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Preserving the Past for the Future

"We don't want to live in the past, we want the past to live in us."

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Steve Schutt was one of the early visionaries of Heartland Museum.  He was unselfish in sharing ideas and items for display in various parts of Heartland.  In September Heartland dedicated the Artist Teddy Bear Museum in Steve's memory. Come and take a look at our bear collection and our other exhibits,

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Iowa Museum Association

Heartland Museum hosted a state-wide meeting of the Iowa Museum Association in September.  Forty members from around the state attended to discuss the topic - "Direction without a Director". Geared for groups that want to be professional, but aren't big enough to have full-time hired staff.

Wright County, Birthplace of the 4-H Emblem

Early in Theodore Roosevelt's administration, he set up a commission to investigate the growing lack of interest among young people in remaining on the farm.  In Wright county, figures showed that 91% of the farm boys and 89% of the girls intended to leave the farm.  It seems hardships, long hours, small profits and crude ideas of farm life were exemplified rather than the dignity of farming and the many splendid advantages of rural life.

Wright County's superintendent of schools worked to change that perception.  O. H. Benson encouraged teachers to correlate every subject of the class work with work of the farm and home.  In order to link home life with school work, clubs were organized based upon the pupil's interest in farm projects.  Boys became members of beef clubs, garden clubs and pig clubs.  Girls had clubs that had to do with poultry raising, gardening, canning, bread baking, millinery and home management.  Contests were held in rural schools, townships, and at county fairs.

One day in the spring of 1906, Wright County Superintendent, O. H. Benson was driving through the country visiting schools.  He came upon a country school during recess.  He found the teacher and a group of children out in the clover patch hunting for four leaf clovers.  As he approached the group, he was met by the teacher and pupils bearing their good luck emblems.  The teacher suggested they give the county superintendent a bouquet of Good Luck.

The teacher rang the school bell and pupils took their seats.  Just before lunch, the teacher asked the superintendent if he would say a few words to the pupils.  With his good luck bouquet I his hand, he faced the little group, and in a short speech, outlined for the first time the 4-H emblem and it's good luck story.  He told them that he had been looking for a more suitable emblem for the agricultural clubs in the rural schools of the county and they had just given him the idea, the 4-H clover emblem - Head, Heart, Hand, and Health.  Head to think, plan and reason; Heart to be kind, true and sympathetic; the Hand to be useful, helpful, and skillful; and Health to resist disease, and enjoy life.

The rural school where this took place was Lake # 6.  The 4-H club work in the Wright County schools was eventually introduced into a national program and the 4-H emblem was adapted for this program. Mr. Benson was appointed national director of this work as part of the US Department of Agriculture.  4-H expanded to all 50 states.

To commemorate the foresight and vision of O.H. Benson, that rural school where the vision began, Lake #6 was purchased and in 1952 was moved to the Clarion city park where it has remained.  It is furnished in country school style and houses displays of the period of 1907-1908.  It serves as a museum of the early days of the 4-H Clubs and is dedicated to the memory of O.H. Benson, the originator the 4-H emblem. 

Many people know Alvina Sellers for her hats, but she collected other things.  Hat pins would not be a surprise: a quote from one of her programs - "A hat pin is a useful thing to hold one's hat on one's head and many a man was stuck with one, but few were punctured dead"  Something else she did was beautiful applique quilts.  This one called "Tree of Life" was recently donated to Heartland Museum and is on display with other of her collections. 

Looking for: 
 Heartland Museum is looking for a  slide viewer - small lighted box where individual slides could be viewed.

Gift Shop

Gift Shop - we have new items in, including Big Bud things.  I have set out our gazebo and hat lady post cards, and the old business cards.  Please drop one of each in any bag of gift shop items you sell.  We have "tons" of these and a little promotion goes a long way!  We have had some good sales out of the gift shop lately - thanks for remembering to let people SHOP.

Visitor Comments

We have live in Europe and Asia and have been to a lot of museums all over the world. This is one of the most well done ones we've ever seen! Enjoyed by all ages!
   Emily, South Korea (originally Iowa)
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