevin O'Neil & Deborah Rosati, tackle the tough questions surrounding both how to deal with dysfunctional boards and how to build high performing boards.  Our experts will begin with "5 Ideas in 5 Minutes", each drilling down on topics and ideas.
Guy Beaudin, Senior Partner, Regional Leader, RHR International  Peter Duff, President & CEO, Adlib Software  Kevin O'Neil, President & CFO, 360insights  Deborah Rosati, Co-Founder & CEO, Women Get On Board 
Invitations for this Power Session have been sent.  If you did not receive yours, please email Nomi at
Do you have executives in your organization, or friends, that would be excellent contributors to the AceTech Ontario community? You can help make our community even better! Please send inquires or introductions to Stacy at
In the Community:

SingularityU Canada Summit (October 11th - 12th) is the premier launch event of a new movement to inspire Canadians to shape the Future of Canada and drive global impact. By bringing together leading Canadian and International thought leaders, the Summit will provide a forum for true debate and uncommon conversations about how technologies like artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and digital medicine will impact the way we live and work.
Click here to register. 

We are a proud Community Partner of CIX, Canada's largest innovation and technology conference where investors, innovative start-ups, corporates and advisors converge to learn, network and do deals, taking place from October 17 - 18 at the Hilton Toronto. 

The CIX 2017 Program will be the best ever with many new high profile speakers who are making their Canadian debut at CIX - such as Boz Saint John (new Chief Brand Officer at UBER), Marc Teerlink (Chief Business Strategist at IBM Watson) and Jason Smith  (Founder of Real Matters).  CIX has added intimate conversations with investors from the world's tech giants (Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc), plus all registered entrepreneurs may book face-to-face meetings with top investors.
Click here to see CIX's 2017 Top 20 Canadian tech start-ups who will be presenting at CIX. You may register online and use code CIX17PARTNER to save $50.
'Solving for Sponsorship in the New Economy' Hackathon
#MovetheDial, #GoSponsorHer and Ladies Learning Code have joined together to host a Hackathon on Saturday, October 21st at McKinsey Experience Studio.  This immersive full-day hackathon will include:
  • High profile speakers
  • Interactive founder pitch competition for current founders
  • Breakout sessions to build solutions to solve for career sponsorship
  • Breakfast, lunch & cocktail reception included
Join 100+ founders, c-suite technology leaders, corporate leaders, and rising young talent at this inaugural event. To get involved, email
New Members
Amit Bhalla, VP Sales, Askuity

Dessy Daskalov, CTO & Co- Founder, Nudge Rewards

Rob Douglas, Chairman & CEO, BioConnect

Greg Durand, VP Sales, Cority

Randy Frisch, Co-Founder &  CMO, Uberflip

Stuart Hodgins, Director of  Product Development, Sparkrock

Nick Kenny, Associate Director,  Sales, Yelp Wi-FI

Michael Montpetit, Director, Business Development & Partnerships, Rover
Kyle Norton, VP, Sale, League

Ateet Patel, Portfolio CFO, Volaris Group

Sean Snider, VP Professional Services, Upstream Works

Jordan Vukanovich, Director of Sales,

Noah Waisberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Kira Systems

Isaac WanzamaFounder & Sr. Strategist, geekspeak

Nicholas Yee, Director, Professional Services, Jibestream